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Being a nomad...
(Words: 31470)

1. thus Alexander decided to leave his people
2. and head to where he never been before
3. alone without any companions
4. weak without any weapons
5. except of his Charnagút
6. and he walked with his torn clothes
7. amid the deserts and mounts and valleys
8. and he stopped at the ruins of Taghlút
9. the capital of the khanate of Ghutan
10. where he crushed some idolaters
11. just like a grain of salt in the wind
12. and he stood upon the ruins of the tower
13. of the mighty castle he wrecked with iron and fire
14. and he meditated and remembered his golden age
15. and the tears could not be kept in his eyes long
16. and he raised his harsh hands up to heaven
17. and praised God and His mercy
18. then he knew for sure deep inside him
19. that nothing in this life remains
20. and like you take, you shall be taken
21. and like you own, you are owned
22. while this life is nothing for sure
23. but like a grain of salt or sand
24. to the wind shall fly away

25. while his supplies were going to finish
26. he decided to walk to the three sisters lake
27. the lake where he used to hunt and drink
28. away from Caqubdarius, his place
29. and on the way to there he passed by the hermits
30. some people who forgot life and its agonies
31. and he wondered could it be the Ayvars
32. he spent some time with them and they fed him
33. they gave him water and food like a guest
34. and after three days of hospitality they asked
35. about his story and his name and his destination
36. with some fear he answered hardly
37. and told them about his real identity
38. and to where he is heading
39. they stood with respect after hearing that
40. and amid the crowds came an old man
41. so old that his eyebrows fell on his eyes
42. and said with weak voice: welcome O Faithful
43. whose name is Alexander, Alexandarús, Vuqurnún
44. you are the bound between this world and the other
45. you are the promised in the book of Burhutiyyá
46. welcome amid your family
47. welcome amid your servants
48. and feel safe for no one shall hurt you

49. his heart was relieved and the smile got back
50. and then he asked the old man about his identity
51. who are they and why they asked him to come
52. the old man began his speech slowly
53. and said: I am the mortal son of immortals
53. I am the ancestor of the tribes
54. I am Náwi bir Nowayi Ayvárí
55. a son and grandson of the Ayvars
56. brought to Earth from the unknown
57. and I grew up with the nomads
58. until the Light brightened my soul and heart
59. then I married from the tribes of Earth
60. thus I am from and into the tribes
61. I am a branch of Eruvians and Huberians
62. and the Capallese and the Qalaqach
63. I am the father of Kharkhaz and Urev
64. and the grandfather of the Dulukh and Noahim
65. I am the son of Ayvars who lost his fathers
66. I lost the count of time and age
67. thus count my age as much as you like
68. and these are the chosen of my sons
69. and the chosen of their grandsons
70. and their chosen of their great grandsons
71. we are the root and the branch
72. from the seed that disappeared long time ago

73. and Alexander was shaken by the speech
74. and could not imagine the age of the man
75. what is going around him and what is the logic
76. nothing seems to bear meaning to him now
77. then he gathered the power to ask the old man
78. "and how shall I get to the lands of Ayvars?"
79. so the old man answered: you shall answer my dear!
80. and with a strange look, Alexander gazed upon his face
81. and then he said: you are the grandson,
82. you don't know how to visit your ancestors?
83. then Náwi answered with sadness apparent in his eyes
84. "my dear friend, your question revives memories,
85. of long lost tribes and nations, wisdom and faith,
86. my ancestors went away with their secrets,
87. and here I am left alone with my sons away from them,
88. and it is mentioned in ancient books that we had,
89. about a the poor and rich man, whose name is Vuqurnún
90. who has light in his face and a spot on his forehead
91. and his red hair go down on his shoulders
92. and his teeth are white with bluish color
93. carrying his sword of the three points
94. and his golden shield of the sun's image
95. he shall know the road to the ancients
96. and by his hands the secret is revealed"

97. then Alexander asked about the secret
98. and the old man explained in few words
99. "secret of the lights after the lights in the Beginning"
100. thus, Alexander felt the burden of destiny
101. crushing down his shoulders from Heaven
102. and then he said with a shaking jaw
103. "how am I supposed to know the road,
104. if I never heard of your ancestors before?
105. and how I am supposed to reveal the secret
106. if I do not know what you are talking about?
107. help me O good old man in my task
108. may God help you to succeed in the good ways"
109. Náwi established his words with the praise of God
110. and said to Alexander: O young man, did God forget you before?
111. or did He give you a false promise before?
112. No! Thus you shall walk by His grace and mercy
113. like He made you a sun and moons to guide you
114. through the deserts He will never forget you
115. stay with us for three days and be prepared
116. then go on to your journey with your destiny
117. the prophecies there were made will not lie
118. go and fear nothing O Vuqurnún
119. thus Alexander decided to stay for three days
120. while the hermits prepared him for his journey

121. and the hero stayed there for three days
122. and you can hear the mumble of hermits
123. worshipping and praising while working
124. and the Tell was producing lights from their torches
125. then in the morning of the fourth day he left
126. amid the tears of his lovers of hermits
127. and to the Three Sisters Lake he went
128. to get some water for his travel
129. and while he was taking the water up
130. he smelled something sharp and awful
131. and noticed from far away to the north
132. the smokes of Fulkan Muttere
133. while some people appeared from afar
134. bending and worshipping the volcano
135. he ran to them with amazement
136. then stood in front of them
137. trying to make them stop what they are doing
138. and they almost wanted to kill him
139. when one man of them yelled with anger
140. "are you trying to kill our sheep O fool?!"
141. then Alexander looked around him slowly
142. but no sheep he saw and did not understand a thing
143. then he throw dust upon them to stop them
144. but they tied him and made him a prisoner

145. after finishing their worshipping in a hurry
146. they turned to Alexander with reddish eyes
147. and asked him about his name and origin
148. he answered back and told them the truth
149. they laughed in the beginning so loud
150. because how come the king of might
151. the well known king of Caqobia
152. be walking with no guards or army?
153. then one man showed his dagger to Alexander
154. and threatened Alexander if he did not say the truth
155. then Alexander asked them to see his index finger
156. on his left hand where he kept the royal ring
157. so the men checked his finger and got shocked
158. he was indeed the king of kings
159. the son of Pilippánút, the king of Caqobia
160. the conqueror of Geltans and Ghutans
161. they stood with no motion trying to understand
162. then with a smile Alexander asked them to sit
163. and he told them his story and his destination
164. and how he got down from his riches to poverty
165. then he sermoned to them about God and this life
166. and why he did what he did for them
167. and then he asked them about their story
168. about their origin and their faith

169. a man got closer to Alexander and started
170. and the story of his folk he went to tell
171. "we are from far away lands there near you,
172. in greenish mounts just before Caqobia,
173. we are the Shepherds, and I am Ikilis,
174. every year at a time like this,
175. we come to this spot with sheep to pasture
176. and the volcano god Kadmún won't allow us,
177. until we pray for him and slay some sheep
178. and if we did not do that, all our fortune will be gone"
179. Alexander boiled with rage but kept silent
180. and talked slowly to Ikilis the shepherd
181. "dear Ikilis, what kind god is that,
182. who has no mercy for his followers?
183. and what kind of god is that,
184. who cannot make other people worship him?
185. or what kind of god is that,
186. who asks for fortunes of others?"
187. Ikilis thought about it for a moment
188. then asked Alexander: what do you mean O good king?
189. Alexander smiled to know that the man is able to think
190. then Alexander said: no gods on this Earth,
191. except of God who is every where
192. and that Kadmún is certainly a demon of tricks

193. the Shepherds were surprised by this talk
194. in their simple life never heard like it
195. and they thought that Alexander has the key
196. the key of their freedom from this ransom
197. thus Ikilis asked Alexander: and what to do?
198. then Alexander replied: first you have to believe,
199. and from the belief comes the faith,
200. and from the faith come the manners,
201. and from manners you get the might,
202. and with the might you can do good,
203. and by doing good you get blessed,
204. and by being blessed you are strong,
205. and when you are strong you can fight evil
206. thus Ikilis said: oh what long road is that?
207. Alexander replied: long to him who never understands
208. then Ikilis said: then teach us what to do,
209. and by the bless of your god we shall succeed
210. thus Alexander said: my god and god of everyone,
211. come along to teach you
212. thus Alexander taught them the meanings of faith
213. and the order of this universe and who created it
214. while Fulkan Muttere increased with smokes
215. and the Shepherds gets scared more than before
216. at that time when Alexander took his Charnagút out

217. Alexander asked the men to walk behind him
218. one hundred or more they were
219. they walked behind him with fear
220. they did not know what Alexander will do
221. after walking for some distance he stopped
222. and before the volcano he stood firmly
223. then with a roar that left the hearts hollow
224. he shouted the name of Kadmún
225. he asked him to get out if he is a god
226. then something reddish appeared from top
227. and walked down the slope down to Earth
228. and with a hideous smile he said
229. "Alexander, what a long time my dear!"
230. thoughts of the hero stopped
231. and he kept looking strangely to that thing
232. and then he thought what is the meaning of all that
233. then Alexander broke the silence and said,
234. "what does your words mean O devil?"
235. then the red thing with hideous smile said,
236. "you did not change a lot since you were a child,
237. always brave and just, just like your father,
238. and just when I thought I got rid of the two,
239. the son is here in front of me...
240. probably to get revenge for his dead father!"

241. this talk sparked the pains in Alexander
242. he can see the events in front him
243. like it is happening in that moment
244. just like it happened before thirty years
245. when his father, the glorious, fell in a trap
246. arranged by demons and wizards who followed them
247. because he banished them from his lands
248. because he punished them so hard
249. he can remember the image of his father
250. when he fell on the floor unconscious
251. and his skin turned red and purple
252. while his body was like a piece of wood
253. when the wizards and witches attacked
254. accompanied with demons on their sides
255. and started to eat the flesh
256. just before he attacks them with his Charnagút
257. young he was at that time but he never forgets
258. the pains accompanied him all the way
259. until he buried his father under the sea
260. so no one would reach the body or see
261. and he could remember the face of Kadmún
262. the demon who who poisoned his father by trick
263. and the demon who tried to get his father's heart
264. how shall he forget the face of such cruelty?

265. Alexander controlled his anger severely
266. he almost wanted to kill the demon
267. and the demon was laughing with no feelings
268. and not afraid of what Alexander might do
268. then the hero said to the demon slowly
269. "have you not done enough evil to the world?
270. to come here and trick the minds of people,
271. verily your end is near by my hands"
272. the demon laughed out loud and said,
273. "what people? nothing shall live on this Earth,
274. except of us, who are made of fire,
275. if your God loves those, He shall give them the mind,
276. and since no mind on them is set, I am their lord"
277. and since that moment Alexander could not stand
278. but got his sword out and attacked Kadmún
279. with a direct hit on the head
280. but the demon was fast and not a fool
281. and Kadmún then raised his fire sword
282. known in the legends of the ancient days
283. the sword of Balíkhah
284. the one made by the father of demons
285. whose name was Marjí Shadúm
286. who used it to cut the mount of Fototuus
287. and made it the Fulkan Muttere as today
288. to be his home and for his children

289. and the swords met in a fierce battle
290. someone is seeking revenge
291. while the other is seeking joy and blood
292. you could hear the roars echo
293. in every valley and over the mountains
294. it was a day of terror over the lands
295. when you could see the rocks spark with fire
296. and with every hit from the Charnagút
297. and with every hit from the Balíkhah
298. the ground would shake with every sound
299. the sounds of the swords were like fierce thunders
300. made by the mad Heavens and Earth
301. one hit by the other with no rest
302. they exchanged the force mercilessly
303. and and the hero had many injuries
304. fighting was hard for him now
305. and the shepherds were watching and surprised
306. if Kadmún was a god how come he is weak
307. if he was god why he did not kill Alexander before
308. thus they started to rage like Fulkan Muttere itself
309. and starts throwing stones on Kadmún
310. amid the rage Kadmún shouted at them
311. "verily I shall kill you all with your sheep,
312. useless creatures deserve not the air they get!"

313. as Kadmún ran to the shepherds with rage
314. Alexander put his leg and obstructed him
315. and Kadmún fell down on his face to the ground
316. while the shepherds wanted to take his soul out
317. but with a gesture from Alexander's hand they stopped
318. and then Alexander said: it is not an honorable act,
319. to kill a creature lying on the ground defenseless
320. get out of his way, unless he attacks you
321. if he made me dead, then he wins
322. if I got him dead, then I win
323. and if I was dead do not hurt him
324. if you believe in God, He shall take my revenge
325. and if you did not believe in God, it is my sorrow
326. and the hero finished his speech with the shepherds
327. while Kadmún praised his bravery in the field
328. and asked him to stand up again and fight back
329. thus, Alexander, stood up again and raised the sword
330. and the sounds of iron deafened the ears again
331. while the rains of the north started to pour
332. but the rain did not stop the might of the two
333. and the fight was between equal powers
334. until the time when Kadmún stroke the leg
335. and the hero seemed to fall on the ground
336. it was then, by a trick, the hero took the head

337. and the body of Kadmún fell on the ground rolling
338. while the fire from his body splashed like a volcano
339. and then the shepherds sang songs of praise to the hero
340. and congratulated him for his winning
341. thus, the hero then said: congratulate not me,
342. but congratulate yourselves for knowing the truth
343. then go and be free in your life with goodness,
344. there is no one owns you, except of God
345. then Ikilis said: and we thank God who send you,
346. to save us from the agony and ignorance,
347. and thus in return you shall be our guest,
348. as long as you like, with safety and health
349. and the hero could not refuse the generosity
350. because who refuses generosity is thought of as low
351. and the hero is one of the highest class
352. despite his looks after the adversities he lived
353. yet, he decided to stay with them for three days
356. and then continue his journey to the Ayvar lands
357. this he told to Ikilis the shepherd
358. and Ikilis laughed with open eyes and surprise
359. when he heard the name of the Ayvars
360. and agreed to help the hero in his quest

361. then Alexander asked Ikilis the shepherd
362. about the reasons behind his laughter
363. thus Ikilis answered with a smile on the face
364. "O great king, one of the justice and might,
365. we heard a lot about the Ayvars from ancestors,
366. but we always take them as some legends,
367. some legends, that elders tell their children about,
368. but to see a mighty man like you take the risk,
369. going here and there in search for them,
370. I cannot say but that such a thing is amazing,
371. and I never thought of before or saw before!"
372. then Alexander took a moment to think then said
373. "did you not meet the hermits on the southern Tells?
374. he claimed that he is the grandson of the Ayvars!"
378. and Ikilis answered directly: you mean Náwi?
379. he is merely but an old man hallucinating I suppose!
380. then Alexander asked Ikilis to tell him something about them
381. and then Ikilis started to tell some of the legends he heard
382. and he said: many things are told about the Ayvars,
383. so much that you need days to know it all at once,
384. but I shall tell you what I have in my mind right now

385. O dear king, they say those Ayvars live for a thousand
386. and never die until one of them get a thousand kid
387. the pious of them is better than an angel
388. and the devilish of them is worse than a devil
389. they posses the knowledge of all the languages
390. and they inhabited the Earth long before us humans
391. from their knowledge, all sciences come out
392. and from their prayers you can hear the wind's whistle
393. in every full moon and on the tenth of Ráfi
394. they know the meaning of time and how it started
395. and they know the meaning of wisdom
396. then when Ikilis finished his speech about Ayvars
397. Alexander asked him: they are not human beings?
398. and Ikilis replied back: yes they are, but were here before us,
399. O hero, you have been to many lands and battles,
400. do you believe indeed such legends of old?
401. then Alexander looked with an affirmative look
402. "you do not know what is awaiting,
403. and be sure I did not  come here by my own,
404. so tell me O good man, anything you know in your legends,
405. about the way where they live, or how to find them?
406. I roamed the lands and dreams did not stop,
407. I have to find them even if it was my death,
408. there are secrets that I should know"

409. Ikilis thought for some moments and then said
410. "in the old papers that my ancestors kept,
411. there is one line I do remember clearly,
412. it was a weird line but it could be useful to you"
413. and the hero asked about the line like a hungry man
414. and Ikilis replied: "when the full moon over Daynur,
415. becomes reddish in its light and hue,
416. then watch the shake of Uhir Daynur,
417. it is then you will have the Ayvar bless"
418. Ikilis went silent and Alexander as well
419. then Alexander watched the setting sun in the horizon
420. and looked back at Ikilis and said: any ideas?
421. thus Ikilis replied: maybe I have one idea but not very useful,
422. if you are able to set a journey to the east,
423. where the nomads of Beten Yamta live,
424. just between the two waters of middle Daynur,
425. an old friend of mine lived there for a long time,
426. but I cannot say he is alive still,
427. he was a wise man more than myself,
428. and he joined the nomads to study them,
429. go there and ask for Ázilis if you will
430. and the speech of Ikilis was over
431. and the hero prepared for the next journey
432. between the two waters, to Beten Yamta

433. then the hero prepared for his long journey
434. he took food and water and the blessings from the shepherds
435. and went on to the north over the deserts
436. where he encountered many ruins
437. many castles and many wells of no use
438. just left for the sands to be eaten
439. just like Qafra or even worse
440. and some days passed away until water became scarce
441. then the hero glanced from afar some signs of living
442. amid the sand storm he was trying to view clearly
443. but his power did not help him stand up against the wind
444. and with the heat of his body he had to give up
445. and he closed his eyes and fainted
446. he did not feel a thing until he opened his eyes
447. to find himself in a tent which the wind played by
448. and no one beside him except of a bowl of water
449. he almost wanted to drink that water
450. his throat was sore and felt like thorns
451. but he couldn't drink the water in the bowl
452. for it smelled strong and made him dizzy
453. and while he was gazing around trying to understand
454. when suddenly the tent ripped open
455. and a huge built man-like creature got inside
456. but the hero did not find his sword to grasp

