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The conquest to the east...
(Words: 1228)

1. Alexander camped 7 days and 7 nights
2. he organized the west, spread the goodness
3. he banished the evil from the hearts
4. and the message of Heavens arrived
5. "Alexander, catch the sun from its roots"
6. on the 8th day he got ready with his soldiers
7. and along the long path he should go
8. amid deserts and forests, amid waters and fires
9. people come and go, tribes settle and move
10. wars and victories, along with friendships
11. some joined him by their well and some by force
12. until he reached the line of the day
13. where night falls just after the other side
14. he made a decision to settle with the hordes
15. amid the noise of hatred among the men
16. amid the fear that spread among their hearts
17. but the hero had a heart of a man and man shall be
18. and a gaze to the generals he made and they settled down
19. while he wandered between the two lands
20. he praised God for His wonders in that spot
21. while angels came down greeting him with a smile
22. they told him he will be back here one day
23. to see wonders beyond the wonders
24. in some land they called Ayvar

25. Alexander wondered for the name
26. he never heard of it in the pages of history
27. but so he obeyed the commands and got back to his camp
28. and kept the words for himself as a secret
29. and in the next morning he raised up with his men
30. and to the roots of the sun they were marching
31. until the Earth swept its green cover and the water
32. and with sands filled the ground and salt
33. there, they glanced many a tribe from afar
34. barely cover themselves and barely live
35. running after insects of the desert
36. and drinking the dirty waters
37. their looks were miserable
38. their poverty pulls out the tear
39. Alexander then approached them with peace
40. and they gathered together with fear in the eyes
41. their action amazed Alexander
42. he announced the peace before them
43. but they kept their silence with fear
44. the hero then offered them some food
45. and they attacked the food with their teeth
46. fierce was their hunger
47. fierce was their thirst
48. and their tongue was not comprehensible

49. after eating with peace
50. the tribes gathered round Alexander
51. though he tried to speak to them in vain
52. they kept talking with no sense
53. Alexander gazed amid his men and asked
54. "whoever can explain the ideas between us?"
55. A man of valour then raised up for the task
56. and the name he had was Patúl
57. from a far away land called Cimcuráyá
58. and this he said, may I try and succeed
59. Alexander permitted him and he advanced
60. with cautious steps toward the unknown
61. and when the tongue he could not understand
62. and they could not understand his gestures
63. on the ground he drew a shape of a man
64. and they all said in one voice, Bulughman!
65. thus Alexander called them the Bulughmans
66. and he who seemed to be the chief of those
67. pointed to the mountains not far from there
68. and in fierce talk he started to express
69. but his words were not understood by any
70. then Alexander ordered a horseman called Carnúg
71. to go to the mountains and overlook the valley
72. and bring the tidings of what had been so fierce

73. Carnúg went with his horse racing the winds
74. until he reached a place between the two tops
75. where Dágh, the red, lied over his right side
76. and on his left side lied Daghíl, the white
77. he took a look over the valley of Malúnet
78. you can see from afar he was paralyzed in his place
79. his legs got frozen and his voice got trapped in his throat
80. it was some time until he got his power again
81. then he got back to his camp sweating like a waterfall
82. everyone gathered around him waiting for his tongue
83. but his tongue was stuck like a piece of wood
84. Alexander passed his hand over his head gently
85. and with a smooth voice asked him to go on
86. Carnúg shouted then: Blood! Blood!
87. everyone looked to the other in amazement
88. Carnúg continued: the valley is full of blood,
89. and there are creatures from other lands
90. another lands not similar to us by any way
91. they eat whatever comes their way in any way
92. barbarians with no one like them
93. some as tall as trees in the forest
94. and some as dwarf as rocks of the desert
95. nude never heard of a cover for their bodies
96. and their smell is that of the fresh blood

97. in that situation and fear
98. Alexander drew something similar on the ground
99. like the shapes of those beasts
100. and they yelled with fear in one voice
101. Jawgá! Majawgá! Hayhókhaman!
102. just then Alexander remembered the legends
103. legends was told by his late father
104. about sons of the demons and sinners
105. when they met together and gave birth
106. he remembered Jawgá Majawgá
107. children of doom, children of hell
108. then once again the command was revealed
109. from Heavens down to earth for Alexander
110. "Alexander, you are victorious. Go ahead!"
111. it was then when Alexander called the men
112. the courageous generals of all times
113. and he divided them into three divisions
114. Chirán, Tólímí, Shakrashom and Galgalom
115. four generals with thousands of men
116. these will block the way from the valley
117. Érán, Kahrími, Dartalom
118. these with workers from invaded lands
119. shall dig the ground and take the ores
120. and a dam they shall make over the valley

121. Ishkán, Chirán and Keríhom
122. three generals with mighty swords
123. these will surround the Bulughmans
124. and be their defence in war time
125. and so on with the bless they went on
126. workers extracted the ores from the land
127. and a dam was made over the valley
128. and when Jawgá Majawgá felt it
129. they attacked worse than the beasts of the deserts
130. and the men of Alexander suffered severely
131. for the beasts did not spare their bodies
132. and the archers pointed to their eyes
133. for it was the only way to astray them
134. and the men of Galgalom assaulted heavily
135. deep into the valley of Malúnet, the damned
136. they perished but with victory and honour
137. and Galgalom lost limbs until he died
138. and then the dam was ended in a hurry
139. stretching from the two mountain tops
140. blocking the way and harder than rocks
141. all men then retreated behind the dam
142. and dug the graves for their friends and mates
143. and the black banners were raised high
144. for those who had no apparent grave
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