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A short existential poem
Like a radiant object
Glowing in the dark
So tempting, so mesmerising
That we keep on moving towards it
The cold hands of fate play a nasty trick on us
Morbid fascination

Deranged and out of place
Longing for a little light
Once we have found it, we're led to think that we'll be fine
But if it shines upon us
All of our sins are put on display
And the burning heat becomes unbearable

Again we're left to wander
The steepest depth of madness
Hoping for absolution
And this everygrowing dreariness
Is out to take us over
And to poison us with questionable ideals
Hollering insanity

If only we could jump on a mystery train
Bound to take us away
Away from the Trauma Canyon
And into the promised land
We would probably find our freedom there
Or so one would think
But escape will not pay our bills

So enjoy your moments of fame
Up we go and way down we fall
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