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A story about a young man turned super-powered fox. Please read the rest of the story!
June 29, 2010

         Chicago.  Perhaps not the busiest city on this planet, but it was closest to me, and famous enough that I KNEW I was going to get attention here.  I sped down the highway, zooming in and out of traffic.  Everybody gave me the funniest looks as I rushed past them.  What, hadn't they seen a fox before?

         Still what I had wanted to happen had not.  I suppose they were wondering just how to deal with me...until I heard sirens behind me.


The police cars roared behind me, their sirens blaring.  I knew that if I kept them at bay long enough, a news chopper would surely follow.  Then everyone would know I existed, and just how powerful I was.

         "Freeze!  Stop running and get on the ground!"  Yeah, like I was gonna heed THAT warning.  I responded by jumping on a car next to me.  They couldn't take me out if I was on top of an innocent civilian, could they?

         Unfortunately for me, the car slammed on its brakes, and I flipped to the ground.  However, my new-found agility did not let up, and I slid on my feet in front of the car, kicking up sparks for ten feet or so, before breaking into a run again.

         I looked behind me.  One of the policeman's mouths was hanging open.  He reached down and called for backup (at least that what I assumed he was doing with his walkie-talkie), but there was no need for me to involve the police any further.  So, I decided then and there to test out another one of my new powers.

         Next to me were some rails for the L train, separated by a barrier one would typically find on a highway.  I closed my eyes.  I felt energy gathering in the bottoms of my feet.  I opened my eyes and leaped over the barrier, landing on the rail.

         I slid along the rail at an even higher speed than before; it felt like I was going twice my previous momentum.  My fur rustled in the wind as I looked behind me again.  The police cars were disappearing...going...going...gone.  I let out an excited scream as I did a grind down the tracks.

         I realized sheepishly, however, that at my current speed, a helicopter would never be able to catch up with me.  That's ok, I thought.  All I had to do was make it to Chicago, and there would be no shortage of cameras.  In this day and age, cameras were everywhere, and everybody posted what they had on the internet.  In a few minutes, I was going to be an international phenomenon.  I let myself continue to slide down the rail with perfect balance, heading towards Chicago.

         The rails went into a deep, dark tunnel.  I struggled to see in the dimly lit (by little electric panel lights) darkness.  Then, i passed light again as I went past a station.  No, not yet, I thought.  Then, back into the darkness.

         Light.  Dark.  Light.  Dark.  It continued this way for several minutes, until I had made it to Grand station.

         Here's my stop, I thought.  And not a moment too soon- a train horn blared in front of me.  It came closer...and closer...there was no way I could get on top of the train, the tunnel was too narrow...then the train platform came into view.  I jumped off onto the platform, narrowly missing a rather painful collision (to say the least) and quickly rushed through the station, jumping over the turnstiles and sliding up railings into the sunlight.

         I imagined that the people above, going about their busy city lives, were not expecting me to come flying out of the train station, for when I did, and skidded to a halt, everyone stared at me with wide eyes.  A couple of them even ran away.  I chuckled quietly to myself at their reaction, and pointed my body towards a building.  It was about 35 stories high.  Still feeling the energy in my feet, i took a step...ON the building wall...and my body flipped sideways, as if gravity had shifted only for me, and soon I was standing "upright" on the building wall.  THIS made the crowd take a step back.  One of them even screamed.  But then, I saw one of them take out their camera phone and start videotaping.


         I ran UP the building, as if the laws of physics meant nothing, looking at the people below me get smaller and smaller.  In no time at all I was at the top.  I smirked and let the energy flow out of my feet.  I executed a wall flip off the top of the building.  I kept flipping and flipping...five flips...six flips...seven flips...then I landed.  I landed squarely on my feet as if the impact meant nothing.  All the people ran away at this.  Heh, I thought, it worked.  It seems yet another one of my powers had come to fruition- my body unconsciously controlled its weight to negate the impact- so no matter how far I fell, no matter how great the force on my body- it wouldn't matter.

         I heard police sirens behind me.  I laughed- what exactly did they plan on doing?  I took off down the busy streets, dodging and jumping over traffic, satisfied with myself.  I easily lost the cops and made it back to my spot in the woods unnoticed.  It was time to execute part two of my plan- save a high-profile part of the world, something that the media was focused on.  It was time to pay a visit to Guantanamo Bay- and rescue every single prisoner.
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