457. the hero got ready for a hand combat
458. then he tried to view clearly the face
459. and he found out it was but a human like all
460. while the stranger approached with a smile
461. and from under his cloak he grasped something
462. then said with a harsh slow voice like a nomad
463. in a weak Caqobian tongue
464. "is this what you are looking for?"
465. and the stranger showed the Charnagút
466. then the stranger continued the speech
467. while Alexander was checking his dear Charnagút
468. "you suffered so much from the desert,
469. and fever attacked you like locusts on green leaves,
470. then you fainted near our place"
471. and Alexander praised God for His grace and said
472. "thank you O generous one, but you speak Caqobian,
473. how did you know I am a Caqobian?"
474. and the huge man laughed and said with a smile
475. "you think we do not know the Charnagút?
476. the sword of just that was once for Pilippánút,
477. the fair king of Caqobia, who protected us long ago,
478. and this tongue is spoken around by the literate
479. along side with other ayvaric tongues of other tribes"
480. then Alexander forgot his pains when he heard of the Ayvar

481. Alexander asked the huge man in a hurry
482. "Ayvar! you know them? where they are?"
483. the man smiled slowly and calmly then said
484. "O good king, we are verily said to be their children,
485. but I do not know anything about their places,
486. and I do not know if they existed even,
487. but for long time, other tribes used to call us like that,
488. children of the Ayvar, and who speaks almost like us,
489. are called the ayvaric children of the deserts,
490. I apology if my knowledge is not what you are seeking!"
491. then Alexander remembered why he came here in the beginning
492. and said to the huge man: I came here to see a man of wisdom
493. and the huge man answered: this is verily not me I suppose!
494. we are the children of the desert take care of days when they come
495. but we worry not about the upcoming future!
496. then Alexander said: the man I am seeking is named Ázilis
497. do you happen to know him O good man?
498. the huge man was surprised and said in a slow speech
499. "Yes O good king, he is our wise man and our guide,
500. but it might be hard to speak to him at the moment,
501. or you might not be able to talk to him so soon"
502. Alexander asked in a questioning tone thereafter
503. "Why is it so O good man?"
504. and the huge man replied: because he is dying

505. and the shock took over Alexander
506. and begged the man to show him Ázilis as soon as possible
507. so the man agreed to Alexander's request
508. and they moved among the tents of the tribe
509. until they reached a green tent that scented like herbs
510. and Alexander wondered about the smell
511. thus the man answered: these are the scents of herbs,
512. your man had been taking a lot of medicines,
513. yet we are not sure he will survive
514. then both of them asked for permission to go inside
515. and a weak voice from inside said something
516. then they moved inside and the old man was lying on the ground
517. almost dead with thin body and bones showing outside
518. and both of them approached closer and sat beside his body
519. and the huge man started to talk with a tongue
520. some tongue that Alexander did not understand
521. then the old man gazed upon Alexander carefully
522. and said with a weak voice with a perfect Caqobian
523. "you are the king?" the old man asked Alexander
524. and Alexander replied "yes, I was the king..."
525. but the old man said: a good king, is always a king
526. and then Alexander smiled and asked: and you are Ázilis?
527. the old man said amid the coughs: truly I am and this day is promised
528. and once again the words made a race of thoughts for Alexander

529. then Alexander asked Ázilis about his words
530. then Ázilis replied: you should know O good king,
531. there are things in this life that destiny had decided,
532. I've roamed the lands to gather the wisdom,
533. and for a look into the stars I knew days will come,
534. when a young king of faith shall come to me for guidance,
535. thus I spent sixty of my years waiting for the promise,
536. and here it is I see it come true,
537. go ahead O good king and ask your questions,
538. verily my days are numbered in this life
539. then Alexander put his palm on Ázilis' forehead
540. and said with a low voice: Ázilis, O good old man,
541. verily you have faced many a troubles for this wisdom,
542. and verily God will reward you in the afterlife,
543. and may sooner or later we become your companions there,
544. but tell me O wise one, about one saying in the old papers,
545. the papers of your ancestors when you were a shepherd,
546. one saying that might resolve my problems forever,
547. "when the full moon over Daynur,
548. becomes reddish in its light and hue,
549. then watch the shake of Uhir Daynur,
550. it is then you will have the Ayvar bless"
551. and Alexander went silent and looked into the eyes
552. while Ázilis smiled a yellowish smile of sickness

553. Ázilis then looked at the huge man beside Alexander
554. and said with a weak voice: Utéfah, leave us alone please
555. thus Utéfah without arguing left the tent
556. and Alexander felt that it is a secret of secrets
557. then Ázilis continued his talk to Alexander
556. "listen to me O good king of Caqobia,
557. you are chosen to know the secret of life,
558. and no one is supposed to know this except of you,
559. it is a promise from my father, from my grandfather, from his father,
560. those who lived the lives of shepherds and nomads,
561. who knew the ways of the stars and heavens,
562. and those who met the real Ayvars of antiquity,
563. it is but one king that owns the lands of fear and near,
564. shall know the secret of secrets and why we are here,
565. a secret that was taken by the Ayvars to depth of lands,
566. because no living on the surface was to understand,
567. watch out O dear good king for the next full moon,
568. and when its time is due you must be out of here,
569. you must be out where the shaking lands are,
570. somewhere in between the Ghutans and Fulkan Muttere,
571. and in between the Hermits and the two waters,
572. and just before the mounts to the south of the Great Lake,
573. walk and walk until the moon becomes reddish from dust,
574. and almost you will not be able to breathe,
575. just then, sit and wait and be patient,
576. and wait for the lands to shake and..."

577. but Ázilis could not complete his words
578. and suddenly he closed the eyes and put down the hands
579. and his muscles got relaxed and stretched out
580. and no sound of breath could be heard from him again
581. then Alexander, the king, kissed the forehead of the old man
582. and let loose his tears upon the face of the old man
583. then Alexander went out of the tent and called Utéfah
584. but he did not notice who was at the back of the tent
585. then Utéfah arrived and Alexander told him about Ázilis
586. and the tribe made a huge funeral for their wise man
587. because of him, the tribe gained many respect and wisdom
588. and he turned the tribe from the harsh nomadic life
589. to the literate tribe that it is now
590. and everyone wished the blessings for his soul
591. and they memorized his old days and his smile
592. and before his burial they opened his Will
593. and there they found out his last words about his burial
594. where he wanted to be not buried in the ground
595. but his body shall be enclosed into a hard wooden chest
596. and thrown to the wide ocean of the north
597. that is to the sea of Ázúf
598. and all his books and writings shall go to Utéfah
599. thus the tribe worked on the last wish of Ázilis
600. and they marched with his tomb to the sea of Ázúf

601. while the men of Beten Yamta went to Ázúf
602. Alexander remained in his place preparing for his journey
603. and the last memories of Ázilis sparked his mind
604. then he remembered how Ázilis pointed to Charnagút
605. and he was wondering for the reasons of this point
606. but Ázilis did not say anything about Charnagút
607. although he was pointing to it during his speech
608. Alexander knew there is something hidden and some secrets
609. all might be clear when he reaches the appointed lands
610. just before the next full moon of Shaieb
611. then the hero went out of the tribe place to the desert
612. and to the south he traveled away for days
613. all the way he was feeling someone is following him
614. between the dunes and the mounts and hills
615. but he never noticed anyone, and thought its only an imagination
616. for the heat of the desert can make false images to the minds
617. some days the hero spent in the desert passing through ruins
618. and wondering where the promised land could be
619. until he reached the coasts of the Great Lake
620. the largest lake in Daynur and in the middle of lands
621. and Alexander walked along its western coast going south
622. without any rest either in day or night time
623. because the night of the full moon is approaching
624. and he must be in between the two waters

625. then one night came and the moon was full
626. and with harsh winds blowing the moon became red
627. and the dust was reddish and smelled like metal
628. thus Alexander knew he was in the spot indeed
629. but what more to do if he could not know a thing
630. then he remembered the gesture of Ázilis to Charnagút
631. thus Alexander raised the sword up high and looked
632. to understand the meaning of all what is happening
633. then he noticed a ray of red light striking down on the sword
634. like how a magnet stone attracts the iron pieces
635. then he moved the sword left and right, up and down
636. but the ray goes wherever the sword goes
637. and the hero remembered the words of Ázilis
638. thus he sat down and waited with a hard breath
639. and the dust almost went into his lungs and eyes
640. then he pointed the sword to the ground
641. and he rested his hands over its pommel
642. and the sword went easily into the ground
643. like how a sharp knife cuts into the meat
644. and the land started to shake violently
645. so violent that would crush houses to the depth of Earth
646. and the Earth cracked like a piece of wood under an ax
647. while Alexander jumped to one side in a fast move
648. while the Earth kept on tearing apart from North to South

649. the groove looked infinite deep into the ground
650. while Alexander looked in all directions
651. he was looking for a land to move on around him
652. then he found some space to move backward under the moon's light
653. but at the end there was someone with a dagger in hand
654. he heard some laughters and he looked after Charnagút
655. but the Charnagút seems lost by now and maybe went into the groove
656. and Alexander looked into the stranger and tried to see
657. but his eyes tricked him and he could only see the dagger's luster
658. and the stranger went running into Alexander like a raging bull
659. but the hero with his strength held the hands firmly
660. and the hero shouted: why? who are you?
661. and a harsh sound went out from the mouth that was covered
662. "you do not know me and will not take away my treasure"
663. Alexander amid his amazement was struggling with the dagger
664. the dagger looked blue with the reddish moon light
665. thus he knew that the dagger is poisoned
666. and a single scratch will make him a dead man
667. the two rolled over the narrow land violently
668. and Alexander almost fell down to the groove
669. while dagger was getting closer and closer to his chest
670. when suddenly the stranger made a shout out loud
671. and his strength went down and Alexander knocked him off
672. while Alexander glanced an arrow planted in his back

673. Alexander looked amazed at the dead man
674. he was breathing hardly because of the dust and exhaustion
675. he raised his head and gazed around him slowly
676. and in front of him there was a shade of a man from afar
677. the stranger man had a bow in his hands and covered his face
678. and with some steps he was walking to Alexander over some cracks
679. Alexander became ready for another combat
680. but the man of the nomadic costume showed his face
681. and under the dim light of the moon Alexander gazed
682. and with a loud voice he did shout: Utéfah!
683. thus Utéfah smiled and shook the hand of the hero
684. but the hero remained silent and did not know a thing
685. Utéfah then wanted to calm the hero down from his amazement
686. and started his speech: did he hurt you with his poisoned dagger?
687. the hero replied with some stuttering: yes... no... he did not!
688. then Utéfah said in a calming voice: it is over do not worry,
689. this man was Shalmún the son of Yáhúv the son of Inaf,
690. his father was a murderer and his grandfather was a thief,
691. he inherited the manners of his ancestors and went after you,
692. for he heard what you and Ázilis, the blessed, said together,
693. and he thought you are after some treasure in the desert,
694. thus I followed him when I did not find him among the men,
695. verily he was a man of treachery,
696. verily he was a man of no manners.

697. Alexander then asked: is it a treasure that I am seeking?
698. and Utéfah answered: what you are seeking is greater than a treasure,
699. but this man's head made tricks on his soul,
700. and he imagined that you are after the gold and silver,
701. I read some papers from Ázilis, the blessed,
702. and I know what to do next and where to go,
703. but first we must find the Charnagút
704. then Alexander said: but I lost it, maybe to the groove,
705. I cannot seem to find any trace of it after the fight
706. and Utéfah replied: call upon it by the name of God,
707. and kneel down on your knees to show the respect,
708. verily the Charnagút will come back to your hand
709. thus Alexander slowly bent down on his knees
710. and shouted with his voice like a roaring lion
711. "by the name of God, I call upon you O Charnagút"
712. it was but moments and the sword raised up in the air
713. and slowly went into the palm of Alexander
714. then Alexander turned around to Utéfah with a smile
715. and this he said: verily there are lot of tricks that you have O Utéfah,
716. was all of that mentioned in the papers of the blessed Ázilis?
717. and Utéfah replied: yes O good king, he kept these papers away from others,
718. thus when I saw them separated I knew they are special,
719. so then I read them and they were written with Yabjadítah
720. just like Ázilis taught us all how to write it and read it

721. then Alexander peeked into the great groove
722. then he looked at Utéfah and this he said
723. "what else did you read in the papers of Ázilis?"
724. and Utéfah replied: what I read was a lot,
725. but for now you just need to know where to go,
726. keep the Charnagút in your hand and never let it go,
727. it is a sword assigned by your name,
728. put it on the side of the groove and step on it,
729. it will guide you to the great gate of the Ayvar lands
730. and wondered to Utéfah: you mean the gate is in this groove?
731. and Utéfah replied: this is what I cannot tell because I do not know
732. so Alexander put the Charnagút on the side of the groove
733. and stepped on it while the moon's light grew bigger
734. and slowly like a foggy dream some steps appeared
735. and down to the groove they went
736. they were shiny like blocks of light
737. but Alexander stood amazed looking at Utéfah
738. and this he did say: are you not coming with me O good man?
739. but Utéfah shook his head left and right to say No
740. and Alexander urged him to come down with him
741. and Utéfah smiled and said: you trusted God all this time,
742. thus there is no need to put a trust in me,
743. for I am nothing but a grain of dust,
744. and the task was destined for you in the Beginning

745. thus Alexander looked down and started to walk
746. while Utéfah disappeared away from his sight one by one
747. and by every step he takes a new light block appears
748. until he suddenly reached a gate hanging in the air
749. and on the top of the gate, appeared the reddish moon
750. just above the door it was as a guardian
751. and a ray glanced over the place around the gate
752. and a strange writing appeared on the top of the gate
753. shining in an arc just like a gold made of blue
754. then the gate started to open slowly with a loud noise
755. just like thousands of years passed with no one opening
756. and the breeze of air was growing slowly to a wind
757. while Alexander tried to stand still on his place
758. and the gate opened and showed what was lying behind
759. it was a vast land with mountains and hills
760. all showing behind this small gate
761. it was wonder of the wonders for Alexander
762. how come such world be hanging in the air
763. showing from just a small gate like this
764. and while Alexander stood amazed for the event
765. the walls of the groove started to shake
766. the walls were moving together to close
767. thus, Alexander had no choice but to jump inside
768. and the gate of the new world closed firmly then

769. after the gate was sealed behind Alexander on the other side
770. nothing appeared to Alexander behind him except of lands
771. like nothing was behind him or above him
772. like it was not night time just a while ago
773. Alexander stood up and gazed around him
774. but nothing he saw but mountains and hills and some green lands
775. while some rivers flew to the right and left
776. he kept on walking for no obvious destination
777. and he gazed into the sky above him for many times
778. but he did not find a sun, although it was a day
779. and he felt the gentle heat of the air breeze without a sun
780. then he saw some plants on the ground and he felt hungry
781. but he was afraid that such food is not suitable to eat
782. but then he saw a strange bird falls down from heaven
783. it was a bird he never saw like it on Earth
784. thus this bird came down and picked the fruit of the plant
785. and stayed away to eat them peacefully
786. thus Alexander knew that such plant is not poisonous
787. and he began to eat from it like he never had food before
788. and the taste of the fruit was never something he felt before
789. but suddenly he saw a large shade covering the ground
790. and he wondered how come there is no sun but a shade is here?
791. and he gazed to his back and saw a huge creature
792. something was staring at him with furious eyes

793. the thing was flaming with fire and ugly
794. its face could not be known from his back
795. and with thunder-like voice he shouted at Alexander
796. "who gave you a permission to eat my plants O low one?"
797. but Alexander was taken by the surprise and terror
798. and he started to stutter trying to answer the stranger
799. but with some trials he was able to speak to the stranger
800. "I am sorry, but I am a stranger from these lands" he said
801. and then a weird sound was out from the creature
802. like if he was wondering about what Alexander said
803. thus the thing said: a stranger in Uhir Daynur?
804. I never knew someone would get in or out of this,
805. unless by a grave into the ground in Uhir Daynur
806. then Alexander tried to identify himself to the stranger
807. thus he said: I am Alexander, the son of Pilippánút,
808. I am the king of Caqobia and Geltan,
809. and the king of Zimúrá and Bulughman
810. but the stranger was humming in a weird way
811. and this he said to Alexander: what are you talking about?
812. who is king and who are those people?
813. are you trying to deceive me O low one?
814. and Alexander went silent and did not know what to say
815. but then he thought of something and said to the stranger
816. "is there a chance to tell you my story so you will pardon me?"

