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Garuru felt he wants something MORE with his friend Ichigo, but does she feel the same?<3
[[Keroro Gunso [Sgt.Frog] and characters belong to it's rightful owners!
•Ichigo, aditionals= Vcld-J4M •Takuku=Rain-Hayabusa •Garuru= Yoshizaki Mine ]] 


...yeah, there was no doubt about it, it was the strong scent of medicine with latex gloves. Not just one kind of medicine, but many different kinds of drugs put together; how can anyone work in a cold place? Especially if there's always drama around in the hospital? I never understood the ways of nurses and doctors and I didn't plan on to anyways, if that was how they feel then so be it just as long as they save our troops or our civilians and enjoy doing it. I leaned against the wall and looked up at the clock at the end of the bleach white hallway, near where a waiting room sat. 11:00 in the morning and on a Tuesday; I glanced at the small duffle-bag next to my foot that was bright yellow and heavily decorated with small animals and chibi's with the small Keronian plush stuffed in half way and tried to think again why I was standing outside of the room behind me. My heart quickly sped up when I finally remembered, how could've I forget? I'm seeing my friend and secret crush Ichigo today, since she works at the hospital I knew it'd be a surprise to drop by after my meeting to take her to lunch....and again my thoughts got interrupted when I heard a huge wail come from the hospital room behind me, I didn't mind the glances from others in the large hallway besides: I wasn't the one giving birth.

Of course I came to see Ichigo but my comrade who missed half the meeting came running and was rejoicing when he found out that he was going to be a father....again, but had to miss it because he had other things to do on top of the meeting he missed. Poor guy, I knew his wife would kill him, and being the nice guy I am I stopped and got the cute bag and the cute plush from the hospital's store and signed my name on it to make her feel better. If it'll help I mean, just hearing the screams made me want to cringe in pain. Many of the visitors at the maternity pavilion seemed rather surprised or confused when they saw me there, it's not every day you see a First Lieutenant all in uniform in front of a room at the maternity pavilion with his sniper riffle on his back and a small bag with a plush toy right? So I didn't care of the glances I got from others but what I did mind was the other male officers that would come up to me, give me a pat on the shoulder, or a playful jab in the ribs with their elbows while asking with wink 'Waiting for your wife?'

'My friend actually.' I would say, talking about Ichigo who was diligently working inside but they would smile some more and give me another wink and looked at their friends. 'Suuuurrreee! Friend , ok, wish her good luck for us.' 'And congrats!' they would say and walk away and I would smile knowing when I tell Ichigo their wishings she'll flip out of her skin. Besides, for the past five days a lot of people lately have been thinking that we're a couple, not that I care, it's a dream come true but I still don't know if Ichigo felt the same way with me....let alone if she's ready for a relationship. So many people have been giving her congratulations on her 'mysterious-way-long-so-not-going-to-be-born-soon' baby that she's having with me....somehow....we don't even share the same straw let alone bed. My small butterfly feelings in my stomach suddenly vanished again when yet another scream disrupted the atmosphere,

What the hell is really going on in there?

"Garuru nii-san!" a voice yelled. I looked over seeing my little brother Takuku also in his uniform, but in one for a Captain. He stopped smiling (and walking in general) when he heard the loud scream coming from the room behind me. "Uhhhh......so what's up in there?" he asked me nervously as he shivered a bit. I smiled knowing that anything that involves young babies and women in labor still made him a bit uneasy.

"Vinono's wife's having the baby...since last night from what I heard from a passing nurse." I replied.
"So why are you here?"

"Ichigo-chan asked me to come see her, I didn't know she called you too."
"I came here on free will, just to surprise her.
" 'Free will', you make it sound creepy." Takuku said and then we both got silent when the screams had stopped, and then a new small cry was heard. I smiled at him and shrug.
"Whatever, did you bring anything?" I asked him and we went and dug into his pant's pocket and pulled out a small cartridge of pacifiers.

