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A short dialogue about TV show concepts and secret ideas.
“If you got the chance to make a TV show what would you make?” “What? You know I’m an accountant, accountants don’t make TV shows.” “I know but hypothetical, if someone came up ad said: Here is a lot of money, make me a TV show, what would you do?” “Can I use the money to pay my house off?” “No, a TV show.” “Well, it surely wouldn’t be about accounting. Is it reality show or can I do a sitcom too?” “Anything you want.” “What would you do?” “I asked you first.” “Well, okay then, I don’t like reality shows, so I would not make one; why let viewers watch real people when scripted people are way more funny?” “Money…” “I know, it’s sad, isn’t it?” “So your show?” “A sitcom about a family, but from the perspective of their dog, he would be the main character and the voice over, we only see what he sees. And you could have those cool long shots when he gets through his doggie door and runs through the neighborhood, and you see it all from his point of view. And he lays under the dinner table and you hear the family go through their stuff, but they have to act with their voices and feet, because we don’t see their faces. And of course the dog would help solve their troubles, but they would never really know he did, but we see it. And there is this golden retriever lady, who is his love interest, and balls or frisbees are like his kryptonite, distracting him from his mission.” “That sounds very well planned.” “It’s what I would like to watch…” “You know, it’s funny, everyone I asked this question had a almost complete show concept somewhere in their heads, even if the don’t want to talk about it at first, once they start talking, it all comes out, they have concepts, character names, episode arcs and sometimes even title melodies. Linda had a whole song ready, and sang it on the subway.” “What was Linda’s about?” “Oh, a musical about the life on an oil tanker, you know her, the song was about animals dying from a sunken oil tanker, but set to a quite cheerful tone, quite catchy – and they die, die, die, all greasy and…black!” “Yeah, that’s Linda for you. So what’s yours?” “Well, I have asked a lot of people this question, so I guess mine would be asking this question and then shoot a pilot for their answer every week, so it kind of would be something completely different every week and you could make it a contest and have the viewers vote for the best show… “Sounds interesting, oh I got one more thing about mine, the family would have some other pet as the dog’s antagonist, a cat would be a cliché, but maybe a very smart hamster, having a whole mafia thing going on from his cage. That’s it, sorry, go on with yours.” “Well, I guess that’s it, a TV show pitching contest, but not from writers, but everyday normal people off the street.” “What if they have boring stories or really bad stuff, would you still make a pilot? Would you give them power over the thing or have writers work out the story?” “I thought maybe a collaboration, and of course choosing interesting stories beforehand, I wouldn’t shot a pilot for a show of pain drying.” “This actually is a really good question.” “You see, I’m pretty smart. And by the way, what would be your dog’s name?” “Oh maybe Scruffy, or just Dog, that is actually a pretty good dog name in my opinion. And the show could just be called “The dog” or “As Dog sees it”. But you know how people shorten TV show titles by the initials, I don’t think ADSI is catchy enough. That’s something you have to consider nowadays, oh wouldn’t it be cool if the initials of the show read DOG? I would just have to come up with the matching title. Or name the dog Ormand or something exotical.” “Dog owns garden.” “What?” “It has the initials DOG” “Yeah, but it’s not right… Dog over Gainsbourgh, and then set it in a town called Gainsbourgh” “Dogs, Olives, Gin” “Then it had to be about alcohol too, it’s supposed to be family friendly” “Oh, excuse me, how about Dog on… no wait – Dog or God?” “Maybe it’s better if dog is not actually in the title, just the initials, like Doing only good. – But then add a question mark to make it fancy.”

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