817. the strange thing sat down on a rock and gazed upon Alexander
818. and this he said: I think I have the time to have some entertainment,
819. so what is your story O stranger, and make it fast
820. thus Alexander started to tell the whole story
821. since the day he left Caqobia until he came down to this
822. but the strange thing looked bored and did not like Alexander
823. thus Alexander thought of something else to say
824. so he said: if it was for your plants, maybe I can do something?
825. and the stranger replied: something like what?
826. and Alexander said: anything to do to pay you back
827. thus the strange thing thought for a moment
828. and then this he said to Alexander
829. "if you can collect the seeds of this plant,
830. and spread it to the side of the river Táhus,
831. and then call upon the Shanúgá to eat the new seeds,
832. until then I might forgive you eating my plants"
833. and Alexander stood amazed for this talk
834. for he did not know a thing about all of this
835. thus he said to the stranger: O friend, what is all of this?
836. verily I did not know a thing of what you have mentioned
837. but the stranger got furious and raised from the rock
838. and he grabbed Alexander from his neck
839. and Alexander was hardly breathing
840. and the stranger left him off the ground with one hand

841. Alexander did not imagine such power exists
842. and said to the stranger with a weak voice
843. "what is the matter? did I say something bad?"
844. and the stranger answered: you said many bad things now,
845. by what permission you called me a friend?
846. and how you do not know what I am talking about?
847. thus Alexander replied with a weak voice
848. "I said friend because I do not know your name,
849. and there is no trick in my story if you believe"
850. thus the stranger calmed down and put Alexander down
851. and this he said to Alexander: you said you are a king,
852. thus I shall give you a chance to prove it to me,
853. I never heard of kings in Uhir Daynur,
854. but to be fair I shall ask you for your proof
855. and Alexander looked around him and thought
856. he lost his crown in his journeys on the lands
857. thus he thought of the Charnagút as a proof
858. although he did not know if this will work
859. thus he showed the Charnagút to the stranger
860. and the stranger shouted with amazement
861. "Charnagút! Charnagút! stay away!"
862. but Alexander did not understand yet what is wrong
863. and he said: clam down O friend, I will not hurt you at all
864. and the breath of the stranger slowed down gradually

865. when the stranger calmed down he gazed upon Alexander
866. and Alexander smiled back at him and put down Charnagút
867. then Alexander began the speech again with the stranger
868. "tell me O friend, what is your name?"
869. and the thing said: my name is Birbuár, son of Árúc
870. then Alexander asked: you know this sword? why were you scared?
871. the strange thing then stuttered and said: of course I do,
872. it is the Charnagút, the sword of the great Ayvar king,
873. it is the torture of the sinners and the sign of kings,
874. thus now I believe you are indeed a king,
875. please forgive my impoliteness master
876. then Alexander said: I am not your master,
877. but I am happy to be your friend in this world,
878. I was a king in my world before, but not anymore,
879. tell me O Birbuár, where am I and what is this world?
880. thus Birbuár said: yes I shall answer your questions,
881. but if you do not know already, how come you are an Ayvar?
882. and Alexander replied: I am not an Ayvar, but a stranger here
883. and Birbuár had a weird look upon his face and eyes
884. and this he said to Alexander: but how you got the Charnagút?
885. and Alexander replied back: it is a gift from my father Pilippánút,
886. but I do not know how he got it or made it,
887. but this sword helped me a lot to come here,
888. and discover the truth one by one

889. Alexander looked down with a sad face
890. because the memories of his father raced in his mind
891. then he raised his head and asked Birbuár
892. "so Birbuár, I told you my story, it is your turn"
893. and Birbuár started his talk with a long sigh
894. "O king, my story is a long one with pains and agony"
895. then Alexander said: and I am here to listen,
896. for I am lost in this land and know nothing
897. thus Birbuár started to tell his story
898. "O good king, I was once a human like any other,
899. oh how wicked I was and how devilish I was,
900. no parents did I respect not a relative as well,
901. no one would feel calm in my presence,
902. I was the mighty one in all of my village,
903. until one time a wise man said to me,
904. do not walk with pride on the lands,
905. verily this body will vanish to the grave,
906. and your name shall be accompanied with shame,
907. and amid my arrogance I taught him a hard lesson,
908. until the poor man died between my hands,
909. thus when he was dead I still could hear his voice,
910. it was ringing in my ears like he did not die,
911. and this he said to me and made me quiver,
912. a Shágí you will become and forever"

913. then Alexander gazed with a strange look
914. and this he asked: a Shágí? what is that?
915. then Birbuár replied: it is a tortured soul,
916. not to rest for eternity or to die peacefully,
917. it is something between living and dying
918. it is a pain in every moment that passes
919. thus Alexander said and wondered
920. "you mean to say you are not a living?"
921. and Birbuár replied: not at all, and not dead as well,
922. I left my skin and flesh long time ago,
923. and here  I am wandering in these lands,
924. because after I killed the poor man,
925. my house collapsed over my head,
926. and the people of my village did not bury me,
927. and I cannot touch it or bury it,
928. oh I just cannot imagine the pains if I tried that,
929. but it is indeed what I deserve for hurting others,
930. and this is what I deserve for my wickedness
931. after this talk from Birbuár, Alexander thought for a moment
932. and then he said to Birbuár: if I helped you to bury yourself,
933. would that help you to rest in peace forever?
934. and Birbuár made a big smile on his face
935. and this he said: and I shall be your slave
936. but Alexander laughed and said: a dead slave?

937. then Alexander continued his speech to Birbuár
938. "all what I would ask from you is to answer a question,
939. and to guide me through these lands that I do not know"
940. and then Birbuár answered with no hesitation
941. "O good king yes I will with no doubt, just let me rest!"
942. then Alexander noticed something he never noticed before
943. and he asked Birbuár: how come you speak Caqobian?
944. did you not say that you never heard of such names before?
945. then Birbuár answered and was amazed like Alexander
946. "but O king, I am asking myself how you speak Ayvar?"
947. and the two of them were amazed for what is happening
948. verily both of them spoke different tongues
949. and yet both of them understood each other perfectly
950. and Alexander said to himself: what weird world is this?
951. then he dedicated the speech to Birbuár and said
952. "come and let us see how to bury your body,
953. guide me through these lands and tell me where to go"
954. and Birbuár got up from his rock and held the hand of Alexander
955. and it was two or three steps only on the ground
956. while Alexander saw everything passing so fast
957. so fast that he could not open his eyes at all
958. and when the hero felt the ground is not moving
959. he opened his eyes slowly to see what happened
960. so he found himself standing at the gates of the village

961. Alexander held the hand of Birbuár firmly
962. and asked him to come in with him
963. but Birbuár refused to go in and stepped back
964. and this he said: they did not like me when I was alive,
965. and now who is going to respect me when I am a Shágí?
966. I will cause you more troubles if I went with you
967. but Alexander replied: I will not go inside,
968. and I will never help you with your body,
969. until you come with me into your own village
970. and tell me by the way, what is your village's name?
971. and Birbuár replied: its name is Táhús,
972. and there to the north of it lies the Táhús river,
973. it is the river I wanted you to do things with it before,
974. but if it is a must to go with you as you requested,
975. then I ask from you to protect me from the people
976. and Alexander asked: and where does your body lie?
977. is it still under the ruins of your house?
978. then Birbuár made a long sigh and said: yes
979. then the two of them took careful steps
980. and both of them got inside the village from the gate
981. they looked left and right but people were busy
982. some of them in the markets and some were craftsmen
983. they walked beside the walls of the buildings
984. when suddenly a small stone struck the head of Alexander

985. Alexander looked to his left and saw a child
986. the child stepped back then he started to shout
987. "Shágí! Shágí! Help!"
988. it was but merely few moments when all people gathered
989. some with daggers and some with sticks
990. and some of them carried stones and came up
991. and all of them surrounded poor Alexander and his friend
992. then Birbuár whispered to Alexander: oh! I told you!
993. let us get out of here now! no need for pains!
994. but Alexander sulked and his eyes went fierce
995. and he faced the people and shouted at them
996. "O people of Táhús, is this how you host a stranger?"
997. then a man showed from the crowds and was holding a hammer
998. "a stranger with a Shágí? and what Shágí? Birbuár!"
999. thus Alexander whispered to Birbuár and said
1000. "verily he knows you, do you know him as well?"
1001. and Birbuár whispered with his head down to the ground
1002. "yes, this is a smith of our village, Shdáyur,
1003. I tried to trick his daughter and cursed his mother before"
1004. and Alexander raised his eyebrows and said with a surprise
1005. "you were indeed a cursed man then my friend!,
1006. no wonder they want you out of this village then!"
1007. and people started to get closer to Alexander and his friend
1008. and the circle was getting smaller and smaller

1009. then Birbuár urged Alexander to show his Charnagút
1010. but Alexander refused and said: something in me says no
1011. thus while the crowds were getting closer to them
1012. Alexander looked up into the sky and thought
1013. then suddenly he shouted with all his power
1014. "Oh! What is this!"
1015. while the people looked up to the sky above
1016. Alexander held the hand of Birbuár and ran
1017. they crossed the crowds in a hard way
1018. and everyone started to run after them
1019. while Birbuár guided Alexander through the roads
1020. the roads of the village was winding left and right
1021. and some of them were hanging in the air
1022. while Alexander ran and looked around him amazed
1023. and inside an old house with no door they got in
1024. waiting for the crowds of people to pass by and go away
1025. then Alexander faced Birbuár and said to him with anger
1026. "you are verily a wicked man Birbuár,
1027. how much wickedness you have done to others?
1028. and you wanted me to show my Charnagút there?
1029. in the face of innocent children?"
1030. and Birbuár stuttered in his speech and said
1031. "O good king, I was indeed a wicked man,
1032. but help me to end this suffering and I shall help you!"

1033. then Alexander thought for a moment
1034. then this he said to Birbuár: and how can you help me?
1035. after I find your body and bury you your soul will not be here,
1036. and to the kingdom of Heavens you shall go
1037. and Birbuár answered: yes, indeed, but I still have things to tell you,
1038. things you might need to know before I leave this life here,
1039. my father Árúc was verily a wise man and one with knowledge,
1040. and he taught things before his death, but I was never good
1041. then Alexander said with a frowned face
1042. "this better be true, or else you shall never rest!"
1043. thus the two of them stayed in the old house
1044. until the night spread over the sky
1045. but there was no sun or one moon
1046. but several moons revolving in the heavens
1047. thus the light was enough to see the way
1048. and Alexander took the hand of Birbuár and went out
1049. then Birbuár walked slowly in the calm streets
1050. while dragging Alexander behind him by the hand
1051. until the reached a pile of stones on the ground
1052. and Birbuár stopped there and made a sigh
1053. and Birbuár said to himself: yes, I deserve it,
1054. we reached the place O good king,
1055. here lies my house, and my body just below that
1056. while a sudden move in the stones appeared

1057. Alexander kept an eye on the moving stones
1058. and looked back at Birbuár and said: what is this?
1059. Birbuár then said with a low voice: I hope this is not what I think
1060. Alexander wondered for a moment and then he stepped forward
1061. and there out of a dark corner jumped a huge thing
1062. some creature with fangs and claws
1063. while the eyes lustered with green and red
1064. then Birbuár shouted: Khákalut! Khákalut!
1065. run! run O good king!
1066. but Alexander stood firmly and showed his Charnagút
1067. while the creatures gathered around him
1068. and they numbered between four and five
1069. while Birbuár took refuge behind Alexander
1070. and this he said to Alexander: we should run king,
1071. those things were eating my flesh and bones,
1072. O Birbuár what did you come to, O sinner!
1073. but Alexander said: calm down! what are these?
1074. and Birbuár replied: these are the Khákalut,
1075. they are the dogs of the Khaznútím,
1076. he who keeps the Hell and calls the sinners,
1077. he sends his dogs by night to eat the flesh
1078. to torture more and more those who sinned,
1079. and tonight it is my turn to suffer,
1080. Oh how awful is the feeling of pain!

1081. but Alexander raised the sword of Charnagút
1082. while Birbuár shouted: no! no good King!
1083. he will get mad at you, nothing escapes his wrath!
1084. then a strange flamed appeared from no where
1085. in the middle of the field between the creatures
1086. the heat filled the place severely
1087. and the sweat of Alexander dripped like water
1088. then a voice came out of the flames
1089. "Alexander! you finally arrived!"
1090. thus Alexander replied: who is that?
1091. and the voice said from the flame as it was
1092. "I am the Khaznútím, the keepers of Hells, O Alexander"
1093. at that time, the knees of Birbuár started to shake severely
1094. and Alexander replied to the voice firmly
1095. "I never heard of your name O Khaznútím,
1096. who and what are you?"
1097. thus Khaznútím replied back with a laughter
1098. "yes verily you do not know anyone here,
1099. your name is written in the records of Heavens,
1100. the hero who comes from Caqobia and raise to Heaven,
1101. the king of the later times of Daynur,
1102. who rules over the Daynur and its tribes,
1103. who owns the Charnagút and the iron heart,
1104. the man of the bravery and faith"

1105. thus Alexander kept silent for a moment
1106. and then he said to Khaznútím: what I am doing here?
1107. and Khaznútím replied: no orders arrived to me from Above,
1108. to tell you where to go and where to settle,
1109. and no knowledge lies in me, to tell the future,
1110. but I do wonder, how come a man like you in faith,
1111. accompanies a sinner like this wicked Shágí?
1112. thus Alexander answered: but this Shágí,
1113. he is regretting his deeds and sins,
1114. is it just and fair to keep him in custody and pain?
1115. and for eternal unrest to be with no solution to his case?
1116. I am verily sure in Heavens there is a way for everyone,
1117. to be forgiven in his life or after his death
1118. the Khaznútím then became silent for a moment
1119. and then this he said: your talk is of a noble man,
1120. yes, indeed what you are saying is true,
1121. and for you, and only for you,
1122. I shall spare this mortal from my servants,
1123. if he can prove that he is good after his death
1124. and then Alexander wondered about the last sentence
1125. and this he did ask the Khaznútím: and how this is to be done?
1126. and the Khaznútím answered: his body should be buried first,
1127. and I shall tell him my tasks later on,
1128. but, no help from you O Alexander, or else!

1129. thus Alexander and Birbuár agreed to the conditions
1130. and after Khaznútím and his Khákaluts left the place
1131. he started to dig the ruins with Birbuár to get the body
1132. and searched for a decent place to be buried in
1133. then Birbuár asked Alexander not put a grave stone
1134. to avoid digging the grave again by the people of the village
1135. thus Alexander took care of the whole task
1136. because Birbuár could not touch his own body
1137. or else, the fires shall burn him deep within himself
1138. and all was done, under the light of three moons
1139. then when everything was done and the body is in rest
1140. Alexander looked back at Birbuár and this he said
1141. "shall you prove you are a wicked man again,
1142. I shall let your body out to the ground again by my hands,
1143. and now fulfill your promise and answer my questions"
1144. Birbuár smiled with a calm soul for Alexander and this he said
1145. "be sure O good king I will never be a wicked one now,
1146. tell me your questions and by God's will shall I answer"
1147. then Alexander started his questions as follows
1148. "who am I? where am I? what shall I do here?
1149. what is the secret that I am searching for?"
1150. and Birbuár raised his eyebrows and smiled
1151. and this he said: O good king, maybe I shall answer some,
1152. but verily your case is a difficult one to answer

1153. and Alexander wondered: how is it so?
1154. did you not say that you have some knowledge?
1155. and Birbuár said: yes, indeed, here is what I know,
1156. you are in Uhir Daynur, a wide land that was forgotten,
1157. our ancestors told us before, we were up, and now we are down,
1158. I cannot say what does that mean with my knowledge,
1159. but I never heard of Caqobia that you came from,
1160. nor I do know why this is called Uhir Daynur,
1161. but I know something about the Charnagút,
1162. a sword of the hero of the reddish hair
1163. and Alexander exclaimed: why the Charnagút is important?
1164. so Birbuár answered: I am not sure of this importance,
1165. but I read something about it in the old books of my father,
1166. it is said to be the key to something I cannot remember,
1167. and it is the guide through the Uhir Daynur,
1168. to reach the place of the eternal rest
1169. and Alexander said: weird phrases,
1170. that only time would explain to me,
1171. but now I remembered many things to ask,
1172. tell me O good Birbuár,
1173. where is your sun, and how you get light?
1174. and why some people have a shadow,
1175. while others do not have anything?
1176. then Birbuár smiled and said: you are indeed a stranger!

1177. then Birbuár asked: but tell me, what do you mean by "sun"?
1178. Alexander laughed with a surprise: blessed is He in Heavens!
1179. Birbuár O good friend, it is no time for a joke!
1180. but Birbuár did not laugh or smile even
1181. but he looked strangely into the eyes of Alexander
1182. thus Alexander stopped laughing and said
1183. "you are not serious in your question, are you?"
1184. then Birbuár answered: do I look like joking O king?
1185. Alexander then slapped his forehead with his palm
1186. and this he said to Birbuár: O friend, do not tell me this,
1187. you mean you never saw a sun? or heard of one?
1188. then Birbuár answered with a nod from his head: yes
1189. and Alexander went on explaining the meaning of "sun"
1190. while Birbuár hardly understood the meaning
1191. then Alexander asked: how you get heat here then?
1192. how do you get light? how do you get shadow?
1193. how do you get winter and summer? or spring and autumn?
1194. how do you plant and plow? and eat your food or sleep?
1195. how do you even get day and night?
1196. or how do you even keep track of time?
1197. Birbuár then raised his eyebrows with a surprise
1198. and slowly said to Alexander with a low voice
1199. "seems this sun of yours is very important to you,
1200. but it might not be important for us here!"