"I bring....these! They only had bright colors....so I'll try not to laugh if it's a boy." he said with a big childish smile. I rolled my eyes, sure he was older then our younger brother Giroro but he acted similar to a carefree kid, no wonder Ichigo was friends with him...it sort of made me wonder why she likes me...if she does.....I hope she does. I went to pick up the small dufflebag when out of nowhere a figure ran past me and pushed me down, I looked and then sighed seeing a fluttering skirt with a long scarf floating gracefully behind it.
"Sorry!" she called not even looking back, I grabbed the bag and raised myself up as I dusted myself off. She must've been in a really big hurry if she didn't bother noticing who she knocked down,
"Wow, I didn't know Ichigo-chan wears pink undies." Takuku said with a laugh as he used his quick hands to take a picture with his cell phone camera. I scowled slightly knowing he was going to use the new picture for blackmailing Ichigo to do anything and I knocked on the door carefully but loud enough to be heard. A woman doctor opened up the door and poked her head out as she eyed us carefully.
"We're here to see Kirara." I said to her casually and Takuku had gotten in between us.
"Please miss, we were ever so bored out here." he said with a small laugh and the doctor stared at us some more and stopped seeing my sniper riffle carrier.
"Do you have a ID and license sir?"
"Yes ma'am." I said as I dug into my pocket and pulled out both my military ID and my license, both neatly cut into small rectangles to be put in wallets. She inspected them cautiously and then nodded and moved out of the way to let us in. The room was pretty small but roomy at the same time, the view it had was spectacular, it had Keron's moon and the city below it. Vinono must've paid extra for his wife to have the nice scene. The female on the bed with the newly born tadpole welcomed us kindly when she saw us, she must've been pretty lonely when her husband couldn't come to see her because we both stayed for two hours before her husband finally came back, me and Takuku both walked out when Vinono was getting a earful and looked to find Ichigo around the hospital, it seems she had yet another delivery to go to but coincidentally it ended shortly after her search. Takuku and I wandered to the nurse's locker room and waited outside for her, luckily it wasn't long before she came out.
"G-Garuru-san!" she gasped as her face turned bright pink. "What are you doing here?"
"I stopped by so we can get some lunch together." I said casually as I tried not to blush, damn her expression looked so cute. Just then Takuku went and hugged Ichigo tightly before dodging one of her frail punches.
"Hi Ichigo-chan, so where we going?" he asked. I felt my heart sank a little, I should've made sure that she didn't have any plans, I wanted to be with her alone but I guess that can wait for now. As both Ichigo and Takuku argued where to eat and what to do I was in my own little fantasy. Me with Ichigo together alone....so I thought when my mind altered and a few tadpoles came into the picture with us both, all of us happy and smiling. 'Whoa! Back it up soldier!!' ,y head screamed as I mentally slapping myself. 'What the hell are you thinking? Kids...since when did YOU want to have kids?' I thought and then tried my best to answer my own question. I was getting up there in age when males who didn't start families yet, begin to start one....damn mother nature, always taking it's corse and making us crazy, while driving me off the wall.

"Nii-chan~!" I snapped out of my fantasy and blinked seeing Takuku somehow on top of Ichigo, putting her arms behind her back as she struggled to get him off.
"We asked you for the twentieth time already: Would you like to get some lunch with us?" he asked and then finally let Ichigo go when he saw that she had finally calmed down. Ichigo stood up and looked at me worriedly.
"Are you ok? Your face looks a bit red." she said and came closer and placed her forehead against mine. "Are you getting a fever?" All I can do was gawk like a nervous six grader, she was far into my 'no one allowed' bubble, her lips and mine were so closer yet....so very far. My mouth instantly turned into sandpaper and my lips tingled a bit wanting to go and kiss her, to 'explore' her......wait.....
Explore her?! Now we're just getting sexual here!!

"I-I'm fine...." I said hastily but I didn't move a finger, I was worried that if I darted backwards that she would think that I was scared to be so close to her, even though deep down I loved it. Ichigo looked into my eyes...or tried to, I already knew that my shades hid my eyes perfectly, thank god because eyes can let out too much emotion. I couldn't help but see Takuku giggling in the back like a little kid and he smiled at us.
"Ichigo and Garuru sittin' in a tree: K-I-S-S-I-N-G~!"
"Grr!! Takuku hush up!" Ichigo gasped as she went and tackled him again, I rolled my eyes and grabbed them both by the earflaps.
"Alright then settle down, are we going to get some lunch or no?" I asked them. Takuku's eyes got big and you can almost see drool crawl down his chin.
"Yes! I want something good....Like Pekoponian WicDonalds!
"No, no, we should get something nice, like curry!" Ichigo cheered and grabbed hold of my hand unexpectedly. "I know the best and cheapest place in town to get some!" she cheered pulling on me, I instantly followed her and looked over my shoulder at Takuku.
"Come on! Let's get going right?"
"Aw, I guess WicDonalds can wait another day." he admitted with defeat and followed us. When we walked I could've sworn I saw hearts or something, besides, my heart was practically jumping out of my chest for joy.

*Heart* .::[[END OF PT. 1]]::. *Heart*
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