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It's just a little something I wrote once upon a time. Just a tiny fraction of it all.
If you don’t see writing as challenge or a battle, then take hold of my hand and we’ll cross each line of literature together and reach as far as our thoughts can take us. 

Some people have the ability to capture your heart, mind and eye’s during the first instant you start chilling or talking with them, others do that over a period of time. 

There is no eluding time. 
It will always exist, all the time. 
If there is ever a place where time is of no meaning and relevance, then that place is the place where eternity rests. 
I feel like today is going to be a real turning point in my life forever. 

I don’t fuck around, even when I’m fucking around. 
Fucker.  I’m just fucking with you.
Stop laughing bitch. 

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