1201. then Birbuár continued his talk with Alexander
1202. and this he said: O good king things here are different,
1203. I do not know what is the summer or winter, or spring or autumn!
1204. we plant here and plow all the time,
1205. and time is counted by the passing of light and darkness,
1206. while months are counted by the moons of the sky
1207. some people have shadow here, and some do not,
1208. it all depends on how much dark side they have,
1209. did you not see that I have a dark black shadow?
1210. it is all because I was once a wicked man,
1211. and it is time to clean my soul and take a rest,
1212. and I hope the Khaznútím will not be severe with me,
1213. as for your question about the light and darkness,
1214. the light is the light! when darkness is not there, it is here!
1215. then Alexander went silent for few moments to think
1216. he verily knows now that it is a different world than his
1217. where the laws of nature does not sound natural in this
1218. thus he expected to see more abnormal things
1219. all of these thoughts raced in his mind all at once
1220. then he raised his head and asked Birbuár
1221. "and now my friend, what are you going to do,
1222. and what am I going to do in this world?"
1223. Birbuár replied: as for me, I shall do whatever Khaznútím orders,
1224. as for you, I advice you to see Shdáyur by the morning

1225. Birbuár left Alexander to his fate at this moment
1226. he hugged and told him: we might meet once again,
1227. but you hero be careful with Shdáyur, the smith,
1228. he remembers your face and he has a bad temper
1229. and Alexander replied back: yes, I will,
1230. and you take care of yourself Birbuár,
1231. and always be good, for goodness never troubles anyone
1232. then after a hug and a hand shake, the companions got separated
1233. Alexander then roamed into the town between the walls
1234. watching carefully the coming and going people
1235. and from behind a wall in a narrow street
1236. he watched over the smith going out from his house
1237. so he followed him slowly until he got into his smithy
1238. then when Shdáyur got in, Alexander slipped through the door
1239. then he closed the door behind and Shdáyur was surprised
1240. Shdáyur took some time to recognize the face in the beginning
1241. for the shop was dark and not enough lighting was going in
1242. and just when Alexander thought Shdáyur was calm and smiled
1243. he found himself facing the huge hammer of the smith
1244. and while the smith was shouting and running to Alexander
1245. Alexander drew his Charnagút in his face
1246. thus the raging bull calmed down and stopped
1247. and he looked at Alexander with angry eyes
1248. thus Alexander said: calm down, I will not hurt any one

1249. in a frustrated speech Shdáyur asked Alexander
1250. "you were with the wicked Shágí, were you not?
1251. came here to complete your sins O wicked?"
1252. then Alexander frowned and his eyes showed anger
1253. and this he said to the smith: it is better to sweeten your mouth,
1254. I am a stranger to this town, is this how you host a stranger?
1255. then Shdáyur argued: we do not host strangers that come with Shágís,
1256. then do you have a better talk rather than raising your sword?
1257. and to calm the man down, Alexander put the sword back
1258. and this he said to the smith: I am not here to fight O good man,
1259. but a lost stranger I am, and for guidance I am a seeker,
1260. I helped the Shágí because he asked for my help,
1261. and I asked for his guidance in return,
1262. then he guided me to come here to ask you,
1263. about my destination and where should I go next
1264. the smith was surprised for this talk and raised his eyebrows
1265 and this he said to Alexander: Birbuár said that to you?!
1266. this is the last thing I would imagine a Shágí would do!
1267. then Alexander explained to Shdáyur what happened that night
1268. and told him how Birbuár is going to clear his soul out
1269. and to the kingdom of Heaven he might finally go and rest
1270. then Shdáyur went silent for moments and took a short walk
1271. and to his wooden chair he went and sat after his nerves are down
1272. then he looked at Alexander and said: what is your story young man?

1273. thus Alexander told Shdáyur all his story
1274. from his days as a king to his story with the Shágí
1275. then Shdáyur this he said: Birbuár told you about me?
1276. it is weird since we did not like each other!
1277. then Alexander replied: the man is trying to be good now,
1278. we should always give a way to forgive others,
1279. now O good smith, shall you help me with my quest?
1280. Shdáyur took a moment to think deeply and then said
1281. "but I cannot tell how to help you precisely,
1282. yet, I might have friends that can help"
1283. then Alexander looked down with embarrassment
1284. and the smith felt something is wrong with Alexander
1285. since he knew Alexander will not say a thing by himself
1286. he went on asking him about his bushing
1287. then Alexander this he said: O good man,
1288. it had been days since I had some food,
1289. would you prove your kindness and feed me something?
1290. then Shdáyur the bad-tempered man smiled
1291. and said to Alexander: of course O good man,
1292. what is the man if no generosity lies in his heart?
1293. here, take this cloak and cover your head with it,
1294. and walk with me to my house, and you are my guest,
1295. I am afraid that people would recognize your face still,
1296. and the day would be then longer that it should be!

1297. Alexander did exactly as Shdáyur asked him to
1298. he wandered in the street behind Shdáyur with a cloak
1299. until the two of them reached a wooden hut amid the grass
1300. both of them entered the hut and Alexander put the cloak down
1301. then the smith called upon someone and said: Yahuvím!
1302. thus from a small room in a corner, a fair lady got out
1303. covering her head with a black scarf having bluish eyes
1304. the lady seemed young, so he whispered to the smith
1305. "your daughter I presume O good man"
1306. and Shdáyur smiled and whispered back to Alexander
1307. "No, my daughter got married and left the house long ago,
1308. but this is my wife who shall cook your food for today"
1309. Alexander then got surprised and amazed, and asked again
1310. "oh you mean it is your second wife my friend?"
1311. the smith giggled and said: seems you do not believe anything here,
1312. no, I shall never get a second wife, my woman is one and only one"
1313. after the two sat down and had conversations about the life
1314. in Uhir Daynur and in the world of Alexander, that is Daynur
1315. while they were waiting for the food to arrive
1316. Alexander followed the words of Shdáyur carefully
1317. and he thought that he might be in another planet
1318. while Shdáyur got amazed for Alexander's adventures
1319. and the two of them continued the speech
1320. with the arrival of the food on the table

1321. after the food and after washing their hands
1322. the smith and his guest sat down for a serious talk
1323. and this Shdáyur did say: O good king of Caqobia,
1324. verily your story is weird and strange to me,
1325. but I never knew there are worlds other than this,
1326. neither I did know there are other tongues,
1327. and this Charnagút really looks weird and fierce,
1328. but I am not a man of literature or wisdom,
1329. but I might know someone who can help out
1330. thus Alexander asked rapidly: who?
1331. and the smith answered: there is one friend of mine,
1332. a woodsman that lives out of this village,
1333. but sometimes he comes here to sell his goods,
1334. if you are willing to seek some knowledge,
1335. he might be the good one for your task,
1336. he lived amongst lot of creatures and peoples,
1337. and he can read and write for good as well,
1338. just go out of this village to the north,
1339. and seek a man called Biryári,
1340. and tell him you are from my side
1341. Alexander then asked Shdáyur the smith
1342. "with Birbuár, we moved so fast through the lands,
1343. I did not know such thing is possible in your world,
1344. how can I do so?"

1345. The smith went silent after the mention of Birbuár
1346. and Alexander felt that he did something wrong
1347. but Shdáyur answered: only a Shágí can do that,
1348. this is because it is a soul that got rid of the body,
1349. thus it is free of the bounds of our world
1350. then Alexander said: if so, then I might need some food,
1351. I am a stranger in these lands and might get lost
1352. and the smith replied: yes, verily you will need food,
1353. for the journey to that place will take three days
1354. and Shdáyur prepared the needs of food for Alexander
1355. and supplied him with water to drink, and washed his body
1356. then he provided him with a tool to use and said to him
1357. "take this it will be beneficial for you my friend,
1358. it will direct you where is the east and west,
1359. thus, you shall know how to head north"
1360. Alexander asked: and what do you call this?
1361. Shdáyur replied: we call it "compass,"
1362. oh then how did you find directions in your world?
1363. Alexander replied: we had a sun and a moon and stars,
1364. and all of that helps us in finding our way, day or night,
1365. but you have your own ways in these lands of yours!
1366. then Shdáyur picked the compass from Alexander
1367. and showed him how to work out with it
1368. and after a warm farewell, Alexander left undercover

1369. Alexander walked through the roads of the village
1370. covering his head and talking to no one on his way
1371. and using his new tool to know the way through the village
1372. until he safely went out of the village from the other gate
1373. he found himself directly between trees and bushes
1374. so huge they were like they were touching the sky
1375. thus he kept pushing his way hard into the forest
1376. through the thick layers of trees and plants
1377. and upon his first night in the forest he decided to rest
1378. thus he searched for a rock to sit beside
1379. and got some bits of his food to eat after a long walk
1380. when he heard some noises between the bushes
1381. he figured that a night in a weird place will not pass
1382. thus he made his hand ready on the Charnagút
1383. and gazed with his eyes left and right carefully
1389. while he made his ears sharper than wolf's ears
1390. and the sounds appeared to approach and become louder
1391. and Alexander's nerves were tenser than before
1392. when suddenly a ghostly shadow appeared from behind

1393. something held the neck of Alexander tightly from his back
1394. the press was so tight on the hero's neck and he could not breath
1395. while Alexander held the thing and tried to resist
1396. the shouts of Alexander filled the forest with echo
1397. while the black thing shouted in same manner
1398. and the saliva of the shadow dropped on Alexander
1399. Alexander tried hard to turn his face and look at that thing
1400. but the force on his neck was so fierce and did not move
1401. and Alexander bent his body up and stretched his legs
1402. then used his legs against the face of the shadow
1403. the shadow fell down screaming out loud
1404. and covered his eye with his own hands
1405. but Alexander could not see a thing of his shape
1406. because it was dark but only with the moons' lights
1407. the shadow got up to run away from Alexander
1408. but in a fast move the hero captured his legs
1409. and with a rope he had in his sack he tightened him
1410. and to a tree he had him tightened and unable to move
1411. thus Alexander relaxed and closed his eyes calmly
1412. and decided to check the identity of this shadow later
1413. while the shadow was moaning from the pain
1414. and had no power to move at all after this kick
1415. because it was directly into his eyes
1416. and he might not see again from now on

1417. the morning arrived with its light to the forest
1418. Alexander woke up and hurried to check the shadow
1419. he traces a line of blood on the ground slowly
1420. until he reached the body of a black thing near a tree
1421. he saw two horns on the top of his head
1422. while the thing was asleep and looking down
1423. Alexander approached slowly to see the black thing
1424. then he gasped and held his breath with surprise
1425. because he just saw his face on another body
1426. he stood without feeling anything with his senses
1427. and when he got his mind back he started to think
1428. what creature is this that takes his image in black?
1429. and while he was thinking, the creature woke up
1430. and started to groan and moan like an animal
1431. Alexander asked: who are you? what are you?
1432. but the creature kept on moaning and groaning
1433. thus Alexander realized that such thing is not a man
1434. but he could not understand how he had his face
1435. and since the creature was injured in the eyes
1436. and he was moaning from the pains
1437. Alexander's heart could not stand the situation
1438. thus, Alexander got some food out for the creature
1439. and fed the thing with his own hands
1440. while the creature was tied to a tree

1441. the creature looked at Alexander with one eye
1442. while it was eating from Alexander's hands
1443. Alexander did see its fangs clearly from his mouth
1444. and he thought what kind of beast is this?
1445. after feeding the creature, Alexander asked him a many
1446. but no answer he got from the thing but only moans
1447. then the hero tore a piece of cloth from his clothes
1448. and tied it to the eye of the beast and covered it
1449. the beast showed something that seemed like a smile
1450. Alexander then released the beast from the tree
1451. but he kept the legs and hands tied together
1452. and he held the tip of the rope and walked
1453. because he wanted to know what is thing with his face
1454. and because he did not trust that thing, he tied him like that
1455. they walked to the north in the thick forest for days
1456. until the two of them reached a small hut in the middle
1457. with some smokes coming out from its chimney
1458. thus Alexander knew someone is inside
1459. and he knew he reached his final destination in here
1460. where the woodsman Biryári lives
1461. thus he approached with his new slave
1462. so slow watching out for dangers that might come
1463. while smelling a good smell of food
1464. until they reached the fence of the yard

1465. by the fence Alexander stood and peeked
1466. he gazed through the windows and around him
1467. he could not find anything or anyone around
1468. thus he started to yell and say "anyone home?"
1469. no answered echoed back at him
1470. and he thought for a moment about what to do
1471. then he noticed a strange movement from the beast
1472. he was trying to untie the ropes on his hands
1473. thus he put his other hand on his Charnagút
1474. and when the creature saw this it calmed down
1475. and to the floor, it knelt down and looked up
1476. while a shout from his behind occurred to Alexander
1477. and the shout said: hey you! what are you doing!
1478. Alexander turned around to see an old man
1479. so old that his beard reached near his knees
1480. suddenly the man stopped and gazed upon Alexander
1481. Alexander looked at him and raised his eyebrows
1482. and the old man said: O God of Heavens! How!
1483. Alexander gazed around him and said: how what?
1484. the old man said in a stuttering voice: who are you?
1485. you did indeed catch your own beast?
1486. you did indeed captivated your own Cadid?!
1487. but Alexander did not understand a word
1488. and gazed upon his captivated beast

1489. Alexander then greeted the old man with a smile
1490. but the old man remained silent and scared
1491. Alexander asked him then: something wrong?
1492. the old man gathered his strength and this he said
1493. "who are you O young man?! Never saw your likes before,
1494. and in my whole life I never saw someone catching a Cadid!
1495. and not any Cadid, but his own Cadid!"
1496. thus Alexander replied: but O old man, I am a stranger,
1497. not from this land only, but from this world as well,
1498. would you please tell me, are you Biryári the woodsman?
1499. the old man raised his eyebrows and replied: yes, I am!
1500. I guess there is a long story behind you to tell O young man!
1501. come in into my humble home please, but keep this out!
1502. Alexander then asked in a hurry: that just reminds me!
1503. what is the Cadid you are talking about?!
1504. and how this thing has my own face on him?!
1505. and the old man smiled back at Alexander
1506. and he knew that Alexander was a complete stranger
1507. thus he calmed Alexander down and invited him
1508. to get into his home, but after tying the beast
1509. and the two agreed to tell the stories of each other
1510. after the food is served and Alexander is treated as a guest
1511. thus the two got inside the humble small house
1512. and the old man called upon his wife to cook

1513. the wife served the food and the two ate
1514. while the creature called Cadid was outside
1515. it was tightened to a tree as Biryári asked
1516. and while the meal was served the two had a chat
1517. about living in the forest and what Alexander saw in it
1518. and the old man talked about his old adventures
1519. adventures when he was a young man still
1520. and when the two of them finished the meal
1521. the old man asked Alexander about his story
1522. thus Alexander went on telling his long story
1523. and how he met Shdáyur the smith to come up here
1524. then the old man asked about the village and its people
1525. but Alexander answered: I could not live much among them,
1526. because of the story of Birbuár as I told you before,
1527. I think they are nice people indeed, but nothing I could do
1528. and Biryári answered: yes, indeed, they are nice,
1529. and Birbuár was not the best of this village,
1530. thus please pardon them for hating you like that,
1531. but the deeds of Birbuár were unbearable
1532. thus Alexander smiled and said to the old man
1533. "O good old man, be sure there is no place in my heart,
1534. for hatred to these people that I do not know at all,
1535. but help me please with this quest in this Uhir Daynur,
1536. for I did indeed miss my people and my beloved"

1537. the old man raised his eyes with thoughts in the mind
1538. while his fingers were tickling his long white beard
1539. then this he said to Alexander: listen O good king,
1540. I never knew about worlds other than our world,
1541. but I know one thing for sure, thus nothing is weird to me
1542. and Alexander said rapidly: and what is that O good man?
1543. Biryári said: people on these lands think they speak like each other,
1544. but I know that they are not the same in their tongues,
1545. I saw that written by the hands of the wise in this Uhir Daynur,
1546. because I could not imagine the whole Earth speak one tongue,
1547. but it is all because of one thing that they speak to each other,
1548. it is by the guardian angel whose name is Atheir,
1549. he who moves the words from one mouth to another,
1550. and makes the ears listen to what it should be
1551. Alexander now understood how people understood him
1552. and how his Caqobian tongue looked familiar to others
1553. then he asked Biryári: and what about the thing tied outside?
1554. and the old man said: Ah! I almost forgot O good young man,
1555. this is the black side inside yourself,
1556. this is your cruelty that goes into your blood,
1557. this is the beast that eats you slowly slowly,
1558. this is what we call the Cadid!
1559. Alexander then kept silent and his thought raced
1560. about the meaning of all of these events

1561. Alexander then asked the old man of the white beard
1562. "and how this Cadid became like this? and why he attacked me?"
1563. thus Biryári answered: Cadid lives within you wherever you go,
1564. it only leaves your body in two ways known to me,
1565. either you succeeded to conquer your cruelty,
1566. and that made him mad so he attacked you,
1567. or he can be out of you with rituals,
1568. but sooner or later he shall be back to the body
1569. Alexander then asked: and what shall I do with him now?
1570. the old man said: killing him is the solution as I see it
1571. but Alexander refused and said: no, something inside me says no
1572. and Biryári then smiled and said: it is but your kind heart that said no,
1573. and after defeating your own Cadid, thus you are free of darkness,
1574. I see you tightened him like a slave already,
1575. thus I suggest you take him as a slave for your ways
1576. and Alexander thought that it is indeed a good idea
1577. then he said to the old man: but is he safe to be with?
1578. and Biryári answered: with some time, he will be tamed,
1579. just like your own twin walking with you wherever you go,
1580. but his animal side shall remain as it is I presume,
1581. but at least he can be of no harm to you later
1582. and Alexander accepted the advice of the old man
1583. and decided to make his own Cadid a slave
1584. he might be of enormous help in this world

