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Why I chose Twilight Wolf as my NA name.
I am a member of the First Peoples Group. My NA name is Twilight Wolf. I am part Cherokee and part Apache besides being English and German. I decided to write about my life as a Native American if I would have lived along time ago. I am using references to my present day life as well.

My favorite animal is a wolf. I guess that is one of the reasons I am attracted to Twilight, Jacob and werewolves but I am going to focus on my NA name. Being part Native American, I wander what my life would have been like if I was a Native American two hundred years ago. I work midnights. I would have probaly been a night owl. I would have fished at night and look for herbs in the woods in the moonlight. I pass out meds to patients who live in a mental facility. I am a QMA next thing to a nurse. I might have been the nurse of the tribe. I would use herbs to heal people of my tribe. I wouldn't outshine the Medicine Man of the tribe. I would hope to work with him like I do my co-workers and supervisors at work. I love to scrapbook so I would probably have made baskets or beaded necklaces and bracelets. I would like to think I may have a wolf by my side when I was out at night. I do cook. I would help cook in the day time. I would have to go to bed at 3:00 AM in order to function in the day time. Twilight Wolf. I was born in the twilight hours and I am independant like a wolf. loyal to family and Native Americans admired the wolf. If I was a wolf, I would like to howl at the moon.

I like to grow plants in the summer. If I lived in a tribe or reservation years ago, I would have grown plants for healing purposes. Reading and writing. I don't think Native Americans of long ago did much reading and writing but I am sure they looked at the stars to tell their future and used their imaginations to think of poems and the elders did tell them stories of long ago. They were story tellers. As Twilight Wolf, I could have been a story teller and have the spirits guide me. I feel Twilight Wolf would have been a good name for me. It suits my life past and present.

Beautiful picture of wolves.
Neat sig of Native Americans, Wolf and tiger cub.
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