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A story about a young man turned super-powered fox. Please read the rest of the story!
July 4, 2010

Today was the day of my attack.  Perched from my viewpoint at the top of the hill, I could see the prison yard- the inmates were being bossed around by the guards.  Hmph.  They wouldn't be doing THAT for much longer.

         The hill was steep, so I jumped onto the incline and slid down on my feet, kicking up a huge dust cloud as I did.  I slid along, gaining more and more speed, until I was sliding on level groud...straight toward the electric fence.  I hit a section of the fence, which came disconnected (thankfully) from the electric wires and bounced a few times, end over end, before creaming one of the guards.  Who

         I slid in after the fence, and once I had stopped, there was a brief half-second where everyone, prisoner and captor, was looking at me.
         Then came the shouting.

         "INTRUDER!  INTRUDER!  Everyone to your battle stations!  FIRE!" So, they weren't even going to try and capture me, huh?  Fine by me.  Shots immediately rang from all around me as some of the guards, positioned in guard towers all around me, had begun firing at me. My speed, however, extended to more than just my feet, and I saw every one of the bullets coming, and dodged them all, easily...until I dodged right into another bullet's path.  With less than a second to react, I quickly focused my energy into my hand, and batted the bullet back toward the gunman, the bullet now covered in energy.  It struck the guard right between the eyes, and he slumped to the ground.  But I knew he wasn't dead.  Anything coated with my energy, I knew from my dreams, manipulated the chemicals of the body it enters- except mine, of course- and caused the person to go into a deep sleep.  At least, that's what I hoped had happened.  But there was no time to check- I focused my energy to my other hand as well and began hitting each guard with my open palm- one after the other, so fast that it seemed like I was teleporting from guard to guard- and each of them slumped to the ground, including the ones in the towers, which I jumped to get to.  Now, I just had to get inside Guantanamo.

There was a door positioned on a wall not too far away from me- it seemed to lead where I wanted to go.  Remembering the fence, I hit it with my palm and sent it flying inside.  Good call- it took out several guards that were rushing to meet me.  The prison cells were everywhere- but first I had to clean out the place.  I rushed down every corridor, taking out guard after guard, heading in random directions.  Every time I met a guard I just pushed him over, focusing the energy in my palms.  Finally, it seemed like I was going in great big circles with nobody else around me except prisoners. That's when I knew the place had no guards left.

         The rest was cake.  I walked up to every cell in the place- and there were a lot of them- focused my energy in my finger, and cut through the lock.  Everyone immediately ran out of the hole I had made in the fence.  I didn't care where they went.  I had just taken down one of the most infamous prisons in the world, and now the world would know what I was capable of.  I calmly walked out of the front gate and looked around.  It wouldn't be long before reinforcements arrived, maybe in a day.  I had better rest, I thought.  The next battle won't be so easy.
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