1585. then Alexander asked Biryári: and where to go next?
1586. I do not know the lands, and I do not know my destination
1587. the old man then thought for some time and then he said
1588. "be my guest tonight, and I shall look in my old books,
1589. I might find the answers that you need for such questions"
1590. then Alexander said: and what about my Charnagút?
1591. Biryári replied: I shall search for it in the books as well,
1592. this weird looking sword certainly has a purpose in life
1593. thus the two agreed that Alexander shall rest that night
1594. and the food was prepared for the Cadid outside the hut
1595. while Alexander exchanged the ropes with chains
1596. and prepared some herbs by the help of the wife
1597. to treat the eye of the Cadid that was damaged before
1598. and the wife took care of his bed and prepared it
1599. while Alexander slept on it with the first hour of the set
1600. he felt like his backbone is going into pieces
1601. and his muscles felt the stream of blood rushing through
1602. Alexander did not have a night like this for months
1603. and never felt a bed other than the sands for months
1604. while the old man sat alone with his books
1605. flipping through the pages of the written history
1606. under the light of his little burning candle
1607. and he spent hours reading and reading
1608. until he raised up with a surprise on his eyes

1609. in the morning the wife prepared the food
1610. and the old man woke Alexander up
1611. because of the tiresome times he had, it was not easy
1612. and the two gathered around the morning table
1613. while the old man was so excited to tell Alexander
1614. but he knew it is out of manners to talk before eating
1615. thus he just said: I have news for you, now be my guest
1616. both of them ate until their stomaches were full
1617. when the old man spoke with excitement to Alexander
1618. and this he said: from the books I got tips about you
1619. thus Alexander raised an eyebrow and said: me?
1620. the old man said: yes, you and only you,
1621. you are the old to look for the secret of life,
1622. and the one that will come from above then be raised,
1623. it is all mentioned here in the old books that i gained,
1624. they all talk about the red haired hero of the Charnagút
1625. then Alexander asked: and what is the Charnagút?
1626. Biryári answered: it is the key to the wisdom,
1627. I understand it opens something, but I could not know it,
1628. something that keeps a secret, the secret of wisdom,
1629. and as the books say, from above he comes, then he shall go,
1630. and I might have an idea about your next way to go!
1631. Alexander asked with excitement: and where to now?!
1632. Biryári said: The Ring Mountains and Peace Valley

1633. Alexander asked Biryári: and what shall be done there?
1634. Biryári replied: I could not understand the texts clearly,
1635. but the words say "and the red haired hero shall be there,
1636. where the three moons stand upon the mounts, he will be there,
1637. and to the help he shall come, as he always did and does"
1638. and the only place I know where the moons are like that,
1639. is the valley of peace where the moons remain on mounts
1640. Alexander asked then: and text did not mention who to help?
1641. but the old man nodded with his head for the opposite
1642. Alexander then requested for some guidance from Biryári
1643. and Biryári wished to travel with the hero as a guide
1644. but the hero refused that and said: O good old man,
1645. if you come with me to there, who shall feed your wife?
1646. give me the way and I shall try it myself O good man
1647. and back to his reason and mind, Biryári agreed
1648. so Biryári guided Alexander to the Ring Mountains
1649. where they lie at the eastern boundaries of the forest
1650. and Alexander asked Biryári: are there lot of creatures?
1651. then Biryári said: none occurred to me while I work,
1652. but be careful of anything when night time comes,
1653. always settle down and keep a fire burning
1654. thus Alexander asked: and how to make a fire there?
1655. and Biryári smiled and said: you forgot that I am a woodsman?
1656. then Biryári helped the hero to get ready for the trip

1657. then before leaving Alexander asked Biryári
1658. "how to know that I reached the right place?"
1659. and Biryári answered: you will not be missing at all,
1660. the valley and its mountains are just after the forest,
1661. and the valley is full of trees that bear thorny fruit,
1662. and by night, you see the moons settle on the mounts
1663. thus Alexander prepared himself for this long journey
1664. and thanked Biryári for his hospitality and information
1665. then both of them hugged and shook hands firmly
1666. after that Alexander left to the yard and took his Cadid
1667. and the Cadid was willing to go with Alexander easily
1668. which made Alexander feel some comfort about it
1669. the two went on walking in the long forest road
1670. you could see Alexander pulling his Cadid behind him
1671. and in the road, beside the food that Alexander has
1672. he used to hunt for exotic birds that he saw on trees
1673. the Cadid with his blackish body and face sounded happy
1674. as if he liked his new master, who has the same face of his
1675. but his fangs and claws were absolutely different from his master
1676. ten days passed through the thick forest until green no more
1677. and Alexander saw how beautiful the land was after the forest
1678. there he tied the Cadid to a tree near him
1679. and sat down to pray down for such an amazing beauty
1680. and asking his Master to bestow more power upon him

1681. Alexander wandered for some time between the bushes
1682. and found himself on the top of a hill above a valley
1683. he walked down there while his Cadid is still up and tied
1684. then he saw the trees which Biryári talked about
1685. and he tasted these fruit and they were bitter
1686. while out of sudden the Cadid on the top of the hill
1687. started to howl like a wolf would do so high
1688. Alexander moved little bit to check the Cadid
1689. but suddenly felt the ground to shake slowly
1690. he stopped to check and thought it is only his imagination
1691. but the ground started to shake more and more
1692. and the howling of the Cadid increased and been more high
1693. and weird sounds he heard of something huge
1694. something was approaching so close to him
1695. and from one corner of the valley he noticed
1696. how some trees fall down for unknown reason
1697. he looked carefully while the ground shakes hard
1698. while the dust appeared in the air from afar
1699. and from the moving dust he noticed a huge body
1700. it was but moments then he realized it is a hoard
1701. it was a hoard made by group of similar animals
1702. three horns each one of them had and spikes on the back
1703. they were moving so fast in his direction face to face
1704. and the hero was paralyzed for few moments in his place

1705. when the hero got conscious back again
1706. he ran to the hills to avoid the running hoard
1707. but the sands were soft and his hands swept
1708. every time he tried to go up the sands put him down
1709. thus he decided to face his fate in front of the hoards
1710. then he turned back and ran toward the hoard itself
1711. and jumped high above and started to run
1712. his feet were stepping on the animals' backs
1713. he had to run so fast upon their backs
1714. no mistakes were allowed from his feet
1715. or else he shall be lifeless and dead
1716. the hero kept on running from one back to another
1717. even though they were few moments in time
1718. but time was slowing down in the eyes of Alexander
1719. by jumping from one animal to another he got injured
1720. because the backs of the animals were sharp like swords
1721. but he kept on jumping with all the blood from his feet
1722. until he fell down on the ground and the hoard passed away
1723. his sandals were torn out and the blood filled his body
1724. and he felt the pain in every part of his body
1725. thus he crawled to a near by tree to take some rest
1726. while the Cadid was trying to break his chain
1727. the Cadid wanted to rescue his master from this
1728. but the hero remained under the tree and slept

1729. the hero lost the count of time when he slept
1730. then he found himself in the darkness under the tree
1731. he realized that he fainted rather than slept
1732. and beside him was the Cadid sleeping as well
1733. Alexander checked the chain and it was broken
1734. seems the Cadid broke it by his fierce power
1735. he raised his eyes up to heaven so slow
1736. and there lied the three moons on the tops
1737. each moon of them took his own mountain top
1738. he got his bag of food and had some as he was starving
1739. and he put some food for the Cadid as well by his side
1740. he felt calm and felt restful because he is on the path
1741. he checked his feet and found out no blood was there
1742. but only scratches and injuries on his skin
1743. in a hurry then he made a fire from some woods
1744. because he was afraid of other creatures in this land
1745. while the Cadid woke up and started to eat
1746. by the light of the fire, Alexander started fixing his sandal
1747. and explored the place his eyes, left and right
1748. he started to think about his next mission
1749. what Biryári meant by coming to help?
1750. the thoughts raced through the mind of Alexander
1751. until he fell asleep back again under the tree
1752. and the Cadid stayed beside him to protect

1753. the next morning arrived with its glory
1754. and the birds awakened Alexander and his Cadid
1755. the two looked at each other and around them
1756. the fresh breeze of air made them forget the pains
1757. Alexander gave the Cadid some food again for breakfast
1758. and he decided to explore the valley and his trees
1759. to make food for himself from these plants
1760. he wandered with his Cadid to different parts
1761. until he noticed no tree had a shadow at day
1762. just like the people of this weird world or most of them
1763. except of one tree that had a moving shadow
1764. he wandered in the valley to check other trees
1765. but it was only that tree that had a shadow
1766. he approached the tree with his Cadid slowly
1767. as soon as they arrived beside the tree of shadow
1768. the branches started to catch the clothes of Alexander
1769. so rapidly, he escaped from it and ran away
1770. while the Cadid kept on barking and howling
1771. the thoughts raced in Alexander's mind about it
1772. then he said to himself: if people have no shadows,
1773. and get shadows when they do evil in their lives,
1774. how come this tree has a shadow of its own?
1775. could it be that someone transformed into a tree?
1776. but Alexander could not find a final answer

1777. in that moment a shout from afar cut off the silence
1778. "hey you! what are you doing?" someone said
1779. Alexander looked behind him and saw no one
1780. he looked back to the tree and wanted to get close
1781. but the shout again appeared again and louder even
1782. he stopped and looked around but no one he could see
1783. until he felt something that hurts his feet
1784. he jumped a bit and looked down with anger
1785. and found out a dwarf creature close to his feet
1786. Alexander got surprised for the size of that thing
1787. and down to his knees he knelt to see
1788. then Alexander asked: are you talking to me?
1789. the bad tempered dwarf replied: you see others here?
1790. Alexander replied with confidence: no, but who are you?
1791. the dwarf replied with anger: I think I should ask you this!
1792. Alexander answered calmly: my name is Alexander,
1793. a stranger from these lands and seeking my destination,
1794. now would you please tell me who are you?
1795. the dwarf replied with a high pitched voice
1796. "I am Kaliván, and the owner of this half of the lands"
1797. Alexander stepped back then and said: Ah! Sorry then!
1798. I did step here by mistake as I am a stranger,
1799. but what is wrong with this tree of shadow?
1800. then the dwarf sighed and looked down

1801. Alexander gazed upon the dwarf thing and waited
1802. finally the dwarf answered: my poor tree is sick!
1803. the damned Mikanazzar passed through it lately,
1804. and its Jawsamályá is not in its place anymore,
1805. Aramramátáníth could not fix this problem,
1806. and if this sickness is not cured fast enough,
1807. oh! how much troubles shall be facing on the lands!
1808. all the trees then will be endangered!
1809. no food, no fire, but hunger and coldness!
1810. and the Peace Valley will not be in peace!
1811. the dwarf went silent while Alexander was gazing
1812. and the angry dwarf said: what are you looking at?!
1813. then Alexander said: I did not understand a word you said!
1814. what is Mikanazzar, and the Jawsamályá?
1815. and what is the Aram... this name was hard for me!
1816. the dwarf thought that Alexander was mocking at him
1817. thus he started to poke Alexander's face with anger
1818. but Alexander put his hand and pushed the dwarf away
1819. then he said to the dwarf: is that how you receive strangers?
1820. do not make my rage raise and my hand then knows no mercy!
1821. but the dwarf replied with mockery: pah! and what you can do?
1822. my Aramramátáníth shall help me against you, O useless!
1823. and amid this fight and argument between the two
1824. a cold wind passed through the valley from the north

1825. with the passage of the cold wind in the valley
1826. the dwarf knelt down as a sign of respect
1827. but Alexander did not kneel and looked carefully
1828. then the dwarf said with low voice of anger
1829. "kneel down O useless one! It is the Aramramátáníth!"
1830. but just before Alexander trying to kneel down
1831. a voice that could be heard from everywhere occurred
1832. the voice said: Kaliván, do not hurt the man,
1833. he is the one to save this land for us!
1834. thus Kaliván replied: yes O Mistress of goodness!
1835. while Alexander stood in his place amazed
1836. he could not see anything but heard the voice
1837. then a cold breeze is felt and the weather changed
1838. and everything got back to how it was before
1839. and Kaliván looked upon Alexander and this he said
1840. "I apologize O good man, why you did not say so?"
1841. but Alexander got more amazed and said: say what?
1842. Kaliván said: why did you not say that you were sent?
1843. but Alexander asked again: sent by who O good man?
1844. the Kaliván smiled and said: by Aramramátáníth of course!
1845. then Alexander sighed and looked up
1846. and he knelt down to the dwarf and said
1847. "why do you not come O good man and tell me everything?
1848. there is so much I need to understand in your world"

1849. the two sat down beside one tree, with the Cadid
1850. and Kaliván just noticed the Cadid beside Alexander
1851. and he shouted so out loud: Cadid!!! you have a Cadid!!!
1852. Alexander answered calmly and said: yes, he is my servant
1853. but Kaliván stepped back and shouted: what kind of man are you?!
1854. Alexander replied: calm down O Kaliván, or else!
1855. under this pressure from Alexander, Kaliván got back
1856. and with a calm and humble voice he said: yes O good man,
1857. what are your questions? I hope I will answer all I can,
1858. but later, you should tell me your story as well
1859. Alexander agreed to the terms of the dwarf
1860. and then he asked: what is Jawsamályá?
1861. what is Mikanazzar and what is Aram... ?
1862. the dwarf man then answered calmly but in surprise
1863. "it is indeed a surprise that Aramramátáníth chose you!
1864. but what can I say in front of the will of the Great,
1865. and I wonder how come a man do not know these!
1866. however, I shall answer you as you requested"
1867. Alexander kept a careful eye on Kaliván
1868. and for his answer he was waiting patiently
1869. but the time was traveling so slow in that moment
1870. thus he could not keep it inside his heart
1871. and he had to yell at the little man out loud
1872. "Kaliván! hurry up! we do not have all day!"

1873. Kaliván started to talk slowly and calmly
1874. he got more frightened because of Alexander's shouts
1875. and this he did say: Mikanazzar is something,
1876. like air, but heavier, passes through like a feather,
1877. and when he passes through a place or a body,
1878. it disturbs everything in this body and makes it sick,
1879. while Jawsamályá is the first thing to be infected,
1880. Jawsamályá if you did not know yet, is the inner self,
1881. it is where all powers gather and meet in your body,
1882. you do not have to be a physician to know this!
1883. and when this Jawsamályá is out of balance and harmony,
1884. you would be out of control and senses until it is back
1885. then the dwarf went silent, and Alexander asked him again
1886. "and what is the Aram...?" Alexander said while gazing
1887. the dwarf replied: the name of the Great! learn how to say it!
1888. it is Aramramátáníth, a-ram-ramá-tá-níth!
1889. it is the one that spoke to you just a while ago!
1890. where are you from O stranger? you do not know her?!
1891. she is the mother of all nature, just like how God made her,
1892. she cures and takes care of all the trees in this valley,
1893. she gives the good winds for the sailors, the sun for us,
1894. she fights the Mikanazzar wherever it goes or comes
1895. by this Alexander understood the situation clearly
1896. it was for sure, something larger than he thought

1897. then Kaliván continued and said: but I wonder!
1898. where are you from O stranger? you do not know all this?
1899. thus Alexander smiled and rested his back on a tree
1900. and he started to tell his story to Kaliván
1901. and Kaliván surprised more and more with every event
1902. then Alexander told him how he got into this world
1903. and what happened before in the village until he arrived here
1904. thus Kaliván said: a man who catches his own Cadid is a hero!
1905. and you are a king, thus you are a doubled hero!
1906. I think I know now why Aramramátáníth chose you,
1907. with your faith, it seems you are only one to help us
1908. Alexander thought for a moment and said to Kaliván
1909. "the Jawsamályá as you said is responsible for balance, right?"
1910. and Kaliván answered: yes, it is to be so
1911. then Alexander said: but do you not think that it is more than that?
1912. this tree is weirdly acting as if it is alive, and not only sick,
1913. it is as if the core of this tree is inhabited with something
1914. then Kaliván replied: I agree, it should be a sick tree only,
1915. then what do you suggest O hero of Caqobia?
1916. Alexander thought for a moment and said: let me check,
1917. I need to get closer to the tree without being caught,
1918. any way you can think of O my little friend?
1919. Kaliván felt a bit of anger with his new title
1920. but forgot about it rapidly and started to think

1921. then Kaliván thought of an idea but was dangerous
1922. and he said to Alexander: I am a little man as you can see,
1923. I might be able to approach the tree without being noticed?
1924. Alexander then refused and said: No! This is dangerous!
1925. but Kaliván insisted and said: we will not know, without trying,
1926. just tell me O hero, what to do if I got closer to it?
1927. Alexander went silent for a moment with some meditation
1928. then he realized that it might be indeed the only way
1929. thus he said to Kaliván: if you can go around the tree,
1930. check if there is any abnormal things in its bark,
1931. go now if you like, and I will watch over your steps
1932. thus Kaliván walked slowly and tried to approach
1933. but the tree started to move its branches and pushed him away
1934. the little man got angry as usual and wanted to go back again
1935. but Alexander made him stop and said: no use of that
1936. then he thought and said to himself: how does it know us?
1937. and how it knows we are approaching or going away?
1938. then suddenly the idea sparked in Alexander's head
1939. and suddenly he shouted out loud: the roots!
1940. Kaliván did not know what Alexander meant by that
1941. then Alexander asked Kaliván to collect some of the fruit
1942. and Kaliván went on all over the valley collecting them
1943. until he made a large pile of them beside Alexander
1944. then Alexander started to test his idea against the tree

1945. Alexander picked one of those ball-like fruit
1946. and throw it on the ground until it reached the tree
1947. the tree banished the piece of fruit rapidly
1948. then Alexander said to Kaliván: quick, help me,
1949. let's put this pile at once beside the tree,
1950. I shall make the tree busy hitting those,
1951. while you help me cut out the branches
1952. Kaliván hesitated in the beginning
1953. because he did not want to hurt the tree
1954. but with the confidence of Alexander he went on
1955. so the two threw the pile on the tree all at once
1956. and the tree became like crazy hitting the fruit
1957. while Alexander worked with his sword on the back
1958. and Kaliván helped him to break small branches
1959. few moments passed and the tree was like naked
1960. no branches the tree had but only a top with leaves
1961. while some noises came from inside the tree like moans
1962. as if the tree was indeed shouting for the pain it had
1963. and the branches lied around and turned black
1964. then Kaliván said to Alexander: something inside it,
1965. there must be something inside this damned tree,
1966. never heard of a tree that cries out loud from pain
1967. thus Alexander said: we should cut it then
1968. but Kaliván replied: we would only kill the tree then

1969. after some moments of fast thinking
1970. Alexander decided to do something with Kaliván
1971. thus he asked Kaliván to gather the cut branches
1972. and they put them around the tree away for some distance
1973. then Alexander asked Kaliván to make fire with him
1974. so the two of them started to rub the wood altogether
1975. and so they made a spark and then into a fire
1976. then with their clothes they started to smoke the tree
1977. and the moaning started to get louder and louder
1978. when suddenly a black air came from the top
1979. with fierce shouts that none did understand
1980. Alexander felt that the danger is hovering around
1981. thus he got his hands ready on his Charnagút
1982. and as he expected the black smoke attacked
1983. but nothing he could do because it was but air
1984. thus the air passed through Alexander
1985. and Alexander could not feel his power anymore
1986. thus he knelt down and planted his Charnagút
1987. and he started to breathe heavily and looked at Kaliván
1988. but everything turned black and he fainted
1989. Alexander then opened his eyes to see Kaliván
1990. Kaliván was sitting on the chest of the hero
1991. and Alexander gazed around but he did not know the place
1992. while Kaliván said with a happy tone: we did it O hero!

