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by Amy
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A letter to my past self- writing my wrongs.
Room for Improvement


Dear Amy,

         I know that this might sound weird, but I am you from the future. Right now I am going to be eightteen within thirty days, and I am writing to you for a reason. I would like to coach you through the hardships of middle school and high school. However, before middle school you will meet a special boy that will take a shine to you. Let him in, you will become great friends up until the day you move from Milwaukee to Richfield. NOTE TO SELF: In my life I left without saying good-bye, I need you to tell him that you will be leaving in 2002. I have regretted that all my life, maybe it will turn out different if you tell him, well see.

         In middle school, you will get two detentions. In order to reroute the final outcome, do not help Mrs. Thoma put eighth graders memory books into their individual lockers, when you are in seventh grade. In eighth grade, do not hang out with Jackie, Sam, and Kate. They will convince you to write a letter to two people and will get in trouble. One of the people you write to will turn you into Mrs. Thoma, and you will get a detention. Otherwise middle school is a blast.

         In high school, nothing worth mentioning happens. You should change that. Go out for a sport, hang out more with friends. Take risks, do something that you are not suppose to, be a rebel for some reason.

         In the end, you will start wearing make-up in sophomore year in high school. You will have so many good friends that will know your true form. A nice, caring, sympathetic woman that means what she says. “Practice what I preach,” I hope that will be you someday.

         I will see when you fix the problems; let’s see how it plays out.



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