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The conquest to the west...

It is the morning and its glory that began
and Alexander viewed his armies from the balcony
The sun's heat was heavy on the heads and metal
and the brave hearts were looking to the balcony
Whispers became obvious, and then into shouts
the hero raised one hand high into the heaven
With a glance of sun's ray over his fingers
the crowds kept silent like preying wolves
The Alexander started the speech with praises
for the Lord of earth and Lord of heavens
Then announced the beginning of the journey
of hardships and agony, under the Eyes of God
And by the commandments of the Almighty
the crowd of armies headed to the west
Into some lands they have never seen
into some lands they have never heard of
And the time had come now to go ahead
and all shall be heading towards the west
And although the graceful mother of the hero
wept and wept until her eyes became white
By the grace of God he calmed her down
and she understood no one here shall be left
For the Earth is nothing but a revolving wheel
of happiness and agony, of life and death as well

Days passed and the journey was to the west
they marched into different lands and villages
Some joined them and some resisted them
and some hosted them as friends and brothers
And the march continued amid day and night
between the plains and the forests so dark
Until the limits of the western horizon glanced
where the sun sets in the cold sea of Échalán
And there lie the lands of the pagans so fierce
idolators, and for the stone they bow and heed
Worshippers of nature, and forgot Who made it
thus cruelty got planted in their hearts and eyes
Their children they gave for nothing but mere myths
and their own earnings for the bless of the unknown
Geltáns they were called and named in records
the guardians of the western paths to the sun
Thus, the command from the Almighty came down
O Alexander, teach them who Am I, The Lord
and let them praise Me and worship Me as well
If they insisted with cruelty then your sword shall work
and you are a faithful man, thus punish or have mercy
My grace endowed you with the sense of justice and mercy
Then, the news of the hero approached the borders of might
and the hordes of Geltáns were made ready for the new comer

The army of the hero with twelve generals stood firm
before the walls and the gates of Galatanga the bold
A might city and mighty walls, and mighty men
not countable from the distance, but hard and tough
Alexander sent a messenger before him with a letter
and he approached the army with a raised hand above
He showed them the letter high up, and signed for peace
and asked to meet the king to reveal the tidings before him
The king was there, on a throne carried by six slaves
among his men, and enjoying the view of his kingdom
The king with a point from his finger made all silent
and pointed to the messenger to read his tidings
The messenger went on with no fear to read on
"From Alexander, king of the Caqobians,
To Karnagod, king of the Geltáns,
after the proposal of peace that we came for,
We invite you to worship the One, and the Only,
the Lord of Heavens and Earth and the beyond
And shall you make peace, we are for the peace
yet, mischief would be in your demeanours
Thus, you dug for your people their graves"
and the king went fierce with reddish eyes
With a point of his finger to some guards
the innocent messenger was cut into pieces

The tidings of the ill omen travelled like lightning
the king killed the messenger for no right or wrong
Thus, Alexander raised his eyes up to the sky and prayed
with tears on the cheeks for the poor man he sent
"O Lord, what to do, I obeyed and listened
but the devilish ones accepted nothing but evil
By Your might I come and go, live and die
guide me through this and do not let me go astray"
Then the voice came down to Alexander
and only he could hear it in his ears from above
"O Alexander, by My power you shall succeed,
and with the light of Mishdárá you shall go on
We know what happens, and happened and what will
go and victory is yours, this is a test for you and your men"
Thus, Alexander got down from the mare and bowed down
to the Almighty, the Giver of life, the Giver of might
Then to his soldiers he looked and organized
and spread the twelve generals across his eyes
Chinchán, Ishkán, Chírán, Érán to his right
Dómí, Tólímí, Kahrímí, Gehámí to his left
Then Shakrashom, Dartalom, Keríhom come
along with Galgalom, they were in his front
While the bugles of war screamed so high
for the blood scattering and for men's valour

The fierce eyes met with the frowned faces
while Chinchán exchanged the show of power
There was Kákhbár, standing there beside the king
a valour general, mercy has no landing into his heart
His drink was the blood, and his food was the flesh
and his jokes were made of spears cut into the throat
Then with a loud voice from the horizon did it appear
Chinchán shouted from afar at the so called Kákhbár
"We heard of a mass of muscles, and a heart of stone
a man called Kákhbár the hero, and I doubt if it is so"
The glorious Geltán had his blood violently out from him
and shouted back with words that no one understood
He walked alone to the field and everyone was watching
while Chinchán was there waiting for him with pride
Two heavy things were meeting at that time of old age
if not men, then it is free for others to imagine the beyond
Copper and Iron, no difference in color they have now
but similarities they hold in the sound they do when beaten
Strike by strike, they exchanged the power so fiercely
everyone saw the fire coming out from swords and eyes
If it was not for a mistake in the steps of Chinchán
his head wouldn't be a target to be splitted into two
Just then the Geltáns released the shout of ego
and the knees of Caqobians shivered of fear

Alexander did understand the test of his Lord
thus with a point from his hand ordered an attack
While Chinchán's Son, Wirchán took the lead
seeking the revenge and chasing The Kákhbár
The armies met, just like a fleet of locusts
nothing can be seen but blood and heads
While the ringing of metals deafened the ears
and the shouts of agony and wrath filled the air
Alexander was not any less with his fierce heart
knocked down the heads reaching for his Karnagod
Finally they met together amid the twirl of blood
shield to shield, sword to sword, and eye to eye
Yet though the fear among the army of the hero
the grace of the Lord was revealed down on them
And when Wirchán seized the head of his enemy
did Alexander plant his sword, and Karnagod no more
Thus, when the men of Geltáns heard of the disaster
ran like insane in every direction seeking refuge
But many of them were seized and captured
and prisoners they became with dignity no more
After war, the peace and the belief spread over
and Alexander assigned his men to hold this land
Wirchán and Dómí held the matters of this
one of the north, and one to the south of West
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