1993. Alexander felt a headache and looked around him
1994. he recognized that he is in a small house made of wood
1995. then he looked at Kaliván and said: where am I?
1996. Kaliván replied: in my humble house O hero!
1997. then Alexander asked: what happened?
1998. Kaliván then went on telling the story
1999. "you made the Mikanazzar fly away from the tree,
2000. and when it got angry it attacked you with rage,
2001. thus it passed through your heart and body,
2002. and took some of your power and made you weak,
2003. and you fell down and fainted with no power to move,
2004. thus Aramramátáníth chased after Mikanazzar,
2005. and she banished him out of the valley for now,
2006. then she endowed you with some power to heal,
2007. you will need some time to rest for now,
2008. she ordered me to take you home and care for you,
2009. until you become sound again, she shall talk to you,
2010. Oh! what a great honor is that to have her talk to you!
2011. you must be someone special O good king!"
2012. with a little headache Alexander asked Kaliván
2013. "you brought me to your home? how that is possible?"
2014. and Kaliván answered him with a laughter
2015. "thank your Cadid, he is a loyal servant for you,
2016. I released his chains and he helped me"

2017. Alexander remained for three days in bed
2018. he could barely move inside the small house
2019. and he felt well after that and got out of the house
2020. then he paid a visit with Kaliván to the tree
2021. and he asked Kaliván: why this tree is so important?
2022. we could have cut her down from the beginning!
2023. and Kaliván answered: this tree bears the holy seeds,
2024. it is what keeps this valley alive as it is now,
2025. and if it dies out, then no green you shall see here
2026. then Alexander asked: but now it is without branches,
2027. how it will give the holy seeds without branches?
2028. then Kaliván answered: here comes your part O hero,
2029. Aramramátáníth said you will heal the Jawsamályá again,
2030. and it will give fruit just like before and be always green
2031. then Alexander wondered: why me? Aram... couldn't heal it?
2032. Kaliván answered with eyes to the sky: you cannot say it yet?
2033. she ordered me to tell you that, but I do not know why,
2034. although I am sure she has the power to heal the tree,
2035. but yet she told me to ask you to try your luck with it!
2036. Alexander wondered about this argument
2037. and then started to think how to balance Jawsamályá
2038. the tree looked poor and pale without any branches
2039. thus Alexander thought of restoring its branches back
2040. so he ordered Kaliván and his Cadid to collect branches

2041. the two collected branches from the forest from other trees
2042. they picked the most greenish branches from the trees
2043. Alexander asked for certain number of branches
2044. then Alexander started to make cuts into the bark
2045. and he planted a branch in each cut inside the tree
2046. then he brought the ropes he had before and tied them all
2047. Kaliván then asked: how this is going to heal the tree?
2048. and Alexander replied: think about it O Kaliván,
2049. the tree bear fruit with its branches like the hands,
2050. thus the first thing would be is to give her hands,
2051. and soon the roots of the branches will connect with it,
2052. and then be part of the mother tree who is young again now
2053. then Kaliván asked: and you think this will fix Jawsamályá?
2054. Alexander replied: I am not sure about it since I never experienced it,
2055. your world, O Kaliván, got things I never saw before,
2056. I can barely accept the idea that there is no sun here!
2057. Kaliván raised an eyebrow and said: sun? what is sun?
2058. but Alexander replied rapidly: nothing, forget it for now,
2059. we have more important matters to think of right now,
2060. how to get Jawsamályá back to its balance as before?
2061. and just when Alexander finished his sentence
2062. some weird breeze started coming out from no where
2063. and Kaliván knelt down and said: kneel Alexander!
2064. and Alexander knelt down and looked up

2065. Alexander did not know what was happening
2066. until he heard the voice that he heard before
2067. and the voice spoke to him: O hero of Caqobia,
2068. you have proved your nobility in the tasks given to you,
2069. thus I shall do what was written in destiny for you,
2070. the air I shall command to be with you,
2071. and the thunder I shall leave by your hands,
2072. the air shall make you walk like a Shágí,
2073. and the thunder shall make your wrath like Khaznútím,
2074. but all of that is yours if you grant me one thing O hero
2075. and Alexander raised his head and asked: what is it?
2076. Aramramátáníth said: they are only used for goodness,
2077. do not use them for personal attitudes or in moments of rage,
2078. I shall be very disappointed if you do so O Alexander,
2079. now Alexander, come near the tree of the valley,
2080. and repeat after me this ritual of healing,
2081. and you shall transfer portions of this brave heart,
2082. to the heart of this tree, that is its Jawsamályá,
2083. after that we can have answers to whatever you have
2084. and Alexander knelt beside the tree
2085. and started to say the ritual after Aramramátáníth
2086. then he felt his spirit being hung in the air
2087. and the tree grew greenish and very alive again
2088. while the heart beats of Alexander increased

2089. Alexander sat down on the grass and was tired
2090. and asked Aramramátáníth: am I allowed to ask?
2091. Aramramátáníth replied: go ahead O warrior of goodness
2092. and Alexander asked his first question
2093. "who are you?"
2094. and the mother of nature replied: I am Aramramátáníth,
2095. I am whom God made to guard the health of the land,
2096. I am the guardian of farms and valleys, meadows and hills
2097. then Alexander asked his second question
2098. "what are you?"
2099. and she replied: I am the Light beyond the sight,
2100. I am the voice of conscious inside everyone's heart,
2101. I am the breeze, I am the wind, I am the storm
2102. then Alexander asked his third question
2103. "what is Mikanazzar?"
2104. and she replied: my fierce enemy on Uhir Daynur,
2105. the bringer of sickness where it goes and comes,
2106. he is the damned one, who seeks not the Mercy
2107. then Alexander asked his fourth question
2108. "why you did not heal the tree yourself?"
2109. and she replied: I was not commanded to do so,
2110. and to heal it, we needed a brave heart,
2111. and to fight Mikanazzar in it, that is dangerous,
2112. thus we were ordered to wait for you, and teach Kaliván

2113. then with a smooth voice the Guardian asked
2114. "continue O hero, any more questions?"
2115. but the hero felt embarrassed and said to her
2116. "yes, one more question from me is left,
2117. where to go now? and what I am doing in this land?"
2118. Aramramátáníth said: your destiny is not in my hand,
2119. but to the Hermit, I believe, you must go from here,
2120. my wind shall carry you there easily, O hero,
2121. and under your command it shall move,
2122. the Hermit has all the answers you need,
2123. this is what I am ordered to do for now
2124. then Alexander agreed and decided to move
2125. and he greeted Kaliván and hugged each other
2126. despite the small size of the small creature
2127. but he carried him by the palm of his hand
2128. then Alexander desired to let his Cadid with Kaliván
2129. to help him with the lands of the valley and the trees
2130. but the Cadid refused to go except with his master
2131. and the wind started to gather under the feet of Alexander
2132. and slowly in the air he was raised with his Cadid
2133. then Aramramátáníth announced the beginning
2134. and the invisible wind moved Alexander and his Cadid
2135. to the west they were going now where the Hermit is
2136. where the hopes of Alexander lied for an end

2137. the wind moved carrying Alexander and his Cadid
2138. it was so fast and Alexander feared to fall down
2139. while his Cadid did not understand much of the events
2140. beautiful scenes they have seen from above
2141. the waters of the Great River, and its greenish banks
2142. while flock of birds were flying beside them all the way
2143. and the Cadid trying to catch them all the time
2144. while there in the sky, Alexander wondered about the sun
2145. and still he could not understand how this world works
2146. then he asked him self "who is this Hermit?"
2147. and he thought it is the same Hermit he saw in Daynur
2148. and while Alexander was swimming in his infinite thoughts
2149. he noticed the lands become darker, huge and close to him
2150. the looks were fierce and he did not know what land is this
2151. he could almost touch the land with his feet or hands
2152. although he was flying so high above the lands
2153. then he heard the soothing voice of Aramramátáníth
2154. "do not be afraid O hero of Caqobia, it is just a mountain,
2155. this is Ramramátallánútá, the Great Mountain, or Avvátallán,
2156. this is the father of all the mountains you have on Daynur,
2157. this is the root of all the hills you have on Daynur,
2158. here, where all the people in Uhir Daynur are buried,
2159. and where the Shanír lies within before the Judgment day"
2160. but Alexander got paralyzed for the view as if he heard nothing

2161. then after the passage over the Avvátallán under him
2162. Alexander saw something like ants on the grounds
2163. the ground was greenish like farms were down there
2164. and Alexander asked: what are those? ants?
2165. the voice of Aramramátáníth appeared with laughter
2166. and this she said to Alexander: no hero, they are beasts,
2167. these are the Jawga Majawga of this world
2168. Alexander got shaken and shocked for the name
2169. and he thought he will never see such creatures
2170. then Aramramátáníth continued: do not worry O hero,
2171. they do not eat the flesh and drink blood like you've seen,
2172. but they eat the pasture and the grass on the lands,
2173. but they are causing problems for farmers and shepherds,
2174. maybe you can stop them O hero like you did in Daynur?
2175. but Alexander disliked the idea in that moment
2176. then he remembered his history of bravery in Daynur
2177. and this he said: but how shall I do that without men?
2178. Aramramátáníth said: I shall try to gather the men for you,
2179. it is one final task for you just before you meet the Hermit,
2180. I shall appreciate your help O hero of Caqobia,
2181. I have no control over these beasts, nor I can kill them,
2182. if you happen to block their way to go in between the valleys,
2183. the soldiers of nature shall I make under your feet
2184. but Alexander kept silent to think about the matter deeply

2185. Alexander memorized all of the moments of horror
2186. how his men died out and some of them were eaten
2187. although these beasts eat the grass only as they say
2188. but their name brings the fear into the hearts of brave ones
2189. and he gazed into the ground and forgot his fears of heights
2190. then this he said: yes, I will, bring me the men and put me down
2191. it was not easy for Alexander to refuse the request
2192. it is a matter of glory and bravery, shame and dishonor
2193. then Alexander was lowered down to the ground on a hill
2194. with his Cadid in a chain which he held in his hand
2195. Aramramátáníth then said: wait here O hero,
2196. I shall gather the farmers from the farms around you,
2197. you stay here until I come back, and do not get closer to them
2198. then Alexander replied: sure I will not! you go and I'll be here,
2199. I need some time to think of a way to do this matter
2200. Aramramátáníth then moved like the breeze over the meadows
2201. and made a blowing sound like the air into a sail
2202. then her sound disappeared slowly in the horizon
2203. and far away she moved, through the valleys
2204. while Alexander sat down with his Cadid on the grass
2205. he gave his Cadid some food from his bag
2206. but he did not feel like eating, and his mind was busy
2207. and his gaze expanded to the greenish horizons
2208. until he finally thought of some idea that might work

2209. a group of people with farming tools stood before Alexander
2210. then one man said: who is that stranger? he does not look like us!
2211. another man said: wait let us see the matter with him,
2212. remember that the Mother called us to gather here
2213. and a heavy silence hovered over the crowds suddenly
2214. while Alexander gazed with his eyes over the farmers
2215. he realized that they are not like the army he had before
2216. so he wondered how useful they can be for the task
2217. then he started to ask: did Aramramá... tell you about me?
2218. one man said: yes, she said you will help us O stranger
2219. Alexander replied: yes, I will try to, with your help,
2220. does anyone here know how to mine for minerals?
2221. one man shouted: we are farmers O stranger, not miners!
2222. and the matter sounded complicated for Alexander
2223. he has to drop the plan and think of a new one
2224. then he asked the farmers: what are you good at?
2225. beside farming and seeding your lands O good people?
2226. then one man said: some of us make clay instruments,
2227. and some of us work with iron and copper
2228. then Alexander wondered: how you get iron and copper?
2229. you just said you do not mine the land for metals!
2230. and the man replied: yes we do not mine at all,
2231. we search in the waters of the rivers near and far,
2232. this is how we make our tools for plowing

2233. then an idea occurred to Alexander immediately
2234. and he thought that teaching the people is better
2235. thus he suggested to them to look for metals in waters
2236. and bring all they can find before him to see it
2237. so the farmers went on to do the task for Alexander
2238. and they brought a huge amount of metals from the rivers
2239. thus Alexander was amazed for so much iron and copper
2240. and wondered how those people drink the waters
2241. yet he remembered that it is not like his world now
2242. and everything weird can be done in this Uhir Daynur
2243. then he ordered the men who can work with metals
2244. to work with iron and copper and mix them together
2245. then he made them make a powder from the alloy
2246. then he ordered the men who work with clay
2247. to mix the powder with the clay paste
2248. then they made up bricks out of the clay
2249. thus when everything was ready to be done
2250. he ordered them to start making a wall around the valley
2251. and advised them to do it quietly during night time
2252. thus the days passed while the men work at night only
2253. until the wall of bricks surrounded the valley
2254. while all the beasts were in the center of the valley
2255. and Alexander worked with them with his own hands
2256. and his work was the double of any man of them

2257. but amid the work on the wall some beasts approached
2258. they realized with their low minds that it is not good
2259. thus they desired to attack Alexander and his men
2260. and the noise had been made all over the valley
2261. thus, other beasts were warned and came to help
2262. and Alexander had no choice but to release the Cadid
2263. thus the Cadid attacked them like a fierce dog
2264. but the beasts kept on coming to Alexander
2265. yet he found no escape from drawing his sword
2266. and started to slash it through them fiercely
2267. then, amid the battle and the blood flushing over
2268. Alexander noticed a rapid moving object beside him
2269. and then he looked upon heads of beasts flying away
2270. he did not know what was going on in the battle field
2271. he thought it was one of the farmers fighting with him
2272. but he forgot this idea since farmers are not good with it
2273. he took a look to the back and saw the men working
2274. so fast they were doing the job and so afraid of the beasts
2275. thus he forgot the idea of a farmer being a warrior
2276. with this thread of thoughts in his mind going on
2277. he kept on watching something amid the beasts
2278. a warrior was walking with him and with his Cadid
2279. it was but moments when Alexander saw the shadow
2280. and with a surprise he shouted: Birbuár?!!!

