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by Ani
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A guiding hand, a best friend and the creator of your world.
A heartbeat.

A slight flutter in your heart. Its not everyday when you feel that all strings in the world bind you to an unnamed miracle. A deep breath, while running your hands across the stiff yet sensitive bulge on your stomach. You stare at the mute beauty of the swelling underneath your palms, as you realize the gift bestowed upon you by the heavens, a gift that surpasses in beauty than any other of its kind. A gift sheathed in your womb that instills a sense of anticipation, when the miracle would manifest itself into the world, in your arms.

It takes just a moment to learn of the entity inside you. But pregnancy in itself is the perfect time of a woman to learn the beauty and admire the brilliance of the little one.
A moment with a growing fraction within you never ends. It grows kicks and nudges you from inside to remind you of what you will have to perform once it comes out in the world; to look out, to love and protect your young one from the big bad world. As the months pass by, the little bump grows into a huge swollen belly taking your anticipation to yet another level. Like all the time, you move over to the mirror to see your little nudger on you for one of the last times.

They say that a woman looks most beautiful when she is expecting. So true. The glimmering eyes filled with joy and expectations, the slight pink flush on the cheeks and the most amazing smile parting your lips as you touch your belly. Perhaps this smile would be nothing in comparison to what will be when you would hold your little nudger in your arms. The moment when nothing in the world can match the beauty of your baby. The moment when your eyes will be just for the little one. The moment you await.

A shot of pain. A throbbing ache that reaches out till the end of your back. You crouch down towards your bulge holding it, a part of your heart crying out in mirth welcoming the nudger. A bunch of frantic arms trying to hold you straight while you are rushed to the maternity hospital. All this while you silently pray to the heavens to deliver the little one safely. Eyes looking nowhere, an image of a toddler crawling fill your vision. By the time you gain consciousness and look around, you are laying down in the maternity ward. The doctor in her typical gown enters the ward commanding her associates around. And within few minutes you are engulfed in pains that do not take a moment to cease.

The pain comes out in form of your blood-curdling screams while the ache in your belly continues to rip you from within. After several minutes of enduring the agonizing pain, the moment of wonder arrives when you hear the cries of the little one from the doctor’s arms. Barely conscious, you stretch out your feeble arms towards the little one, to hold the nudger in your arms. To feel the miracle smile at you in wonder. To feel the warm blood pulsing through the young one’s veins and fluttering heart. To feel the young one’s little palms on you. To feel your baby, your soul.

Dear Ma,

You have been the best friend and guide in my life. Ever since 20 years, I have given you moments of worries, joy and trouble to cope with. Thank you for keeping up with me and my non sense. It is an achievement. I just want to let you know that I love you and will keep loving you till my last breath. You have been everything to me. Seriously.
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