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by Doll
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The woman at the well in the Bible, how I relate to her

Woman at the Well

As I read about the woman at the well, I felt like I might have understood how she felt.  Here comes Jesus talking to her like a regular person.  When most people didn’t even want to be caught near her.  But not Jesus, he talked to her, not at her.  And she listen to him speak.  What must she be thinking?  Here is this man telling me all these things.  I can only imagine how much stuff other men probably had told her, and yet she listen.  She had heard it before.  But she couldn’t buy into it, words.  He spoke just words to her and yet they seemed like so much more.  He talked as if he really cared, but she could believe it.  She was not about to be disappointed one more time.  But Jesus persisted; he wanted to capture her heart.  Jesus came to set her free how could she really believe it? He spoke of living water that she would never thirst again.  Why waste this living water on someone others had thrown away.  Jesus came to demonstrate a kind of love she had never known before.  The bible talks of being able to discern, but how can you do something you’ve never heard of.  Especially when others treat you a certain way that becomes the norm.  So you expect the usual, and you’re not looking for long term.  You began trying to find the loopholes.  But with Jesus there aren’t any.  Even though you just wait for it all the fall apart. 

The woman at the well could have been anyone of us.  Any woman who has been beaten down in spirit, and had her heart broken.  We all suffer in believing in people only for them to let us down.  Until someone unique comes into our lives, and shows us what’s been missing.  Show us how to really live, what dreams are made of and life happy ever after is not just a fairytale.  Its almost like God is whispering your name.  He’s talking about how much he loves you.  He’s telling his angels to watch over you.  That he cares about you and all you go through.  Your life is not in vain, neither is your suffering.  Once you hear this you go back and began to tell people that you met someone who knows your story.  Someone who’s not condemning you, but willing to love you flaws and all.  Someone who hold very dear to love you unconditionally for the rest of your life.  And then and only then do you find a love, so real and pure that it changes your outlook, it changes your perspective, it changes you.  Because you realize that God is more real than anything you’ve ever experienced. 

Yes we can relate to the woman at the well, with every broken promise, with every broken heart, with all the lies uttered to us, there is someone who’s after our hearts and he won’t stop until it beats for him, and his promises are sure and last for eternity.
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