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kind of a sad story about two wild dogs in south america
Tansakee is a cute Pampadog.
Pampadogs look like little lions, but without a mane.
Instead of that, they have a big brown stripe on their backs .
They are hunters and feed from meat.
Pampadogs are also scarce and very much in demand is their fur .
They were often hunted, no matter what the law says .

Tansakee grew up with his parents and his sister Shupatsee in the north of Cameroon.
He always played with his sister, they always divided their food and they both grew up very quickly .
But on one day,when they were grown up, it was different .
Tansakee and Shupatsee hunted down an Antilope and didn't divided it .
They squabbled who will get the most meat, because they both were very hungry .
Shupatsee wanted to get the most, she saw Tansakee as a rival and thought :
"If i bite him on the right point, he will loose his consciousness and i can get an advantage"
And she ran towards him prepared to bite, but Tansakee saw it on time and could avoid a bad hurt.
Now Tansakee saw his sister also as a rival and bit back and so it went on and Tansakee was the stronger one.
At one point,Shupatsee was already very bad hurt, Tansakee thought: "Now i can defeat you" and he bit Shupatsee so hard in the neck, that she bled to death immediately .
Then he turned himself to the meat.
But the meat-lump stuck in his throat, as he noticed what HE did. He was shocked and couldn't understand
that HE just killed his own sister . He was alone and frightened and thought about what will happen
if his parents find that out. He started to mourn about Shupatsee, what is very unusually for an animal of this kind.
He saw her dead body laying there, which already started to rot, he remembred his childhood, when they both played together and now she's DEAD !. He was so depressed, that he had only one thought: he want to die too. So he planned how to do that and got the idea, to run 'till he's dead .
So he started to do that . He ran and ran, meanwhile the sun went down and the moon rose up and it was night .
Tansakee still ran till he came very tired to the border of a city and was scared, there were some things which he never saw before, but he couldn't really thought about, because he could only look around once again and then he collapsed and fell down behind a bush .

Fortunately no hunter found him and shot him down .

After hours he was waked by a voice, with gloom eyes he looked around and saw some other animals or something and was frightened and thought : " Is this 'Heaven' ? Am I dead now ?"
Suddenly a voice from behind Tansakee's back said "That are humans" .
Tansakee turned around and saw an other female Pampadog, which looked beautiful,
he immediately remembered on Shupatsee and her dying .
The female Pampadog said : "Hi, I am Koshira and whats your name ? "
"I'm Tansakee and where am I or we ? "
Koshira said :
"We are at a place were these animals called 'humans' live . I know that since i ran away from home,
because my father died.
I didn't find the way back . So i stayed here and after a while i noticed that you also can hunt-down
some antilopes here.
By the way, these humans are friendly ones and they just celebrate something which they call 'krismas' or so,
i didn't understand that much .
They take a tree and lay something under it and they all love each other .
But now to you. What are you doing here ? Did you also run away from your family ? "

"I ran away too, but not because of my father .
I ......... "
Tansakee started to cry .

"Don't cry, please ! You make me sad too . Please tell me what happened . We are here alone and no one will hear it .
You can trust me ! " said Koshira

" *sniff* I killed my sister Shupatsee ! "

"Why what was the matter ? Say it , it's better to let it out than to do it like i did "
. .
" *sniff* We both were very hungry and we hunted down an antilope . We always divided, but this time
we squabbled, who should get the most meat and suddenly she ran towards me and wanted to bite me .
I could avoid a bad hurt and bit back . Then Shupatsee .
I now saw Shupatsee as an enemy, not as my sister .
We fought then and I was the stronger one .
And at one point i thought only ' now you can kill her and get the meat ! '
I bit Shupatsee so hard in her neck, that she bled to death immediately .
Then i turned myself to the meat and began to eat, but the meat-lump stuck in my throat
when I noticed what I did ! I killed MY own sister !
I mourned about Shupatsee . I saw her dead body lying on the ground .
I was scared and couldn't endure this sight and got an idea: i wanted to run till i'm dead, too
And so i came to this place ! "

" That's very sad ! I think you didn't do that with intention, i can really understand you, i maybe did the same.
I think you now need love and i'll give it to you ! "
And Koshira caressed Tansakee .

Tansakee said : "Wait, why don't we also look for a tree and sit under it and then we continue that !"

"That's a good idea . I saw a good one there ! " she pointed to the left, where a big tree with a lot of leaves was.
They walked to this tree and sat down .

"Now we can continue with caressing"

"Yeah, but we should take an eye, that no one is able to watch us !" said Koshira

"Shhh ..." ,Tansakee said "Has anybody ever told you, how beatiful you are ?"

~What they don't know is that two hunters have already seen them and now sneaking behind them .

Koshira and Tansakee converged more . At this point the hunters were behind them and stand up quietly and took ou their shotguns .

Koshira and Tansakee said simultaneously : "I love you !" and then they kissed each other .

Now the hunters SHOT simultaneously !

The shots came from an angle of 60 degrees, directly into the necks of Koshira and Tansakee. They died immediately.
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