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by megha
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Stands for every existing being,unknown yet within one's own realm,touches every moment.

Lets start from being ourselves. We know ourselves right? How much? Do we know every thing of our selves? Not really. Then lets start knowing ourselves.

The face of truth is covered by a golden lid. The golden lid is the world; created by the mind, and only removed by consciousness.

World is always there and it is not.

World is an appearance rather than reality.

Mind is playing the game. And the game is you. You’re the witness, the victim of the game. The equation of life falls in the game of mind. The world moves according to the rules of mind. Mind is the power, that moves the matter and driven by consciousness.
To know the real, the ultimate reality, what is beyond every thing ; one need to know one’s own self.
The world is moving in its own space, pace and according to some rules. Everything is happening. Man doing his own things; still he is the same man, according to the rule of the universe; he going to die. From something; he is going to be nothing. From existence to non-existence. If he is happy doing things; eating, sleeping, entertaining himself, no need to say anything. If he want to know why he is doing all these things and to know the very truth; he need to go through this. Whatever he is doing or not still he can’t do anything about the fact that he going to become non-existence sometime now.

Every moment one must indulge in some kind of activity. Every moment you are occupied with something. The mind is always at work. One cannot stop himself for a moment without doing absolutely nothing. Pause yourself for a moment and see the truth.

World is a state of Mind.

The body and the senses only work when the mind makes it to work, otherwise it has neither the power nor the capability to work. As the brain is inside the body; it also never works unless Mind allows it to work. It is only a organic system that only stores experiences.
Whenever we are conscious about some thing; then Mind makes it reachable for us and when we are unconscious over it; Mind takes it away from us.

Whenever we cannot bear something, then a state of Mind arises, we know as anger that makes things, people and the world quite unbearable to us. When we are happy; things seems pleasant to us. When we are sad; the same things seems worthless. Whenever we are cheerful things seems full of life and when we are depressed everything seems lifeless. Whenever we are afraid of something; surrounding looks so scary.

The very world seems different to us in different state of Minds. In whichever state of Mind you are; Mind makes it to the world. Whatever in Mind, the world looks like that. Nevertheless to say world is a state of Mind.

Whenever we are buried deep in a state of Mind or in something and unaware of the present, then we cannot able to know what’s happening around us. Neither we able to hear nor we tend to see and we are not able to know whatever happening to us. It is called as a case of absent minded, sub-conscious state of mind. We are buried deep in something and we cannot able to know the present! The senses never work (as the eye does not make us to see or the ear helps us to hear) and the body cannot move. Without the help of Mind neither the senses nor the body can work. As we know that the senses sends messages to the brain and the brain decides things and the body works. But whenever we are unaware of the present, buried deep in something; the senses, brain, body cannot work. That means whenever we are aware of the body, and then only it moves; otherwise cannot move. So, as in the above case, as the brain is inside the body it also not able to work; whenever we are un aware of the body. So it is the Mind, that has the power to move or make and take things. Brain has no power at all, it only works whenever we are aware of the body.

The above state is out of the world rather than subconscious state of Mind.

Senses have their own works. The eyes makes us see, the ear helps us to hear, the tongue helps us to recognize taste, the nose helps to hear, and the touch of skin makes us to know a thing.

The tongue gives a number of taste of a food to a person in the different state of Mind of a person. Eating in a cheerful state, it gives a good taste, tired and stressed state of Minds takes the taste of the food away from it; and when the food is eaten with Mind buried in something else, the food does not gives or we doesn’t feel any taste. And whenever we are in great hunger, any food gives us great taste.

The same picture looks beautiful to eyes does not looks beautiful when we are not in happiness. Whenever we are stressed or tensed the beautiful sceneries does not looks beautiful to the eyes, and the same looks dull, when we are worried about some thing; and looks scary; whenever fear rules the Mind.

The lovely tunes of music sounds good; when we are in a good state of Mind and does not sounds good , whenever we are worried or stressed. And any sound or noise does not reach us , when we are buried deep in a state of Mind.

The fragrance of any object goes from pleasant to dull according to the states of Mind. And we cannot smell the fragrance unless we are conscious of it.

We never feel the touch ; when the Mind is engaged in somewhere else.

A particular object or person seems interesting to disgusting according to the views we have in our Mind about them.

Objects are also state of Minds. The tastes, the smell, the touch, the sound, the vision; all are state of Minds.

After completing restless nights in looking after a ill friend, never makes us tired. And whenever the work-pressure is high on us and after going through a continuous hardworking we never feel hunger or goes tired. We only feel hunger or need rest when we are aware of the body and ourselves. The body never feels hunger or need rest unless we are aware of it.

Whenever we are doing something and engaged fully in it, we never got tired but when we are not engaged fully in it; it makes us tired. A work done in great enthusiasm makes it easy for us and indifferent makes it difficult for us. A spirited Mind gives us great force to act and lack of spirit makes barrier for us in work.

Whenever we are working and the mind is fully in something, we never feel the work pressure. Listening songs while cleaning the house, we never feel tired.

The sweetness of sugar goes from sweet to bitter; when the Mind is sick of it and also the tunes of music sounds nice to disgust, when the Mind goes sick of it.

The watering of the tongue and the ringing of ear happens, whenever we are in a state of Mind that takes us to the food or the tunes we want; and the Mind makes the senses to work accordingly. Watching a kissing scene from a film makes us the same feel that arises while kissing someone; as Mind takes us to there or to the same person we want. Whenever we think of food we feel hungry and tongue feels watery. Anything we think of; Mind takes us there and we experience the same.

The same food seems tasty to someone and tasteless to another. The same music seems interesting to someone and disgusting to other. The same picture; beautiful to one and lifeless to another. The same smell likened by someone, disliked by another. The thing looks lovely and mean a lot to us, does not mean anything to other. The same sort of things seems different, from a different point of view of a particular person and also the particular things seems different to different peoples. As the world appears to us full of life, beautiful, scary lifeless according to the state of mind we are in; and also seems beautiful to one and worthless to another at the same time, it is an appearance.

World is an appearance rather than reality.

Everybody lives ion their state of minds. The very world made of matter and the body belongs to this; only acts. All our likings, acceptance, denial, beliefs and every experience we goes through that we have in our Minds makes us a person; a self. The self is the measure of all things; as the Mind makes the world like the very self of our own; to us.

World is a mirror through which mind reflects itself. One’s body taste attitude, nature, personality; etc is the reflection of their very self.

The Face of Truth lies in the burden of Mind.

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