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Rated: E · Outline · Action/Adventure · #1666435
This folder contains the outline to the Novella, Bedelia

Chapter 1 Tier One (Friday) (E)

Scene 1 Breakfast with Albiana. Wishes friend well on Mission to Valley of Men
Scene 2 Paired with Pluto
Scene 3 Discription of Home Defense Course
Scene 4 The Practical Exercise
Scene 5 Walking Home and discussing telepathy

Chapter 2 Tier Two (Monday) (E)

Scene 1 Pluto and his Mother.
Scene 2 Bedelia and Martha at Breakfast
Scene 3 Pluto hurts Bedelia's feelings
Scene 4 Bedelia and Pluto rehurse
Scene 5 Bedelia and Pluto qualify.
Scene 6 Olivia and Climatus

Chapter 3 Myrocenia (Tuesday) (E)

Scene 1 Pluto and Mom have breakfast.
Scene 2 Bedelia and Pluto rehurse for Tier Three
Scene 3 Rogoletti tells Olivia about Myrocena
Scene 4 Evening Knife Fighting Class.

Chapter 4 Olivia and Bedelia Talk (Wednesday) (E)

Scene 1 Bedelia and Olivia meet for first time.
Scene 2 Pluto and Bedelia continue walk home. (Kiss on cheek)
Scene 3 Bedelia ponders the future.
Scene 4 Council Meets... to discuss Horance

Chapter 5 The Secret (Thursday) (E)

Scene 1 Breakfast with Martha and the Captain
Scene 2 The Secret
Scene 3 The Security Detail
Scene 4 Visit two with Olivia
Scene 5 Walk back with Pluto
Scene 6 Climatus and Bedelia meet

Chapter 6 The Hat Trick (Friday) (E)

Scene 1 Bedelia has breakfast with Martha...passes on Guiles request.
Scene 2 Pluto talks with his mother
Scene 3 Pluto and Bedelia discuss mothers visit
Scene 4 Grand Stands. Lord Kulrick and Ubocastor.
Scene 5 Grand Stands: Guiles and Martha.
Scene 6 Bedelia and Pluto do the Hat Trick
Scene 7 Pluto walks Bedelia home… gets braid necklace
Scene 8 Lord Kulrick and Climatus discuss upcoming dinner.

Chapter 7 The Blood Scarab: Crisis 1 Acceptance by Pluto’s family. (Saturday) (18+)

Scene 1 The livery ride from the barracks to Pluto’s house
Scene 2 Conversation in the parlor
Scene 3 Conversation at dinner. Pluto's parents going to Opera
Scene 4 The ride home around the block
Scene 5 Pluto's Room, and the Blood Scarab.

Chapter 8 Behind Enemy Lines: (Monday-Friday) (18+)

Scene 1 Vivian's Death.
Scene 2 After Action Briefing
Scene 3 Movement to contact Day one (Figuring out how they do it.)
Scene 4 Movementn to contack day two (Deciding how to communicate)
Scene 5 Movement to contact day three and four. Getting to the compound.
Scene 6 Entering the compound.
Scene 7 Discovering Petra

Chapter 9 Discovery: (Monday-Friday) (18+)

Scene 1 Horance and Tanya
Scene 2 Telepathy with Petra.
Scene 3 Words with Guiles
Scene 4 Telepathy with Horance.
Scene 5 The Glyph
Scene 6 Retreat
Scene 4 Fighting at the Border.

Chapter 10 Home Alive: (Saturday-Sunday)

Scene 1 Debriefing at Finsterwad. (Saturday)
Scene 2 The Council gets the word (Saturday Evening)
Scene 3 Pluto and Martha chat while waiting.
Scene 4 Bedelia shows Pluto the Passion Pit
Scene 5 Martha and Guiles take a buggy ride
Scene 6 Bedelia and Martha compare notes at breakfast. Sunday Morning
Scene 7 Martha meets the Glyph

Chapter 11 Afternoon in the Park

Scene 1 Bedelia and Pluto
Scene 2 Martha and Guiles
Scene 3 The Glyph and the Council

Chapter 12 Training: (Monday) Using the telepathic advantage.

