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A woman's reality of tough love
I heard the knock on the door and my heart skipped a beat,
my mind was convinced I was in for a treat,
this was Mr. Right he was not like the rest,
he was good to me, he was the best,
he bought me things and he paid my rent,
I held my head high 'cause I didn't owe a cent,
he gave me a ring, a house and a car,
he was always around he was never too far,
we had small fights then he would turn and hug me,
this was my man I could live with his jealousy,
one day on the street he slapped me in public,
tears came to my eyes his hand felt like a brick,
I laughed it off 'cause my friends were around,
I didn't want to look like my pride was put down,
when we got to the house he kissed away the pain,
we hugged and he made it all sweet again,
it lasted a month then something went wrong,
I was always the loser 'cause he was so strong,
what he gave he took back with a pound of flesh,
I always felt sore and my wounds stayed fresh,
I went to the police and told them what he did,
he found out and chased me so I ran and I hid,
but the kids were at home so I had to go back,
that night was the first time I felt my ribs crack,
next was my nose; then it was my eye,
I got so dry I no longer could cry,
I was hurt, I was broken, I was banged up, I was worn,
my heart felt like paper, balled up and torn,
I packed my bags to head for the street,
the knock on the door made my heart skip a beat.
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