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by Killik
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The Beginning...and The End
What once was..will never be.
I put my whole being into this relationship.
I gave my heart, body, and soul to you.

All I got was emptiness, lies and broken promises.

Why did I put my faith into you?
Why did you hurt me so bad?

I tried to make it work, tried to love you the way you wanted me to..but alas, my heart and very being fell short.

To you, I was nothing more than a body, subject to our lustful and materialistic desires.

I had no sense of self, no guidance, my very Person had been deleted to suit your carnalist desires.

Will I ever find true love?
Most importantly, am I even capable of loving anyone else?
Will I ever measure up to my future partner's standards

We can never be together.
We can never be of One Flesh
Our love for each other vanished like a thief in the night.
Our Bond severed like a limb.

What once was...what could've been...will never be.
A fleeting moment of happiness, gone like a flash in the pan.

The Death Knell has sounded, we are no longer one
The Death Knell has sounded, we are no more
The Death Knell has sounded, nothingness is my reward.
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