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This is just a little sample of my work in my head.
It all started as far back as i can remember i was about 11 years old i was in the i do what i want to do mind frame would not litsen to GOD if he came down himself  all i wanted so bad was to make my own choices.I was already to much of a follower with the wrong people but you know how that go if evryone you know dose it you must or you aint cool.My family never asked me for much never made me do cleaning as much as others my mother always worked and came home and cooked dinner and cleaned up,my brothers watched me while she worked made sure i got up for school all tha good stuff but i never wanted to gave hell evryday like it was a suprise evry time but i did it all the way to the 9th grade then all those little tingly feelings came across me now im
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