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A story about a young man turned super-powered fox who tries to save the world.
July 3, 2010

         Guantanamo Bay.  The infamous prison where many have been held without trial.  The media is all over this place, condemning the US government's actions here, yet nothing has been done about it.  Freeing the prisoners held here is not going to save the world, but it will certainly let the world know who I am.  They've already gotten a taste of that during my few days in the states.  The media is all over ME too, just as I had planned.  Everyone from the 24 hour news networks to the tabloids- which actually aren't that different anymore- are speculating over who I was and why I was here.  There are the predictable arguments that I am from another planet.  I suppose my origin story doesn't matter when it comes to other people, since people will always theorize.

         I have arrived at Guantanamo Bay and am currently hiding on a hill overlooking the facility from a distance.  I have decided to camp where they can't see me but where I can see them.  I plan to attack tomorrow in broad daylight, to demonstrate my powers.  I plan to release every single prisoner without harming any of the guards and various personnel in the facility.  After all, I don't want to be a murderer.

         After surveying the place from the outside, it seems there is a large prison yard outside and the prison facility is somewhere in the building.  I know, that's not much of an observance, but that's all I can work with.  The prison yard is surrounded by an electric fence, which I should have no problem jumping over.  The problem is the guards who will be shooting at me- but I have something up my sleeve just for them- a new power I have been testing in the wasteland surrounding this place.  I will be using several new powers inside the facility too- though, to err on the safe side, I would rather not disclose them here until I've pulled it off, in case this journal is seized if I botch this.

         I suppose I can, however, tell a little bit about how I got here.  After all, I had to cross some of the ocean, and I had no boat.

         When I got to the east coast of the states, the police pulling up behind me fast, I focused energy to my feet again...and jumped onto the ocean's surface.  I stood on the waters and jeered at the police as they stood dumbfounded.  I then took off in the direction of Guantanamo- running all the way, but using up energy in the process.  This body isn't supposed to get tired, but I suppose I should give myself credit for running on water.  They weren't able to track such a small target, it seemed, and I am now here undetected.

         I WILL set those prisoners free.  Everyone WILL know that I'm not to be taken lightly.  Tomorrow will be the moment of truth.
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