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Lara saw something that made her turn around and go back.
The Journey

Chapter Two

Lara came to a gasoline station and a memory came back on her mind, though not bitter this time.  It was a funny one.  She recalled the time when she and Christine had to push their father’s car to this same station.  She remembered all too well why they had to do it.  They sneaked out the car when their parents were away on a trip.  They were strolling around the town for an hour when she sensed something wrong with the car.  Then it stopped and wouldn’t start again.  They both panicked thinking that the engine failed.

“Oh no!  What are we gonna do?” Lara exclaimed.

“This is not good … this is not good.  Lara, do something.  You have to do something!  What are we gonna do?  What are we gonna do?!?” Christine is hyperventilating now.

Lara rolled her eyes.  “You know what you should do?”


“You know what you should do?”


“Shut up and let me think!”

Then everything went still.

Deafening silence.

Then Lara tore it with a loud crackling sound of her laughter.  Christine looked at her in amazement.  Those eyes turning into a questioning glare.  But she could not contain herself fearing that any second now it could turn into hysteria of laughter.  It was all she could do not to roll on her side.  All the while, Christine was staring at her, shaking her head, thinking about committing her sister.  Then Lara, will all the strength she could muster, pointed at the gasoline gauge.


Soon Christine joined her sister’s infectious laughter.  So they had to push the car to the gas station to be filled up.  It’s a good thing that it was only a block away.  Lara laughed at the memory.  It was a good laugh, it felt good.

Shaking her head, she pulled at the station and parked the car for a while intending to maneuver it and then head back to the city.  She released a sigh of relief she didn’t know she was holding back.  She looked around to see if there’s a clearing.  What she found instead broke the last straw of rigidity which was hugging her the whole day.

Lara is now face to face with her old school.  Hers and Christine’s.  They went there during their high school years.  And oh!  All the fond memories came flashing back on her mind.  The diversity of them.  There was the time when Christine helped her make a big impression on her biggest crush.  And then the time they both sneaked out to watch a movie only to come home later and face their dad’s rage.  How silly they were to think that they could get away with it.

Lara also remembered the time she consoled Christine when her first boyfriend turned out to be the biggest shmock.  They were seated at the stairway leading to the library.

“Come on, forget about him already.  He’s history.  He’s a dork.”

“But he’s my dork!” complained Christine amidst sobs.

“I know, but you’ll find lots of dorks to replace him.”

Then a smile broke on her sister’s tear-stricken face.

“Ah there!  Now that’s the Christine I know,” she told her, all the while hugging her and smoothing her hair.

Her eyes were filled with tears as Lara came back to reality.  Then tears gave way to sobs.  Realizing that this was the first time she cried for a long, long time, she shook her head but still couldn’t control the tears.  Suddenly there was a sharp tap on the window.  Shocked, she eyed the gasoline man who made the startling sound.

“Hey lady, are you okay?”

Smiling, Lara wiped away the tears.  “I am now.”

She took a deep breath then restarted the engine.  “This is crazy!  Really, this is madness!”  But with a clear mind and a light heart, she headed home.

“Home … it is still my home.  It can still be my home.  And to think I almost didn’t come.  My goodness!  I’ve been so afraid of the bad things that I missed out on all the good.”

Still heading straight, Lara passed the golden yellow fields on both her sides.  Now she’s enjoying the beautiful sight and the feel of the gushing wind on her face.  It was almost dusk when she reached the old Spanish-style house.  Then she parked her car on the worn-out garage.

Lara opened the door and stepped out.  Sighed.  Then she heard the kitchen door opened and looked.  There on the step stood Christine.  Excited and all.  With tears threatening to fall, Lara slowly walked toward her sister.  A couple of steps away, she stopped.  Then smile.

“It’s good to see you, sis.”
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