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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Animal · #1670994
A bully becomes the thing he fears the most
Dragon Shower

(Author’s Note, This Story is sort of a sequel to my campfire ‘New Year’s Eve Adventure, I recommend reading that story to fully understand this story,)

It was a national pandemic in those years; people did not know what was happening.

People would watch in horror as certain teenagers would turn to Animalistic ‘Monsters’ for seemingly no reason.

Soon humanity would find out the reason, and would deeply regret ever knowing about it.

In High School, that land of the damned, special teams of bullies tried to sniff out the beasts as they popped up. Yeah you know what I mean.

One band of bullies led by football Heartthrob Taren Lindworm were prowling the halls looking for anyone who looked (or smelled) funny.

They found one in the form of Rook Reynardo, Atypical nerd who for some reason today was wearing a scarf and a turban.

“Hey Nerd!” Taren said as he picked up the smaller male by the collar.

“What’s with the turban? Got something to hide? Like maybe…POINTY EARS!”

With that Taren removed Rook’s turban and scarf reveling pointy fox ears and foxy muzzle.

The now exposed teen screamed and growled and flailed in the bully’s grasp he freed himself shouting “I’ll get you for this Taren!”

Later that night, Taren slept good, He felt no guilt or remorse over his treatment of the nerd, all he dreamed about would be the day he became 18 than everything would be perfect when he was a legal adult.

The next morning Taren felt hot and grimy, he was covered in sweat, he hobbled to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Taren was grateful for the warm water, he felt as if five layers of dirt was washing off but in reality it was his skin that was washing off!

As soon as the water touched his skin it turned to jelly and fell of his body underneath were scales, green beautiful scales, as the human skin on his back melted off a pair of wings were revealed.

Taren yawned as he did a cloud of steam came from his mouth. Deciding he had spent enough time in the shower, Taren stepped out and reached for a towel, a green towel just like his hand….Wait his hand was green?

Taren looked at himself. “No.” He said “No, it can’t be!”

He looked in the mirror took a deep breath and screamed.

His Father came in “Dagnabbit! Son why you screamin’?”

Than he saw his son, now a dragon.

An intense look of hatred spread across the old man’s face.

He grabbed a plunger and knocked his son on the head!

“Dagnabbit! You’re one of them!” His Old Man screamed

“You’re the devil’s spawn!” He screamed “Satan’s children!”

Taren was chased into the cold snow naked as a Jaybird.

The Crazy old man screeched “I knew there was something wrong with ya ever since we adopted ya!”

“Wait! Wait!” Taren said confused and frightened “I was adopted?!”

But the Old Man already shut the door. Taren was left naked and cold outside in the snow.

He covered himself and walked into the woods.

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