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by Amy
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A couple recieve a plane trip, driving the the real problem.

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         “Australia is notorious for their sandy beaches, kangaroos, and the friendliest people in the world happen to live right in the heart. There is one opportunity that will get a chance to travel, by air, to Australia. This vacation is a five night, six day trip for you and your sweet heart,” stated the commercial spokesman on the television.

         “Bob! I need a vacation. You know how nice it would be to travel there, I have always wanted to go,” eagerly making Sarah joyful.

         “All you need to do is act now! Call the number on the bottom of your screen. Be the one-hundredth caller to receive this precious get-a-way,” mumbled the spokesman.

         “Come in here, in three minutes hand me the phone, I am going to see if I get the opportunity of my lifetime.    3………2……….1! Hurry and throw me the phone!” shouted Sarah from the living room.

         (RING, RING, RING)

         “You have one the Australian trip!” squeaked the commercial advisor.

         “YES! I knew that it had to be me…” gestured Sarah to Bob.

“I will need to know who is going to be going with you so I can make your reservations today,” informed the commercial advisor. Later that day, Bob’s life turned upside down. Sarah being in such a good mood forgot breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She had already began packing for a wonderful, calming get-away, however, it got later and later before she noticed that Bob had not been interfering like he always does. She began her search.

“Bob! Where are you!” shouted Sarah. She heard a muffle in the kitchen. She turned the corner to the unsightly scene. There was Bob’s favorite sandwich, just lying there; the knife was still sticking through the center. Turing to panic, Sarah started running around the house looking for Bob. She searched in all the rooms, basement, even the cars, but there was no sign of bob. All of a sudden, she was in the garage, heard a loud ruckus in the living room. Almost tripping on the three recliners in the living room, she fumbled to turn the lights on. There stands the man of her dreams.

“Where were you this whole time?” questioned Sarah.

“I went out to the local drug store. I picked you up these flowers, and then I hit Kohl’s,” replied Bob.

“Why kohl’s?” wondered Sarah.

“I had to pick up some luggage, and had to pick out a new wardrobe for the trip. I also have all your things packed in the car already, and we are going to be late if you keep asking me questions like that,” Bob told Sarah. In a speedy hurry, they safely boarded the airplane. As soon as the airplane’s wheels lifted off the ground, Bob and Sarah were asleep like babies in the moonlight. The plane jerked as the wheels hit the blacktopped runway, instantly and simultaneously waking up. They got off the plane to find out that the commercial advisor had rented Sarah and Bob a Jeep Cherokee, in mint condition to get the full aspect of the outback. Racing through the desert sun and the harsh weedy tumbleweeds, paved the dirt road to the summer sun. “Bob, when can I take a turn driving? You know that it was my dream to be here,” begged Sarah.

“Fine, here you go,” as Bob stopped on the side of the road. Having fun at life, Sarah and Bob started a different adventure. As the sun left the sky and the moon started to appear, Sarah pulled the car into a bed and breakfast. Sarah, during the middle of the night, woke up to the sound of rain pounding the sides of the roof. A minute went by and she was out like a light. They hit the trail the next morning bright and early, with the radio blaring through the open windows. Suddenly, Sarah squealed the brakes, unable to stop, Bob opened the passenger door and jumped out. The car came to a sudden stop, and Sarah came crawling out of the passenger side door, the drivers side door was jammed shut.. Stumbling onto the desert floor is what she was hoping she would be standing on right about now, but instead all she found was…………..

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