2281. yet Alexander could not believe his eyes
2282. it was really his old friend Birbuár fighting
2283. Birbuár greeted Alexander with a sign from his hand
2284. and the smile was on his face like it never had been
2285. the three kept on fighting the beasts fiercely
2286. the view of Birbuár pushed Alexander forward
2287. he felt such a comfort now to see his old friend
2288. and his courage was elevated to the extreme
2289. then the men behind him shouted at him
2290. "get out now! we are closing the wall forever!"
2291. thus the three were running in a hurry
2292. while the beasts followed them as well
2293. until they passed the gate of the wall
2294. then the farmers closed the gate firmly
2295. and started to build on it as well to close it
2296. so the beasts will not be able to work on it
2297. while Alexander and his Cadid with Birbuár
2298. helped on sealing the gate with the bricks
2299. while Birbuár climbed up on some tower
2300. and started to throw the stones on the beasts
2301. they were roaring with anger trying to knock the gate
2302. but now it is sealed forever by the help of Alexander
2303. thus the three fighters took some time to rest
2304. while Alexander asked Birbuár about his news

2305. "Birbuár! what a surprise is that!" Alexander said
2306. Birbuár laughed out loud and this he said to Alexander
2307. "yes hero! your news are reaching the horizons!
2308. I finished the tasks of Khaznútím and came to you!"
2309. Alexander asked then: he let you go? just like that?
2310. and Birbuár answered: yes, he realized I am a good man now,
2311. and when he knew I wanted to help you out,
2312. he figured out that it is a noble reason indeed,
2313. thus he allowed me to come here and help,
2314. how shall I forget Alexander the hero of Caqobia?
2315. or how shall I forget the friend who helped me?
2316. then Alexander asked: but you are still a Shágí?
2317. Birbuár said: it is about time for this to change anyway,
2318. I think Khaznútím is considering to let me go as a soul,
2319. thus, no torture shall I have to see anymore!
2320. Alexander then wondered about the change in Birbuár
2321. "you look different Birbuár! your face is not the ugly one,
2322. and your shadow is not that blackish as before!
2323. you changed a lot" Alexander said to Birbuár
2324. Birbuár laughed again and said to Alexander
2325. "yes indeed, this is what happens when you help out,
2326. I discovered nothing is like helping people!
2327. thus, my halo changed slowly into this,
2328. and this is why Khaznútím changed his mind!"

2329. then Birbuár asked Alexander about his news
2330. and he went on telling him everything about the village
2331. until he arrived here in this place to help the farmers
2332. Birbuár then said: you are going for the Hermit?
2333. I heard he is a weird man indeed, but a wise one!
2334. I heard also that his age extends back in time,
2335. so ancient he is that you cannot tell,
2336. yet, his looks are young like time stopped
2337. and what are you going to do there O hero?
2338. Alexander replied: Aramramátáníth told me,
2339. that he might have the answers I need,
2340. he might know what I am doing here,
2341. and how to get back to my lands and the beloved
2342. then Birbuár said: I see you have conquered a Cadid!
2343. how brave are you to capture your own Cadid!
2344. then Alexander replied: believe me my friend,
2345. I did not know what is this until I met Biryári!
2346. fighting him was easy to me, and I wonder for the people!
2347. why they are so afraid of such creatures?
2348. why they cannot just defeat their Cadids by themselves?
2349. then Birbuár said in a calm voice: O good king of Caqobia,
2350. there is so much for you to learn about our world,
2351. your soul is everything for you in here,
2352. and if it is a dark one, then no hope with a Cadid

2353. the two talked for a while and forgot about time
2354. until it was just before the darkness to fall upon them
2355. Birbuár raised and said: it is getting darker O hero,
2356. it is time for me to dwell back to Khaznútím
2357. Alexander asked: where to O brave friend?
2358. Birbuár replied: I must go back before dark,
2359. I promised Khaznútím to get back to him,
2360. I must head to the Big Brother Mountain,
2361. and from there he shall take me to his place
2362. and Alexander asked: and where is his place?
2363. Birbuár answered in a low voice: Ah my friend,
2364. you do not really want to ask all these questions,
2365. I myself do not know where his place is in fact,
2366. it is like something not part of this world by any way,
2367. one time you are here, then suddenly you are in his,
2368. where everything is made of fire, but nothing hurts,
2369. unless you do a mistake or make him angry,
2370. then bear with him whatever it might have to take
2371. Alexander then had a farewell with his friend Birbuár
2372. and the two hugged each other like they will never meet
2373. then it was but a matter of eye blinks from Alexander
2374. and Birbuár was not standing in front of him anymore
2375. he flew away just like a Shágí would always do
2376. free of the physical world and free of bounds

2377. then, the farmers made a celebration for the hero
2378. the night was lighted with torches and three moons
2379. and everyone was happy and merry with laughters
2380. except of one man who was in deep thought ahead
2381. who else it could be except of the poor Alexander
2382. then a farmer whose name was Juvvál approached
2383. and he put a hand on the shoulder of Alexander calmly
2384. Alexander was startled in the beginning and looked back
2385. Juvvál said: calm down O hero! I see you are busy!
2386. the people celebrate for you and you do not join them?
2387. Thus Alexander sighed and looked up to the sky
2388. Juvvál then smiled and said: smile O hero and calm down,
2389. what life is worthy of when we spend every day with worrying?
2390. the burden of the mind do not go by thinking all the time,
2391. but the burden of the mind goes with a laughter,
2392. come O hero and join the singing men for your glory
2393. Alexander smiled back but it was a yellowish smile
2394. and this he said: O good man, it is not easy to be happy,
2395. specially when you are in a dilemma about your existence,
2396. who am I? what I am doing in here? I cannot know myself!
2397. I lost the track of time in here, no days no years,
2398. can you tell me O good man what is the purpose of life?
2399. can you tell me O good man what is my destination?
2400. and Alexander's speech was over with heavy silence

2401. Juvvál brought a stool and sat beside the hero
2402. and with a soft and slow voice he started his speech
2403. "O hero, why do you like to make things harder for you?
2404. life is life, everyone has a matter in it by every single day,
2405. see those merry men, they work by day so hardly,
2406. and by night they sleep happily for what they have done,
2407. life does not matter if you have faith in God,
2408. because you will always know that He has His ways,
2409. and from His ways, the wisdom comes to you and guide you,
2410. tell me O hero, where are you from? Your name is weird to me!"
2411. thus Alexander went on explaining the story of his life on Daynur
2412. and how he became a dweller in the lands of Uhir Daynur
2413. it is then when Juvvál said: it is a great matter indeed!
2414. it is the Hermit then you are seeking in this place,
2415. no one from the farmers dares to go to the place of the Hermit,
2416. it is dark even in midday, and beasts roam all over the place!
2417. but I presume you have no problem with that with your Cadid!
2418. then Alexander said: and how to reach that place?
2419. then Juvvál extended his arm and pointed to a tip
2420. the tip of the mount was like if it covered one moon
2421. and the bluish halo surrounded its tip like a saint
2422. thus Alexander said: is it there what I am seeking?
2423. Juvvál answered: yes, your Hermit lives there on the top,
2424. in a place so to be called, the House of the Hermit

2425. Juvvál held the hands of Alexander gently then
2426. and he grabbed Alexander with him slowly
2427. and this he said to Alexander: and now, you must smile
2428. and the group of farmers made a circle all around him
2429. and all of them made a dance in unique movements
2430. just like a flock of birds in the skies fly freely
2431. thus Alexander could not help but to smile
2432. he felt the joy inside his heart, something he lost
2433. it had been a long time since he felt such a joy
2434. and the hours of the night passed easily then
2435. and everyone fell asleep, and Alexander as well
2436. by the next morning then Alexander raised up
2437. he looked around by everyone was up before him
2438. and the farmers were digging the lands and planting
2439. then Juvvál approached Alexander and greeted him
2440. and with a smile he said: Aramramátáníth is waiting,
2441. she ordered me to tell you to go to the Well of Truth,
2442. where our judges and trials all are done over there
2443. thus Alexander got ready and prepared himself
2444. and to the Well of Truth he went in a hurry
2445. he walked behind Juvvál and wished to race him
2446. but kept in his tracks because he does not know the way
2447. until he found himself in that greenish spot
2448. where the elders were sitting and waiting for him

2449. Alexander advanced into the place and greeted
2450. then the elders greeted him with great respect
2451. they stoop up before him, and approached him
2452. and shook their hands together with him
2453. then one elder said: O hero of Caqobia,
2454. we know by now, from the Good Aramramátáníth,
2455. we know your story and how you ended up here,
2456. thus we are ordered to supply you with your needs,
2457. and it is our wishes to see you among us,
2458. just like one of us, or even a king for us,
2459. but your destiny is of great importance,
2460. but before you go on your destined way,
2461. allow us to give you one thing to remember us
2462. Alexander was embarrassed for such greetings
2463. thus he looked down and his tongue did not go
2464. then another elder approached with a crown
2465. and put the lustrous crown over the hero's head
2466. then one elder said: thus, we announce you a king,
2467. our king, our protector, our ruler, our savior
2468. then Alexander tried to talk with hardship
2469. and this he said: but O good people of the farms,
2470. I am soon to be out of here for my life,
2471. I cannot be the king over you right now,
2472. because my life is not mine anymore

2473. one elder then replied back to Alexander and said
2474. "we know O hero, we know everything about you,
2475. but this is a crown to make you remember us forever,
2476. and to make us remember you forever as well,
2477. a man who helps people, deserves to be their leader"
2478. another elder said: from this way O our king,
2479. Aramramátáníth, the Good, is waiting there
2480. thus, Alexander walked behind the old man
2481. between some trees and bushes so greenish
2482. until he stood upon a land of grass in the middle
2483. and he felt the air coming out from under his feet
2484. and slowly slowly he was raised up in the air
2485. while everyone was watching him going up in the air
2489. and everyone was waving for him before his leave
2490. and he waved back at them and a tear fell down
2491. for he missed his people in Caqobia on Daynur
2492. and the goodness of the farmers moved his heart
2493. and the thoughts raced in his mind again
2494. whether shall he see his people again or not
2495. and Aramramátáníth had spoken and said
2496. "the place of great men O Alexander, is not the ground"

2497. Alexander thought for some minutes about it
2498. and he thought about the ground that she meant
2499. until they passed over a dark land with dead trees
2500. so harsh and lonely it was that Alexander's heart jumped
2501. then he asked: is this the land of the promised Hermit?
2502. and Aramramátáníth answered: yes indeed it is,
2503. but the time to see him is not due yet at this hour,
2504. the night must fall and a moon must rise upon the mount
2505. it is then when you can see your promised man,
2506. because he spends his days in worshipping,
2507. while at night time he takes a rest for his body
2508. Alexander asked then: and why his land is so dark?
2509. it gives the scent of sadness into the soul of a human!
2510. then Aramramátáníth answered: do not blame the man,
2511. verily he is a lonely old man in this spot of Uhir Daynur,
2512. his arms are his companions and his legs are his carriers,
2513. he eats the plants of the desert and barely brings water,
2514. in this dry land only wild animals live and fight,
2515. this is the Hermit's life in Uhir Daynur, poor man
2516. then Alexander asked: but why he has to live here?
2517. I am sure there are plenty of places in this life
2518. thus Aramramátáníth answered: O dear Alexander,
2519. you should know by now that there are some people,
2520. devoted themselves for nothing but to God

2521. then Aramramátáníth lowered Alexander down
2522. somewhere near a cave at the base of a mount
2523. and this she said to him: when it is the night time,
2524. climb up this mountain to its tip above the clouds,
2525. and there your promised man shall be in his cave
2526. then Alexander wondered: all that distance? by night?
2527. I surely cannot make it in such a short time of the night!
2528. thus she replied: use your Cadid, he knows the way there,
2529. now Alexander, I have to leave, as my role is over with you
2530. thus Alexander greeted her with respect and waved in the air
2531. and the sounds of air started to tickle his ears gently
2532. then soon everything went into heavy silence
2533. Alexander then looked at his Cadid and said this
2534. "are you the one who will carry me over there?"
2535. the Cadid then moaned and groaned in such a way
2536. thus Alexander understood the answer as to be "yes"
2537. then Alexander called his Cadid to go on hunting
2538. for they needed some food to cope with this aridity
2539. but the two went on circles between the dry trees
2540. and no food they could find anywhere around them
2541. thus they started to cut down some branches and bark
2542. and tried to get some water out of them and drink
2543. then they ate what is left of those branches and barks
2544. they were so bitter for their tongues but no other way

2545. the food and water they had did not satisfy Alexander
2546. and the day seemed longer than it seems in reality
2547. while their stomaches started to groan loudly
2548. and Alexander felt his body's weakness severely
2549. but his Cadid went on trying to catch something
2550. but the land was so dry and no hopes for survival
2551. then Alexander gazed upon the clear blue sky
2552. and he prayed to God, his savior and the Giver
2553. then Alexander fainted because of the weakness
2554. and he closed his eyes and gave his soul to God's mercy
2555. some time passed which Alexander did not count
2556. and he suddenly felt a cold touch upon his cheek
2557. thus he opened his eyes and gazed into heaven
2558. and he saw the miracle of God in front of his eyes
2559. the sky was raining like it never did in centuries
2560. while the green cover was growing with every drop
2561. thus he knelt down and praised God, Almighty
2562. while his Cadid was running like if he was dancing
2563. it was raining for a short time but all the green came out
2564. and the trees riped again and carried different food
2565. thus Alexander started to gather the food and water
2566. while his Cadid was helping him with a happy face
2567. thus everything was prepared and supplies were taken
2568. and the two had some rest until the arrival of the night

2569. then the night arrived with its three moons in heaven
2570. and Alexander opened his eyes to see his Cadid awaiting
2571. the Cadid was looking fierce like he did not sleep at all
2572. Alexander raised up and cleaned himself then washed
2573. while the Cadid prepared his back for the ride
2574. then Alexander raised upon the back of the Cadid
2575. and the Cadid started to climb like if Alexander is a feather
2576. he jumped between the rocks and climbed up the mount
2577. while Alexander closed his eyes for his fear of heights
2578. but he was amazed for such power and endurance
2579. and in their way up, something black was there
2580. it was hanging from the rocks but moves slowly
2581. but it was out of sudden when Alexander heard a shout
2582. and this black thing grew big in a shape of a bat
2583. then it started to hover around Alexander's head
2584. the Cadid started to groan with anger and reddish eyes
2585. and the fight started between the two in the air
2586. while Alexander started to say his prayers ahead
2587. the Cadid was injured severely by that creature
2588. and Alexander could not try anything to protect him
2589. but with some courage in his heart he raised Charnagút
2590. and started to wave it into the air with one hand
2591. then he felt the hot blood splashing over his face
2592. and the shouts of the black creature announced his death

2593. the Cadid then climbed up the mount with a heavy body
2594. his body was injured severely by the claws of the creature
2595. but with hard moves the Cadid reached the top of the mount
2596. and he lied on the ground moaning and groaning with pain
2597. Alexander then started to try to cure his injuries
2598. he cut some pieces of his garments and tied the injuries
2599. then he got out a vessel and made the Cadid drink water
2600. it was dark and Alexander could hardly see around him
2601. except of some cave with yellowish flame out of it
2602. Alexander approached the cave trying to seek help
2603. after some steps forward he heard something at his back
2604. he looked back to see an old man with a long beard
2605. he was standing over the Cadid and covering his head
2606. his face was not obvious by the hood but only his beard
2607. he stood beside the head of the Cadid and stared at him
2608. then knelt down on his body while Alexander was watching
2609. the old men then started to pass his hands over the Cadid
2610. and the cuts into the Cadid's body started to weld completely
2611. Alexander with a slow and calm voice did say then
2612. "the Hermit?" he said
2613. the old man said: yes, O good man, and who are you?
2614. no man visited me in this deserted place for centuries
2615. Alexander replied: I am Alexander, the king of Caqobia
2616. and the man remained still staring closely at Alexander

2617. Alexander felt something weird inside his heart
2618. something was telling him that he knew this man
2619. then Alexander asked: O good man, what are you looking at?
2620. the old man then said: how wondrous is God's promise,
2621. here finally I see you beside me O promised man of Caqobia
2622. Alexander replied: then you know about my story I believe?
2623. yes I do, it is something foretold in the old books that I kept,
2624. everything in them is kept in this heart inside me,
2625. and I can tell you now, you are in your final place O dear
2626. Alexander said with a surprise: final place? what does that mean?
2627. the Hermit replied: the end of your endless journey,
2628. the answer to your questions about your existence,
2629. all, shall be revealed, here, to you O promised one
2630. Alexander with a surprise said then: promised one?
2631. why do you keep calling me with this name O good man?
2632. what promise is that and what am I doing in this land?
2633. the Hermit then said: take it easy on the old man O dear,
2634. carry your Cadid and get into my cave for now,
2635. for the clouds are up here might rain soon
2636. thus Alexander carried his Cadid on his shoulders
2637. while thousands of thoughts were going on his mind
2638. and he thinks now if this journey is over at this point
2639. what shall be next after this long tiresome journey?
2640. until the old man said to Alexander: eat O dear

2641. Alexander started to eat some herbs in front of him
2642. but their taste was more delicious than meat and fruit
2643. and Alexander filled satisfied and no more hunger he had
2644. thus he asked the Hermit: what are those herbs O good man?
2645. in my whole life I never tasted something like that!
2646. the old man then smiled gently and said to Alexander
2647. "this is the food of the humble and worshipers,
2648. the more you forget yourself and remember the One,
2649. the more He shall feed you and satisfy you dear"
2650. Alexander soon became satisfied and not hungry anymore
2651. then this he said: tell me O Hermit all what you know,
2652. why am I here and what I am supposed to know?
2653. I have been told that you have all the answers!
2654. the Hermit then smiled calmly and this he said
2655. "verily I know what others do not, O dear,
2656. but tell me first, do you know who you are?"
2657. Alexander stared in a strange way for this question
2658. and this he said: yes! of course I do know!
2659. but the old man replied: tell me your name then
2660. Alexander said: weird of you to ask me this!
2661. did you not say you know everything?
2662. who is seeking the help of the other now?
2663. the Hermit smiled back and this he said to Alexander
2664. "the infinite problem of mankind, impatience"

