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A story about a young man who wishes to be something more. Will he ever get his wish?...
June 27th, 2010

My dear journal, I no longer need that dream.  For when I woke up today, I felt...different.  I looked down at myself and saw...orange fur covering my arm.  Then I looked at my entire body.  It covered both arms and my legs, and white fur covered my chest and stomach.

         I excitedly got up and rushed to the mirror.  The face of a fox stared back at me through the glass.  His face was covered in orange fur, except for a muzzle that ran cheek to cheek, which was white.  His eyes were a piercing dark blue, staring back at me.  His pointy ears stood straight up on his head.  I realized that the one staring back at me was me.  I nearly shouted with joy, but as it was still the morning, I did not want to wake up my neighbors.

         There were still other parts of my fantasy, however, that I needed to test out.  I looked outside my window.  No one was present on the quiet suburban streets.  Perhaps they had already headed to work; I knew I wasn't going to show up to work today.  I took off my pajamas, put on some clothes and shoes, and went outside.

         In other dreams that I've had, I was able to run at incredible speeds.  Some of my dreams have even shown me to be running faster than the speed of sound.  I wanted to test this while the streets were still empty.

         I walked out into the middle of the street, and began to run.

         The sudden velocity of my movement nearly caused me to tumble backwards.  I was flying down the street.  It was as if someone had pushed the gas pedal of a Ferrari down all the way, and was going down a mountain, and had a rocket booster attached to the car.  I was going fast.  Real fast.  The sheer shock of it caused me to try to skid to a halt, and by my count it took ten seconds to do so.  I swear I even saw flames coming from my feet while I was stopping.

         Once I was stopped, I place my hands on my knees and tried to catch my breath.  I hoped nobody had seen me- but then again, what cop would believe anything about a speeding fox?  I retreated quickly back inside the house, and squealed with excitement.  I knew that my dream was going to become a reality.  The world would soon be saved.  And I was going to be the one to save it.
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