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A boy meets with his toughest foe yet.
The rain was a continuous flowing stream upon the window – a sight all dreaded.  The festival was still planned for tonight; rain or not.  I looked to my left and saw my parents- dull, lifeless creatures that believed one should lead a peaceful life, staying inside rather than exploring and adventuring.  I disagree with them wholeheartedly; I enjoy the thrill of discovering new opportunities to enjoy life to its fullest.  It’s forbidden for children less than 16 winters to wander out of the village by themselves – they’d get lost in the frozen tundra and exposed to all dangers that encompassed it; the Frost Giants, Yetis, dragons – all hunters ready to strike at any moving object.  Yet my adventurous side even defies the rules set by our leader.  I wander out into the wilderness, hunting those who hunt us.  I’ve killed the beasts our village is supposed to fear; can they not be hunted like any normal creature? But enough with that – the time shall come to leave the house and travel to the Hill.
         A few hours later I approached the Hill, carefully recording every event that was occurring at the time.  A few children were wrestling, others drinking and dancing.  I looked around and noticed the chief and bowed low to the ground in respect of the Heritage.  He motioned everyone to be still, as he was about to light the Great Fire.  Creeping ever closer to the Fire Pit, he was halted by an odd noise sounding from the sky.  Looking up, the group of people saw a giant dragon – larger than any beast ever seen.  First the shock entered into the group’s minds, then the panic and fear – screaming children and women ran into every direction, looking for some sort of cover – none was offered.  The dragon swooped down, picking up a young girl about the same age as I.  Taking a closer look, I noticed it was the chieftain’s daughter, Trina – the girl whom I love, and wish to marry. 

Steeling my nerves, I picked up the nearest weapon, which happened to be a great axe (My favorite weapon) and leaped towards the infernal creature with wings.  Landing on it’s back as it came down for another swoop, I climbed down its scales towards the talon where Trina was held.  Swinging the great axe, I brought it down upon the soft spot of its talon, causing him to bleed.  He released Trina and, just in time, I caught her shirt and dragged her to the top.  I ran towards the beast’s head, readying myself for the kill.  I mustered all of my strength into my arms and brought my axe down atop the dragon’s head, killing it instantly.  Crashing to the ground, I lifted up Trina and brought her to her father.  I set her down gently, and as I was doing so asked for her hand in marriage.  The father agreed to accept the proposal only if her daughter agreed – to which she did.  I dismembered the dragon’s head as a trophy and lay it aside as the chief started the Fire – signaling the beginning of the festivities.

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