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Demons appear, hope is lost. What is he to do? ( WORK IN PROGRESS.)
          There was no hope.  That unrealistic ideal had been lost with the majority of humanity.  Only a few remain, now.  Wiped out by the hellish invaders, the rest ransacked by the desperate humans left to dwell in the God-forsaken world.  All logic undone, the majority of human beings separated into small groups consisting of themselves and their loved ones.  Had you the luck to run into one of these groups, I would suggest backing away slowly - but don't turn your back on them! Once they see the back of you, they'll lose all control from the stress weighing on their shoulders even more heavily then Atlas himself and attempt to ravage you completely, leaving no remains.  Do not attempt to fight back.  It'll only result in your demise.  Don't believe me? Why not go try it.  I know a few places where some especially brutal packs reside. 
          I knew a guy, once. He was a total muscle man.  Didn't think any of his actions through - just went with the flow and used his brawn to get through life's problems.  Know what he ended up as? Chow for the beastly humans.  The strongest guy I've ever seen was completely ripped to shreds in less than four seconds.  Do you think any normal human has any hope in lasting against them? I sure as hell don’t want to meet up with any of them while at the drive-in!  You can’t help it, though.  They’re all over the place.  You can’t control something such as the innate nature to migrate.  So you only have one option left – fight.  There is no retreat when faced more than one, so fight.  There is no hope when you see the carrion-eaten face of the horror, so fight. Do not falter, do not turn tail – fight. I know I may seem contradictory – just earlier I said to retreat if you saw one.  Sure, you can be hopeful.  Maybe they’ll be busy eating some other chump – but remember, that chump could have been you.  Why should you trust me? Simple – I’ve survived out in this hellish wilderness. 
          During my survival in the Demon’s Land I have dodged the majority of hell’s minions, and when faced with one defeated it.  How, you may ask? Simple – listen to my story and I shall tell you all that has occurred.  We don’t have time, you say? Of course we do! Time’s not an issue in a world where you have to worry about a demon coming at you from your back, or a hellface coming from the front.  So sit down, grab a soda and listen to my story.  My name? If it really matters, it’s Kael.  Strange, I know.  My parents had an obsession with the supernatural.  Maybe that’s why I know as much as I do and am able to survive.  Who knows? Doesn’t matter, anyways.  As long as I can survive.  Now enough of the idle banter; open your ears and listen to my tale of survival and horror.
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