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I have yet to meet a human that will not try and kill me with rat poison.
I have yet to meet a human in this world that would not try and swap me away with a broom, call pest control or attempt to kill me with rat poison.
         That’s the problem with my species. Us rats are the most horrid animals on earth through the eyes of those individuals who seem to walk ever so proudly on their two feet and use opposable thumbs as if to taunt us.
         Name’s Tinn, spelled with two n’s. I find double the letter makes me sound more mature and looked up as a role model. But, no way do my fellow younger rats ever look up to me.
         I ain’t much of a role model whatsoever. I am very sarcastic, and can make a remark in anything you bother to say!
         My family and friends have often commented on my repulsive attitude. They sometimes say it’s hard to have me around. My sarcasm is too hard to handle, according to them. But I honestly don’t see where they’re coming from. Live a little, my friends. Gosh.
My complexion is not much different then all the rest of the roaming rats: just a lot of scruffy cream coloured fur, ears chipped over from previous mischief, teeth that have been dented every which way and lets not forgot the tail that is so dirty, you can’t even see the pink skin that lay beneath the extra thin hair.
         You may think my appearance would be quite an ugly thought. But truth be told, most rats I have ever met look similar to me. Thanks to those humans that don’t bother to invite us in their homes and just leave us out wandering the street getting in who knows what kind of trouble! But I suppose I can cope with this life.

My home is not better off then my looks.
         It’s placed in a very narrow alleyway that resembled of one in horror movie: dark all the time, creaky noises coming from nowhere and perhaps the sound of teenagers beating each other up for money.
         There are more then enough rats inhabiting in all the nook and crannies of the alley, so my life is kind of hard to live peace and quietly.

My little home just happens to be large, green garbage tipped over on its top.
         My family and myself chewed away to make a little hole in the side that was just the right size for all of us.
         My house is actually quite homely, to my surprise.
         It contains the little tid bits of things we’ve collected over the years like a few socks with holes found mostly in the garbage left outside people’s homes, some do-dads of metal springs, bolts, nails and whatnot. We have some rotten food living in there too, something to eat when there’s nothing else to find.

My little residence also consists of my family members.
         I have a younger brother named Kipper, but I usually call him Kip. Not with a double p of course, with him not being mature whatsoever.
         He is a little skidish at times, and can get really frightened at the slightest things. But I guess that’s just the way he is.
         Next, there’s my mom. She is one of the best moms out there. I don’t know if there’s ever a time when my mother had ever yelled or shrieked at us.
         How much I do miss my father dearly to this day. If it weren’t for those humans, he would still be alive today to spend his time with his family.
         It still brings tears to my eyes when I think of his death.

         It was only months ago when all four us were out taking a little walk around the older condos that were just down the road from where our dwelling happened to be.
         Is seemed like nothing wrong was ever going to happen. But it just hit us like a falling boulder. Literally.
         My dad, being the big rat of the family, took the front of our miniature crusade, in which was traveling at the big pace up a driveway to the front door.
         All was quiet and all of us thought no one was at home.
         Then the murder came in place.
         To all of our surprise, the door was swung open and a crazy old man tumbled out, with car keys in his hand.
         We just stopped all in mid walk. What was going to happen?
         Luckily, the man did not notice us. But to the dismay, his wife just had to walk out behind him and let out a blood-curdling scream.
         The man spied us in a split second and reached for the closest hard object: a giant rock.
         He threw it with all force, as we all dove to escape.
         But my father was not fast enough, and the gruesome scene that came upon him has never and will never leave my memory.
         Three of us managed to get away without any harm. Sadly, my dad, he did not.
Life was never the same without him. But I had to carry on my life and try to keep a stiff upper lip for my brother and mom.

It has been about a few months, as I could recall, since the death of my father. I’ve been surviving it quite wonderfully; my mother had been as well. Kip, on the other hand, not so well.
         I fear for my brother’s life right now. He has not been eating much, nor sleeping at all!
         I asked my mother about Kipper’s predicament. She didn’t really know what to do to cure it, but my mom had an idea.
         Maybe my brother just needed a little away time from the home.
         Ever since my dad’s murder, my mom hadn’t really taken us out because the fear of us now loosing our lives was mainly on her mind.
         But she let all walls fall and told us we’d be going out for a little promenade.
         I agreed to this and huffed my brother out of hole and into the alleyway.

