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by Stewie
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Many seek the meaning of their life, without truly looking in the meaning of thier actions

Many of us go through the world seeking the truth behind our lives. We seek the

knowledge to know our purpose and reasons for being on this planet. Many seek the

simple task of knowing what their destiny should be, but what many of us fail to realize is

that while searching for this, there is one thing that will give us our answers. That one

thing is knowledge of all that is capable of being known. The idea of knowing one’s

destiny is inane for you can not know your destiny, but instead create it. You create

your own destiny through the knowledge that you acquire through the journey that is


I, as along with many other people, have endured many hardships; long nights

spent crying and listening to music to ease the pain to working out to numb the heart

ache, many of us deal with these hardships in different ways. We, humans, think of life

as it is now, we do not look at the near future; at the future spouse, the future college, the

future end. We are stuck in the present and fail to realize certain aspects that we can alter.

I have learned over the years, although I am only seventeen, that knowledge and

intellectual thinking is key. They are the key to understanding the morals, ethics,

philosophies, and thoughts that others live by. Through finding this key, I have came to

the conclusion that my destiny, which I have created, is to gain as much knowledge as

I can, and to have an impact on this world. This impact will be through writings,

researches, and other aspects. But what is this impact? It is the impact to show

everyone that they can understand and manufacture their own being; that they are not

destined to be like the dinosaurs. The impact to make others realize what their mind

can truly do, yes they will need to realize this on their own, but the help that this

impact would create would give the person a sense to pursue their thoughts and not be

afraid of the truth; the truth that true love hurts, that death awaits us all, that life

is like the ocean, calm at some points, then destructive at others, that whether you

are gay, lesbian, or straight you are who you are, and that who you are is the person who

can make the world’s jaw drop; that every person posses the tools and mechanics to

leave a forever imprinted foot print.

My life, whether it be short or long, will count because I do not just want to make

an impact in this world, I will. Earth is the world that is filled with many mysteries

and puzzles.

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