Scene 1 Morning Practice: Rehursing for Tier four. (Monday General discussion
Scene 2 Council Meets to discuss options on Marigold
Scene 3 The instructors prepare
Scene 4 Pluto gives Olivia dead Scarab.
Scene 5 Olivia gets Scry Message from Cateyln

Chapter 13 Knife Fighting: (Tuesday Training with Martha: The telepathic advantage

Scene 1 Passing tier Four
Scene 2 Guiles tells Martha he thinks he is getting calling
Scene 2 A Scarab for Climatus
Scene 3 Discussing theory
Scene 4 Knife fighting with Martha. Using the telepathic advantage

Chapter 14 (Wednesday)

Scene 1 Another Braiding
Scene 2 Martha and Rogoletti
Scene 3 Rehursing for tier five
Scene 4 Olivia sends Calling" to Climatus.
Scene 5 Martha/Guiles/Gilbert on Two handed sword. Guiles tells Martha about "Calling."

Chapter 15 (Thursday)

Scene 1 Martha agrees to accompany Guiles
Scene 2 Climatus receives the Scarab.
Scene 3 Martha and Guiles kiss
Scene 3 Tells husband that night about Scarab

Chapter 16 (Friday)

Scene 1 Breakfast with Martha... discusses Guiles
Scene 2 Tier 5 Qualification
Scene 3 Council makes a decision...on Horance agree to bring Olivia into loop to settle Apes in the valley.,
Scene 4 Martha goes to Finsterwald with Girls... Guiles is set up.

Chapter 17 The State dinner (Saturday and Sunday)

Scene 1 Socializing… meeting Ubocastor, Martha and Guiles
Scene 2 Dinner
Scene 3 The porch swing
Scene 4 Assination Attempt... Lord Kulrick or Bedelia?

Chapter 18 The Big Week (Monday)

Scene 1 Council meets on assination attempt.
Scene 1 Breakfast with Martha
Scene 2 Climatus gets nervous and goes to Olivia
Scene 3 Morning Preparations
Scene 4 Martha and Guiles Experiment

Chapter 19 The Double Hat trick: (Crisis 1)

Scene 1 Summary of successes in tiers four and five
Scene 2 Practice for Tier six
Scene 3 Anxiety…. Bedelia’s chance to show the world she’s good enough.
Scene 4 The Double Hat.
Scene 5 Saying “No” to Pluto. (Insecurities)

Chapter 20 The unrealized Scarab

Scene 1 Olivia and Rogoletti discuss Pluto’s Scarab.
Scene 2 Climatus makes preparations to go to Citadel
Scene 4 Bedelia feels responsible…guilty.
Scene 5 Pluto agrees to accompany his mother
Scene 6 Martha and Guiles decide to get married.

Chapter 21 Mission to the Valley: Training with Albiana.

Scene 1 Guiles informs Bedeila of mission to Valley of men Plans to marry Martha in August
Scene 2 the patrol departs for the valley
Scene 3 Bedeila meets her friend Albiana

Chapter 22 Witch

Scene 1 Valley women accept Bedelia because of eyes
Scene 2 Goes to Temple in mountains…feels a Simean presence.
Scene 3 Pluto shows up at Citadel
Scene 4 Cisterian Elves test Pluto
Scene 5 Bedelia, reunited with Pluto and Olivia and Climatus
Scene 6 Get ready for Martha and Guiles wedding, Albiana and Varnacks wedding and Cateyln and Orins wedding.
Scene 7 Morning sickness

Chapter 23 The Coven

Scene 1 The Prophesy
Scene 2 The Coven meets to discuss the Scarabs
Scene 3 Discover that Olivia’s Scarab is dead… other three led to conceptions… who are the missing mothers.
Scene 4 Pluto spills the beans
Scene 5 Bedelia brought before the sisterhood.

