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"Abecedarian" style (ABCDEFG,.etc) ABAB rhyme scheme
Hell's Dice

Always look into the eyes of fear,
but don't think it won't look back.
Could it just want to have a beer?
Don't think it won't attack.
Everything will happen for a reason,
freedom comes stamped with a price.
Good men accused of treason,
hell will roll it's dice.
In time those dice will land in favor,
just keep rolling if you choose,
knowing someone will be your savior,
low rolls are going to lose.
Many before have rolled hell's dice,
never have they rolled so high.
Optimize your roll like ice,
prevail like the sky.
"Quickly take these dice and go,
repent of these trecherous sins!"
Says the man running the show,
Time is coming to an end.
Uphold your end of the bargain,
violence was never your answer.
When I see your world enlargened,
Xrays found the cancer.
You need not roll the dice but rest,
zoom, you have passed the test.
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