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by Rick H
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #1666479
You'll just have to read it... I just don't have the right words for here...
This was written by request for a friend that wanted to have something written, tangibile, to leave her two little girls who she loves to the 'Moon and Back'. Her cancer verdict, forced me to write this quickly... My prayer is that despite the prognosis they may all share this together for many, many years to come... I hope I did her well in my hurried attempt...

A Mother’s Hope

I love you to the Moon and back,
That is something I never lack.
It is alive in me and it is alive in you
It’s something we are, and something we do.

You two are my shining star,
No matter what, I’m never far.
My love is like a quiet thunder,
It’s there amidst your troubled wonder.

No matter where life takes you,
My love is there beside you.
My thoughts, my dreams, my biggest hope,
It's my job as mom, now to help you cope.

To face this world that life does hold
With mighty love and courage bold.
To always, love with open hearts,
Always careful with life’s new starts.

Truly be there for each other,
Always loving one another.
To always believe I loved you so much!
It’s in that spirit that you’ll feel my touch...

Love is something that is, now something you do
It is alive in me and it is alive in you too.
It is still something I never lack.
I love you both to the Moon and back,
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