Chapter 24 Discovery

Scene 1 Bedelia discovers she is a Witch
Scene 2 Conflict as Sisterhood decides what to do.
Scene 3 Liope passes out the stones.
Scene 4 Bedeila discovers her powers come from the light
Scene 5 Bedeila begins to experiment with powers
Scene 6 Bedelia solves dilemma of the unstable embryos

Chapter 25 Mind Melding: Crisis 2 Acceptance by the Coven

Scene 1 Bedelia takes lead in mind meld session
Scene 2 Takes them to island beach
Scene 3 Takes them to the two caves
Scene 4 Unstable fetuses reconcile the light and darkness
Scene 5 Bedelia truly accepted into the Coven

Chapter 26 Slaughter at Middletown

Scene 1 Bedelia’s report on Simian presense gets Kulrick moving.
Scene 2 Pluto and Bedelia at the Carnival
Scene 3 Baby showers the night before the weddings.
Scene 4 Kulrick arrives at the Citadel
Scene 5 The raid by the Imperial Guardsmen
Scene 6 Bedelia and her son Orwald, psychically jump into Pluto.
Scene 7 Pluto kills Guard Captain Benoit de Ritter
Scene 8 Simian girl tells about “The Monkey Farm.“

Chapter 27 The aftermath

Scene 1 Funerals
Scene 1 Quiet Weddings
Scene 2 Meeting with Kulrick and Ubocastor
Scene 3 Planning the Patrol to find Horance

Chapter 28 Horance

Scene 1 Recon of the dungeon laboratory
Scene 2 Contact with Horance…
Scene 3 What’s going on… How process works, Horance her father, Cracious is a captive. Trying to find out who controls the Templers
Scene 4 Council discusses the Empire’s war plans.

Chapter 29 Preparations for War.

Scene 1 Order of Battle
Scene 2 Defense of the Valley
Scene 3 Life in the Citadel
Scene 4 Rescue Plans

Chapter 30 Rescue of Horance and Cracious

Scene 1 Movement to contact
Scene 2 Actions on the Objective
Scene 3 Cracious and the Glypth
Scene 4 retreat to the Valley

Chapter 31 Plantation: Resettlement of The Apes

Scene 1 The Estate between Nirvana and Dead End
Scene 2 Social life of the Apes… their view of Horance
Scene 3 Horance’s view of the Apes.
Scene 4 Darkness beneath the Citadel

Chapter 32 Talking to the unborn. At Plantation

Scene 1 Orwald talks to Bedelia in Manor
Scene 2 Bedelia talks to Orwald in the tangled gardens
Scene 3 Orwald talks about his wife
Scene 4 Bedelia talks about Pluto and her future.

Chapter 33 Late term: Crisis 3 Acceptance of her Baby

Scene 1 Bedelia worried about how her child will be accepted
Scene 2 Lilith and Bedelia get into it.
Scene 3 Pluto struggles to calm Bedelia down
Scene 4 Orwald has a heart to heart with his mother.

Chapter 34 Delivery

Scene 1 Clinic at Citadel
Scene 2 Delivery
Scene 3 Touching the Baby
Scene 4 Orwald reunited with his wife, in the flesh, in nursery.
Scene 5 Homage to the King
Scene 6 Guard of Honor

Chapter 35 Wedding

Scene 1 Bedelia with Martha and Albiana
Scene 2 Bedelia with Horance
Scene 3 Pluto with Kulrick, Climatus and Olivia
Scene 4 Wedding at Plantation
Scene 5 The Ceremony

Chapter 36 Honeymoon

Scene 1 Spend their honeymoon with Orwald at the Temple
Scene 3 Wedding Night
Scene 4 Bliss

Chapter 37 War

Scene 1 Phase 1 of Attack
Scene 2 Phase 2 of Attack
Scene 3 Phase 3 of attack
Scene 4 Beneath the Citadel: Bedelia Fights for her life to save the children.
Scene 5 The cost of Victory

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