We were on our way in the midst of the bright summer’s day.
         I could feel this day would be better than others and perhaps Kip would get out of his slump.

It was only moments later when an angelic smell came to my mother’s nose.
         “Hm, you smell that boys? Smells like a little lunch. Let’s go.”
         I also smelled the scent, and it did indeed smell wonderful. So I was more than willing to follow my mom’s lead. But first, I had to push my stubborn brother along.

The smell ended up coming from a gigantic Victorian house on a corner lot. We hustled our feet forward and not much later, found the victim: hamburger cooking on a barbeque inside the garage.
         “Mom, how are we ever going to get the food? It’s up too high.” I murmured.
         “We’ll find a way.” was her only response.
         And no doubt we would. My mother had a crafty mind.

The blissful odor from the meat was blocking out all other aromas around us. So it was too late to spy the young woman standing behind us, who was trying to hold on the scream.
         The shovel was nearby, so she hastily picked it up without making a sound.
         “Mom, look out!” Kip squeaked, noticing a shadow floating over top of our mother.
         My jaw fell as I tried to push my mom out of the way.
         BANG! The smack of the shovel startled me. I rolled over from my fallen position, just to be face to face with my dead mother.
         I was just horrified. The shovelhead just missed me by inches, but not for Mom.
         I could hear the lady shuffling around, trying to avoid the blood that drizzled down the floor of the garage.
         I wasn’t going to stick around. I pulled my brother’s tail, who was currently hiding under the barbeque, shaking so hard I swear he could have started an earthquake.
         “Come on!” I pushed him onward. Kip finally got the picture and let his feet go into action.
         We jostled across the floor, but just stopping in front of my mother’s limp body.
         I choked back the tears.
         Her eyes were open, almost bulging out of her head. There was blood flowing out of every part of the body, the carcass was just flattened against the ground with the large force that was laid upon her.
         My mother was gone now. Kipper and me had to fend for ourselves.

We made it out in the nick of time before the woman gave us the shovel kick.
         The walk home was utterly quiet and we both knew what was going in each other’s head.
         The both of us were so deep in thought, we didn’t see or hear the three teenage boys that were tiptoeing along side of us.
         I didn’t realize they were there until one of the feet stepped on my tail.
         I squeezed in pain.
         I heard them laugh with enjoyment.
         “Got any rocks, Kliff?” A voice said.
         “There’s some over there. Let’s just get them.”
         I did not know what was going on, but I was sure I didn’t want to know.
         “Come on, Kip, let’s get out of here.” I hissed in his ear.
         But he wouldn’t budge.
         My brother’s body started to shake again and I knew reality was starting to set in on him.
         “Yes, Kip, Mother is dead. But we have to keep on going.”
         Kipper stayed put.
         I heard them laugh again.
         “Throw full force, mates.” A boy yelled at his friends.
         Al of a sudden, rocks began to fly all around me.
         Those vermin were trying to catapult rocks on us. And if we didn’t get away soon, we’d be just like Mother.
         I pushed Kipper forward with all my strength.
         Smack, a rock hit my side and I fell over with pain.
         I heard them laugh again, as I ignored the slash in my stomach.
         Kipper got the next few rocks worse than I did.
         One whipped across his face, another fell upon his back. The last blow knocked all the air out of Kip’s lungs.
         “Kip!” I shrieked.
         My brother gave me a look, as he lay on his side.
         Another rock tumbled on Kipper’s stomach, taking the very last breath out of him.
         “I’ll see Mom and Dad. I’ll wait for you.” He whispered his last words.
         And then came the third passing away in my lifetime.
         “Look guys! I think the brown one’s dead!” a boy pointed with a smile.
         Cruel. Just cruel.
         But I had to live on.
         I left Kip’s body and dove down the road, huffing all the way.

I collapsed on my sock as I ran inside the garbage can.
         Thanks to the cruelty of humans, I have lost three members of my family.
         I don’t get why the people of this world are so brutal and unkind. I am now going to be living all on my own due to their actions.
         I hope in the future, they will remember the murders they have committed to my family.
         I know we are just rodents and not help to anyone else, but I don’t see why human beings have a need to kill off our species.

Just like I said before, I have yet to meet a person that will not try and ruin rats’ lives and actually try and befriend us.          
         And I, Tinn with a double n, vow to be friends with those humans who show me the love and kindness people have never given to me in my lifetime.
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