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Difficult but not impossible
      "Wow! Is this the Mammy Rammer?" Muzzy asks excitedly.
      "It has all the extras and a friendly computer." the lovely sales
      lady smiles. Muzzy sits behind the steering wheel. "Hello.
      Who are you?" the car asks. Muzzy looks puzzled at the sales
      lady. "That's the interative computer. Say, 'Hello.'"
      'hi...' Muzzy feels silly talking to the dashboard speakers.
      "What's your name hun?" the car continues. "muzzy.." Muzzy
      looks back over to the sales lady nervously. "That's a nice
      name. Well, let's get started." the car replies and the car starts.
      "OooK. Am I driving?" Muzzy asks the sales lady. "Well, if you
      want to, but I'd love to show you what I can do." the car
      Muzzy takes his hands off the wheel and stares blankly at the
      sales lady. "Do you like it so far?" the sales lady asks.
      "Errrr-ok. Show me what you can do." Muzzy voice trails off.
      The car pulls off the lot onto the highway. The drive is smooth.
      "This is amazing." Muzzy laughs. Another car cuts them off.
      "You have made an illegal merge." the car anounces with its
      exterior speekers. The second car replies, "I had the right of way."
      "Um, is that a Mammy Rammer too?" Muzzy asks the sales lady.
      "Yes." Muzzy's car replies, "But, she's way out of line."
      Muzzy and the sales lady grab their seat belts as the cars race.
      "oooooo car this is too fast." Muzzy says in a stammer.
      "I have perfect control with four wheel traction." the car replies.
      The two cars weave in and out of traffic.

    As the car pulls up along side the other Mammy Rammer,
    Muzzy can see the skelton of a driver.
    "Jesus crow!" Muzzy shouts and points. The sales lady screams.
    "Does this car run out of gas?" Muzzy asks the sales lady.
    "I am solar powered and enviromentally friendly." the car answered.
    A heated race insues. "You must have an off switch." Muzzy
    leans over to the sales lady and whispers. "Oh? Would you like
    to recline?" the car speakers asks and lowers the seats back flat.
    Music plays softly. "This is a glitch. I've texted the dealership.
    They'll shut it down." the sales lady whispered to Muzzy.
    With a snap, she is ejected from the car. "Oh.. my.. God!"
    Muzzy screams as he watches the sales woman bounce down
    the highway. "I .. want to buy this car!" Muzzy shouts fearfully.
    "Ah. Thank you. I will return to the dealership for processing."
    the car replies and performs a 180 on the highway.
    At the dealership, Muzzy slowly steps out of the Mammy Rammer.
    "Thank You!" Muzzy shouts to the car as he steps into his pickup.
    The car turns to follow him. A sales man steps out with another
    customer and the car stops infront of them. Muzzy floors it.

    Epilogue: What will vehicals be like in 20 years? Mammy Rammers?


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