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Rated: E · Serial · Sci-fi · #1671566
Part 1 in the Arcbound series. This story follows a young teen as he changes his world.
-We know you can hear us. Wake up. We need to test your form's modifications. Wake up, KadeandOther.-

"Uggghhhh." I sighed. My headache pounded at my sinuses, making each beat of my heart feel like a tightening vise. I opened my eyes and slowly looked at my surroundings. A dim light glowed from the walls and ceiling, casting no shadows. I closed my eyes again, saying to myself, "Where am I? Who the hell has dreams like this?"

-We can assure you this is no dream KadeandOther.-

That voice. I've heard it before.

-Please refrain from any sudden moveme...-

I opened my eyes again and jerked quickly into a sitting position, swinging my legs off of the side of the table I had apparently been asleep on. I had a quick glimpse of a person, his outline blurred, standing in front of me. My impatience was then punished. The pressure on my head grew exponentially, bringing to my mind visions of head-exploding scenes, like in an old adventure movie. My vision was shot, and my mind was scrambled. The person I had seen was suddenly next to me, injecting me with some sort of needle... out of its finger. My headache was so horrible, that didn't even seem weird to me. I immediately felt myself falling on my side back onto the table, and didn't even feel it when I did hit. Using all the stubbornness and determination I could muster, I said to the person, "Who are you? What have you done to me?"

-I am no important. What we have done to you is start humanity on the path ... galactic ... domestic ...-

I held against the drug as long as I could, but I didn't last long enough to hear the rest of the voice's explanation.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1671566-Arcbound-Part-1