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Power and poverty and destiny are we there yet?
They said my forefather was a slave they bought him cross the sea,
they say there is no difference between him and me,
'cause the color of my skin was made on the other side,
they marched on his dignity they step on my pride,
I was born into a world that's burdened with hate,
so if you're looking for a saint you're a little too late,
I'm not making no war I'm not causing no strife,
I'm just telling you the facts of life.
I've travelled from east to west and from north to south,
I've been to places you've heard about,
I've seen some things you wouldn't believe,
some I did keep some I did leave,
I've got memories from yesterday,
they could blow your mind away,
stories of people; people and their games,
I guess I just did the same.
I played with life so life played with me,
you know of anything on earth that is free?
did you say love? come on think twice,
you pay with your heart that's the biggest price,
you pay with your body you pay with your mind,
for a few years you're one of a kind,
next thing you know when you least expect,
you're on your own and with no respect.
You follow money but money don't follow you,
you're gonna lose your looks no matter what you do,
it took time for me to understand,
letting go is a part of the plan,
you can't hold on to something you know you never made,
you can't say you own it when you know you never paid,
I used to solve my problems by just walking away,
until I learnt how to pray.
Prayer bought me back from the other side,
prayer gives me dignity, prayer gives me pride,
prayer gives me peace on the inside,
prayer is my shelter when I need to hide,
prayer is my answer when I lose my way,
prayer helps me start and finish my day,
if you need a little help what I'm trying to say,
is you too should learn how to pray.
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