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         He promised he’d come back; stormy grey eyes sparkling with excitement and a confident grin pulling at those expressive lips. How could I deny him? We were anchored off another uncharted isle, and that implacable desire to explore was thrumming in his bones. It was that energy that drew me to him in the first place. So here I wait, floating on our sweet haven as I count down the days, dreaming of our happy ever after. Days turn to weeks, and yet I stay here, drifting on the lazy waves lapping hungrily at the wide stretch of pristine beach. From the other side of the island I can hear the helicopters come and go. It doesn’t take much to figure out that the cartels discovered this slice of paradise long ago. I wait, even after the gunshots tore me from my dreams nights ago, dread weighing on my heart long after the peaceful night was shattered. Dread realized with this morning’s tide, my heart fading as the final streaks of dawn dissipated from the turquoise skies. I pulled up anchor and drifted away, letting the hungry sea chart its course, leaving me to the sands of fate. You see, he promised he’d come back and until then, I’ll be sailing with the wind.
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