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Why not? ****888****777***666
        It's ridiculous to even agrue the point. If science is the modern
    religion of this age, then let us cherish what it brings us; meaningless
    materalism, weapons of mass destruction, deadly polution and an
    extended useless life.


    The circle is held to by ancients to be the symbol of absolute
    perfection. of ultimate truth; introduced into Hindu mathematics as
    a symbol designating unalterable nothingness.

    How do you know all clocks are accurate?

    We check them by the anual revolution of the stars.

    How do you know the stars revolve at a constant speed?

    We check them by our prediction of eclipses.

    How do you know the eclipse are accurate?

    We check them by our precision clocks.


        Thanks to the computer, it is now possible to pinpoint every
  person even aboriginal tribes living in huts. Populations are tracked
  and forecasted. Is a global dictatorship science fiction?
        Nothing is private. Every bit of personal information can be
  extracted by computers. How many times have you been asked
  for your social security number? That number gives access to all
  your records: credit, medical, purchases.
  These are the blessings of science.

  Frightening Mechanisms!

      A nuclear dump on the moon. Yes, it is going to happen.
  The European Community Council has set up a budget to build
  a toxic waste dump on the moon. NASA has joined with
  Halinburton to construct a missle base on the moon.
  This is not scientific exploration. This is dangerous explosive
  material. If there were a chain reaction in the luner nuclear
  dump, the moon could change its orbit. Everything on the
  surface of the Earth would be tossed like a salad.
      Science is not moral! It is a mechanical philosphy:
  UTILITARIANISM. But, the vested intrests are capalist.
  An industrial Hell on Earth is very likely.

  Satan is Science!

      "Satan will fall from the heights and come down like lightning."
  Isiah 12:14.
  Sound like a nuke? Amoral corporations with weapons of mass
  destruction and total control over a slave population will bring
  Satan down like lightning. Thank you Ablert Einstein!
  The apmosphere consists of water and oxygen. That's why it rains.
  Thermal nuclear detonations can burn off the amosphere.
  Our blue planet would become a blazing ball of fire. Imagine,
  putting your head in a microwave oven and turning it on high.
  There are microwaves bombarding the amosphere; a thin layer of
  ozone. Without this ozone life cannot exist. The sky would catch
  fire and the seas would boil and you would be fried.

  Let's all get the Hell out here!

      I have buried several school buses in the hills. They are stock piled
  with Cambell soup and Penthouse magazines. All I need now is a
  small gene pool to repopulate. If your interested in living a natural
  life in the woods, send me an email. I would like to have females
  between the ages of 18 to 25 for breeding. Males should have a good
  background in survilelism. Let's start a new society!




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