2665. Alexander then stopped for a moment and felt guilty
2666. for he was not supposed to rush in a hurry with questions
2667. then he started to say: I am Alexander, the son of Pilippánút,
2668. the king of Caqobia and Caqobians, and the conqueror of Daynur
2669. the Hermit then asked: and what is the name of your grandfather?
2670. Alexander was shocked and said: my grandfather?!
2671. it is weird that I do not know his name at all!
2672. my father never revealed the name to me nor I asked also!
2673. the Hermit smiled and said: but I know his name,
2674. and the names of your ancestors as well
2675. Alexander was amazed for the argument and this he said
2676. "but why it is important to know their names?"
2677. the Hermit said: you are here to know the truth,
2678. the truth of everything and how all this started,
2679. and to know everything, one must know himself"
2680. Alexander then pointed to the Hermit to continue
2681. and the Hermit started on telling the fathers of Alexander
2682. and this he said: you are, Alexander, the son of Pilippánút,
2683. the son of Faklús, the son of Targhus, the son of Sinikdís,
2684. the son of Asjád, the son of Jafrí, the son of Agdalán
2685. then Alexander asked: some names do not sound Caqobian!
2686. and the old man said: yes indeed O dear, they are not,
2687. because you are from an Ayvar root living among Caqobians
2688. Alexander was shocked and felt the world is rotating then

2689. Alexander put his hand on the floor to keep his body up
2690. then the old man said with a smile: this is not everything dear
2691. and Alexander raised his heavy head up and gazed up
2692. he was waiting for more of the shocking news from the Hermit
2693. thus he did ask: and what else is there to be told O old man?
2694. the old man was so calm and with a gentle smile on his face
2695. and this he did say to Alexander: I am Agdalán
2696. the news were so tough for Alexander and he fainted
2697. time passed before he can open his eyes again
2698. he looked left and right and he saw the old man again
2699. and he could not hold his tears in his eyes anymore
2700. thus the tears gushed out and he shouted out loud
2701. he went hysterical and could not comprehend anymore
2702. then the old man approached him with a cup of a drink
2703. Alexander was looking at the old man with thoughtless eyes
2704. he did not know what is going on around him anymore
2705. thus the old man helped him to hold the cup and drink
2706. it was few minutes until he could gather his powers back
2707. then he said to the old man: what is going in this world?
2708. how come you are what you are for me? impossible!
2709. the old man then calmed Alexander down with a pat
2710. and this he said: calm down O son, and listen to me,
2711. by now, should not be surprised by the miracles in life,
2712. my story is long and ancient, as old as time itself is

2713. and Alexander awaited for the words from Agdalán
2714. thus Agdalán started his speech: listen O good king,
2715. it is the time when everything should over and finish,
2716. for my life for now, until the day of the great judgment,
2717. tell me O Alexander, do you know how everything started?
2718. Alexander replied with a weak voice: no knowledge I have
2719. and Agdalán went on saying: In the beginning was the mind,
2720. from the mind the lights were created,
2721. then God commanded the mind,
2722. go! He said, and so the mind went
2723. come! He said then, and so the mind did
2724. thus, God announced the Mind His beloved
2725. thus, He shall judge by it and command,
2726. and by it He shall reward and punish,
2727. thus by glance of the light of the Mind,
2728. He made a burning sun, and a ground,
2729. He called the sun as Sun, and the ground as Earth,
2730. thus He started the life with the bless of fourteen lights,
2731. and He made various peoples to meet each other,
2732. and among those people there was the Ayvar,
2733. a man who conquered and ruled over the world,
2734. and he called the world as Daynur as he wished,
2735. while people lived in wisdom and riches in his time,
2736. until the time had come for him to die, like everyone

2737. Agdalán stopped talking for a moment
2738. and Alexander was gazing and waiting for more
2739. for one moment he thought Agdalán is talking about him
2740. then Agdalán continued his tale for Alexander and said
2741. "Powerful the Ayvar were, and conquered all over Daynur,
2742. but sooner forgot the ways of God and His straight path,
2743. and the just vanished from their lands and their hearts,
2744. while the children of the Ayvar started to tear the lands,
2745. fierce was the fight and barely spared anyone alive,
2746. green lands turned into deserts and mountains into plains,
2747. while the faithful of the Ayvars themselves were hiding,
2748. no place they could find to spare their lives in that madness,
2749. thus, in the middle of the month of Marúc in one year,
2750. all the faithful made a line for prayer to save their souls,
2751. some say it was the in desert of Qafra,
2752. and some say it was in Kakh and Milikakh mounts,
2753. it is then when all started to change by the grace of God,
2754. when the evil was wiped out all over the lands,
2755. and the faithful of the Ayvars moved to Uhir Daynur,
2756. a place within the Earth of Daynur, but not in it,
2757. some where in between the visible and the dream,
2758. and God started the life again over Daynur,
2759. with various tribes and nations, nomads and kingdoms,
2760. and some good Ayvars, He blessed, to be among them"

2761. thus Alexander asked: why some good Ayvars were chosen?
2762. Agdalán replied: to teach the new creation about God,
2763. and some of them followed the Ayvars and some did not,
2764. but they did not involve in fierce battles like the Ayvars,
2765. thus, the descendants of the Ayvars spread again on Daynur,
2766. but this time within the tribes, south and north of Daynur,
2767. and soon they forgot all about their lives and their faith,
2768. and thus the connection was cut between this world and them
2769. Alexander asked then: and where do I come in all of this?
2770. and why my Charnagút is so important for the matter?
2771. Agdalán smiled and said: before I answer this, come with me,
2772. I will show you something you need to see for now
2773. and the two walked side by side until they reached a wall,
2774. it was the end of the large cave they were sitting in
2775. there were some holes in the wall with random sizes
2776. then Agdalán said: come O dear and put the Charnagút,
2777. thus this wall shall open for you with all its contents
2778. Alexander was surprised and he put the Charnagút in
2779. and with some movements he made with his hands
2780. the wall was wide open like a gate made of rock
2781. but the place was dark and Alexander barely saw a thing
2782. thus Agdalán brought a torch and enlightened the place
2783. and soon the fire got into some torches on the wall rapidly
2784. and the eyes of Alexander opened so wide for what he saw

2785. he saw huge collections of books and papers
2786. time forgot about such objects long ago
2787. and the dust filled the air with the smell of history
2788. Alexander with a surprise said: what are all of those?
2789. Agdalán answered: these are records of history,
2790. history that expands for thousands of years before you,
2791. everything people made and everything they invented,
2792. every move they and every battle was made, all here
2793. Alexander said with a surprised tone: should I read it all?!
2794. Agdalán giggled a bit and said: no my dear, this is to see,
2795. your Charnagút was the key to all of this history,
2796. a history that will one day be spread again on Daynur,
2797. when the people and the the tribes are ready for it,
2798. your sword is the key to this history, assigned by the fathers,
2799. the sword had been moving from hand to hand,
2800. father to son, from son to a grand son, until you come,
2801. your time was a time when Ayvars got mixed with others,
2802. and thus you became a Caqobian, but with an Ayvar blood,
2803. you are the answer for the prayers of my fathers and myself,
2804. that one man from our lineage will unite Daynur again and do good,
2805. thus, God answered the prayers and now you are here to see,
2806. your own history and why you are here my dear,
2807. and for your own goodness, these secrets are for you now,
2808. you can do whatever you like to do with them now

2809. Alexander walked around the place slowly and gazed
2810. he saw many pillars of books and papers in every corner
2811. and with the smell if history in his nose, he remembered the time
2812. thus he asked: tell me O good old man, if you know everything,
2813. how long then I have been in this world since I left Daynur?
2814. Agdalán answered: verily I know how long did it take until now,
2815. for you it was a matter of some days to go around this world,
2816. but now over the lands of Daynur, one hundred winters passed
2817. the bones of Alexander were shaken for such time passing
2818. even though his shape did not change and did not get old
2819. but he asked Agdalán: how come?! this is impossible to be!
2820. Agdalán calmed down Alexander and said: yes, it is possible,
2821. do not count the time you go by on Daynur as it is here dear,
2822. your time belongs to you and here we have our own time,
2823. life goes so slow in this world my son, not a fast as you have up there
2824. then Alexander was saddened for this fact and knelt down
2825. and with a flash of memory into his mind he remembered all
2826. he remembered the old days and the wars and the glory
2827. then Agdalán torn off the silence and said: come my son and see
2828. Alexander approached Agdalán slowly to see something
2829. and there was this mirror that stood in the darkness
2830. her luster catches the eye amid the darkness of the books
2831. and Agdalán said: you will see now how life evolves now,
2832. thus, be brave my son and do not be desperate for now

2833. Alexander stared at the mirror curiously and carefully
2834. then Agdalán touched the mirror gently with his fingers
2835. and the image on the mirror changed slowly and faded
2836. then new images started to come over the mirror slowly
2837. fierce, violence, blood, all was fast in the eyes of Alexander
2838. he raised his voice and asked Agdalán: what is that?!
2839. Agdalán remained silent and did not answer directly
2840. the images continued to show up and massacres appeared
2841. old people, children, women, all are the same under the sword
2842. Alexander then yelled: AGDALÁN! what is going on?!
2843. Agdalán answered slowly: what you see is Daynur now,
2844. this is what has been happening since you left them,
2845. one hundred years of scattering and painful memories,
2846. your generals divided the lands among themselves,
2847. then fought against each other to take up more and more,
2848. and no one to take care of these people now as you see,
2849. you can see that the human greed has no limitations
2850. Alexander then shouted: and Hoshea? what about it?!
2851. Agdalán touched the mirror again and the image changed
2852. it shows now the image of Hoshea after he left his men there
2853. destruction, massacres, and the great wall is knocked down
2854. all are done by the hands of his one hundred loyal followers
2855. thus Alexander struck his forehead so hard with his palm
2856. and this he said: woe to you, O mischievous Alexander!

2857. Alexander fell on his knees to the ground with no power
2858. the melancholy attacked him severely for the deeds of his men
2859. Agdalán passed his hand over his head like a father does
2860. and this he said to Alexander: raise up O dear, you did it
2861. Alexander looked up to Agdalán with heavy eyes and said
2862. "all what I did is mischief across the lands and wars,
2863. I wandered this world to let people know God,
2864. but then I found out that my loyals did not know Him"
2865. Agdalán smiled and said: but you did the commands already,
2866. you should be proud for you happen to do what none done,
2867. if people are to be judged for the mistakes of other people,
2868. or if the son should be judged for the sin of his father,
2869. and the daughter would be stoned for a sin from her mother,
2870. if all of that was to hold true and a law for life,
2871. then who shall be living on Daynur, or Uhir Daynur?
2872. Alexander then stood up again with hard movement
2873. he felt no power in his body to do anything he desires
2874. then Agdalán said: go and take care of your Cadid,
2875. we will talk about some of the matters later on dear
2876. thus Alexander went to check his Cadid who got better
2877. he passed his hand over the head of the horned Cadid
2878. and while doing so, he sang a song he learned from his mother
2879. then this he said: now my friend, no one is out there,
2880. but a tired man like me, and a loyal Cadid like you

2881. Agdalán then made a meal for the Cadid and Alexander
2882. and Alexander said: should I call you grandfather now?
2883. Agdalán replied with a happy smile: I like this name,
2884. but, you are better to call me with my name, Agdalán,
2885. this is how people went calling me, for long time now,
2886. but tell me O hero of Caqobia, what shall you do now?
2887. Alexander sighed and had a deep breath and then said
2888. "I am quite disappointed for all the trust I had in those,
2889. they were verily not a place to put my trust at all,
2890. and even the peaceful land of Hoshea was not spared,
2891. thus, I decided to make myself start a new life in here,
2892. far away from all the deceit and hypocrisy in Daynur
2893. Agdalán asked then: but what will you be doing here?
2894. Alexander said: I've seen various people in here,
2895. the craftsman, the farmer, the good and the bad,
2896. it might not be so hard to learn something and do,
2897. this world of Uhir Daynur still amazes me a lot,
2898. and I think I have to go on to explore it more,
2899. thus, my life shall be that of a rover on the lands
2900. Agdalán then said: it is a hard life that you chose,
2901. although you can be a farmer in some land below
2902. Alexander then sighed and said: it is a hard one indeed,
2903. but what is harder O my dear grandfather, Agdalán,
2904. living like this, or see your trust being crushed?

2905. the two had a meal with the Cadid to their side
2906. and talked about history and matters of the past
2907. after the pass of time Agdalán looked into the sky
2908. and this he said: O dear Alexander, you better rest now,
2909. the morning shall tear the sky so soon and you did not rest,
2910. have a nap, as well as your Cadid, and we shall talk later
2911. it was but a hard night for Alexander with dreams
2912. memories, the good and the bad, were chasing after him
2913. until he opened his eyes with a glimpse of light into the eyes
2914. and he stared hardly from a distance, and saw his Cadid
2915. his Cadid was helping the old man pick up some herbs
2916. he raised up and reached the old man and said
2917. "what are you doing O good Agdalán?"
2918. Agdalán replied: my daily work dear, gathering herbs,
2919. this is my food, and your food with your Cadid as well"
2920. Alexander smiled and said: you do not have to take it all,
2921. I shall be leaving this cave and go down to the plains"
2922. Agdalán said: yes, you will... but until then you are my guest
2923. Alexander went on collecting the herbs with them
2924. while Agdalán instructed him to get the good herbs
2925. just like how father would teach his own son
2926. and the two prepared the food together after a long day
2927. while the Cadid tried to catch some of the little birds
2928. then all sat together to have their daily meal of herbs

2929. it was then some moments later after the meal is over
2930. Alexander noticed that the old man was in deep thought
2931. thus he said: what is wrong O great grandfather?
2932. your mind seems quite busy as it seems, is not it?
2933. and Agdalán replied: yes, my dear, it is indeed busy,
2934. I am thinking of your ways after you leave this place,
2935. and I think the time has come to give you something
2936. and Alexander asked: and what is that O father?
2937. Agdalán raised up and went to some old wooden chest
2938. and he opened the chest with some large old key
2939. the sound of the metals in the chest were out loud
2940. testifying for the age of this old chest and its history
2941. Agdalán picked something from the chest and closed it
2942. he approached Alexander and opened his palm in his face
2943. the palm of the old man had some weird metals in it
2944. small pieces were they but shiny like the diamonds
2945. Alexander looked with surprise and said: what is it?
2946. Agdalán replied: these are what we call Kalfúd Sámith,
2947. it is the remains of an old stone that came down from Heaven,
2948. they are more precious than gold itself or silver,
2949. this is the inheritance of my fathers, it is for you now,
2950. take it and make a living by them for now for you need them,
2951. since you have no source of living in this world by now,
2952. and I do not want to see you wander as a nomad

2953. Alexander took the stones with some tears in the eyes
2954. he felt the passion of the father that he missed long ago
2955. then he said: it is verily hard for me to give up those stones,
2956. but I shall keep them with me until the day I am not here anymore,
2957. and if I was to live as a nomad, this is how my life had been now,
2958. no burdens in the heart and no worries for tomorrow
2959. then Alexander put the bluish stones in his small pouch
2960. Agdalán then let go of a deep sigh from his lungs
2961. he then moved to the chest again and took out a garment
2962. it was bright and shiny garment made of the finest threads
2963. as if it was woven by gold and the sun light and mixed with silver
2964. he gave the garment to Alexander and this he said to him
2965. "take of these old garments now and wear this one O son,
2966. you are better having a better look among the people,
2967. for you are a son of nobles, and you are my great son"
2968. Alexander then changed his garments and washed his hands
2969. and Agdalán then helped him wash his head and hair
2970. then Alexander felt strong back again and ready
2971. he felt that he can face the whole world alone by now
2972. then Agdalán said to him: go down, dear, for now,
2973. and get back to the farmers and Juvvál, my assistant,
2974. let him teach you how to plant the lands and live,
2975. and now it is the time for me to give up my life I guess
2976. Alexander did not get surprised by all of this anyhow

2977. Alexander hugged Agdalán tightly with tears in the eyes
2978. and he moved out with his Cadid back to Juvvál the farmer
2979. after careful landing from the top of the mountain to the base
2980. he saw Juvvál with his old friend, Birbuár, waiting with a smile
2981. and Alexander knew that the mercy of God was around
2982. in every step and every event, and in every battle he fought
2983. and the three went on and made up a farm land for Alexander
2984. while Agdalán covered himself with sands to the neck
2985. it was but moments when he gave up his soul to Heaven
2986. his heart was satisfied after the view of his great son, Alexander
2987. and days passed in the lands of Uhir Daynur, good and bad
2988. until it was the day when Alexander felt his end is near
2989. thus he gathered his children and grand children around him
2990. he gave his finals words to them and advised them
2991. and made a will for them, and asked them to be buried in Daynur
2992. for with the time passage he knew how to get back there
2993. but he never did, because all his beloved are now in Uhir Daynur
2994. thus, Alexander gave up his soul soon after his final words
2995. and his grand children took his body within a tomb to Daynur
2996. and there, some where, on the mounts of Dragon's Backbone
2997. far away, out of Caqubdarius, that was in ruins by that time
2998. they buried him and put pillars around his grave with no name
2999. and these are the lines and the story of Alexander, the hero of Caqobia
3000. as told and written by, Mituharnun bir Agdalán bir Alexander, the hero
© Copyright 2010 SeanFear (seanfear at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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