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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Young Adult · #1667756
Various stories of different teens and young adults in a town during the summer
This is a rough draft of part of the first act.

Act I Scene I
Lights are off then rise to where they are up but not really bright. The characters are portraying that it’s dark. Jonathan leads Sammy by the hand and guides her.

Jonathan: We’re almost there. Are your eyes closed?

Sammy: Yes, although I know where we’re going. Besides, the place is pitch black anyways. I couldn’t see anything even if I wanted to.

Jonathan: Still. Okay, we’re here. Open your eyes.

There’s a basket with two cups and cans of pop and a blanket on the ground. They sit down on the blanket.

Sammy: Aww, what’s all this?

Jonathan: Just wanted to add something special to your last work day on the play.

Sammy: Thanks. That’s really sweet.

Jonathan: (pours a glass for him and Sammy) One for you. And one for me. There we go. Cheers. (They miss glasses and Sammy laughs. Jonathan cuddles up to Sammy)
Remember the first time we snuck back to this hallway? We were working on the set construction for the musical, Annie.

Sammy: I know. We had only been dating, what, two months? Maybe three months. Everyone else was building the set or adjusting lights on stage. No one even noticed we left.

Jonathan: I’ve always hated work days for the plays. They’re always so early and take up a whole Saturday.

Sammy: Thank God this is my last one.

Jonathan: Hey, they haven’t been that bad. We’ve always had our hide out at least.

Sammy: What are you going to do next year without me here?

Jonathan: I don’t know, maybe I’ll actually work on the set.

Sammy: Ha. Won’t that be a sight?

They both sit and drink.

Jonathan: I can’t believe you’re graduating next week.

Sammy: I know. This past semester has gone so quickly. Prom and graduation have kind just, snuck up on me, I guess.

Jonathan: Excited though?

Sammy: Yeah, yeah, I guess. I’ve been waiting eighteen years for this but for some reason I’m just not that excited.

Jonathan: But just think, next year you’ll be in college and…

Sammy: Can we not talk about college right now?

Jonathan: Why not? It’s exciting.

Sammy: I’m not in the mood.

Jonathan: Come on, you’ll be going to school with your friends and we can see each other since it’s only like, two miles away from my house. And then I’ll be going there with you the following year and…

Sammy: Just stop it, okay?! I can’t take this right now.


Jonathan: You know, every time I mention college, you get mad. Or pretend like you have to get off the phone or get home or whatever it is. Or what’s worse is when you just sit there, silent, and won’t even let me put my arm around you or you pull away when I try to hold your hand. You used to be enthusiastic about next fall. Remember last January? We were sitting by your fireplace. You were reading about the dorms and about all the groups you wanted to join. Every thing has changed.

Sammy: (sighs) Jonathan, please, nothing’s changed.

Jonathan: Everything’s changed. We used to go on dates every Friday. We used to talk to each other every night on the phone.

Sammy: Just because we aren’t always attached at the hip doesn’t mean that the core of us has changed.

Jonathan: But I don’t understand why we’ve changed. We use to spend every waking moment being with each other or talking to each other for two years. And then ever since March you’ve became distant. Why? I’ve reached out to you and you push me away. I’ve tried doing nice things, little small things, even like this. But you ruin every sweet thing I do for you. Why, damn it?

Sammy: Stop. I don’t want to do this now.
Jonathan: Why, Sammy? Because you’re too much of a coward to just tell me that you don’t love me anymore?

Sammy: No! That’s not it!

Jonathan: Then what the hell is it?


Sammy: (sighs) I’m going to school in Connecticut.

Jonathan: What? When? When did you decide that?

Sammy: The middle of March.

Jonathan: But I thought you were going to go to the University of Colorado.

Sammy: I was. I mean, I was planning to. I applied to this art school out in Connecticut, never really thought I’d get in. And then I got an acceptance letter. I sat in my room, pacing, crying, trying to figure out what to do. On one hand, I had Colorado, safe and predictable Colorado. But it had you. And damn it, if it weren’t for you, I would have packed my bags for Connecticut the second I got my acceptance letter. But no, I stayed in my room and actually debated if Connecticut was the right choice. Not because of the programs or the distance or even how tiny the dorms are. You were the only thing holding me back.
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