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My graduation speech for the PDG party on 8th May 2010.
It was early March when I wrote for the first time expressing my desire to be a part of the Paper Doll Gang and was quite bewildered to receive a positive response. I failed every criterion. I was not a Newbie and the classes had already begun. However, God or should I say a certain Angel was on my side and I was allowed to step into the hallowed precincts of this esteemed group. All of you know that Angel well. Her name is Hannah.

Just a couple of days after becoming a member I was promoted to a Preferred Author. I think it a fortunate coincidence because if the news would have come earlier, I would probably not have ventured to be a part of a Newbie group. I would have believed that I had made it and there was nothing more for me to learn about this amazing community called WDC. If I would have done that, I wouldn't have been farther from the truth.

I have no qualms in admitting that beside posting in the bitem format and giving reviews, I new little else about this site. And imagine my audacity! I thought I knew it all! Had it not been for the PDG, I would have never recognized the magnitude of my ignorance. Today, I can proudly claim that I am much more WDC literate and it is entirely due to the coaching and assignments of the Paper Doll Gang. It is a forum which forces you out of your comfort zone and challenges both your intellect as well as creativity. There are certain things which I would never even have dreamed of doing, but was coerced to do so as they were mandatory requirements for the Graduation. Making crosswords or writing a poem or conceiving my own contest were absolute unthinkables. I still can't believe that I went through all of them.

On the way I made some lovely friends. I have the good fortune of having Phoenix as my mentor who helped me not only with my PDG assignments, but also with other activities on the WDC. She has turned into a special friend and I am so comfortable with her that recently I confessed to her some of my personal battles. Needless to say, she was highly supportive and kind.

Though I am happy to have successfully completed my graduation requirements, I am also pained that it is all coming to an end. In the absence of the weekly challenges there will be a sudden void in my life and I will miss the rush of adrenaline which competition brings about. And the competition here is top class. It is my earnest request to be allowed to participate in the activities of the forum in some manner. I am delighted that Hannah has been kind enough to consider nominating me as a Junior Leader.

Finally, I would like to once thank our Inspiring Leader Hannah, my encouraging mentor Phoenix, all other judges and coaches, my dear pal Morgan and all my fellow classmates for the wonderful stint I have had over here. I would also like to take the opportunity to extend a warm welcome to the new batch of Newbies.

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