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Quen the vampire, the immortal leach hunts and hunts vigorously. Please review
Quen, sat in the dark, waiting for his victim to come in attacking range, his victim was 21 year old Reggie Johnson a college kid from Maine that came to the Bahamas with his girlfriend Torrie Mandel. His girlfriend had went to the wet beach (a beach with a water park) earlier and he was following now, after getting his hi gene in tone. Reggie wore a Harvard turtle necked with some Grey slacks. In his hand was his old rusty copy of The Writers Bungalow. He walked with purpose he didn't notice me waiting for him into it was too late, I jumped out knocking him on the ground his piercing scream called the attentions of others I had to make this quick before someone came so I bite my teeth into his neck, I quickly drained his blood leaving his body to rot, I had to do it quickly I didn't want him to become vampire. As I finished I heard the pounding steps of the Towney officers heading my way, I had no time to waste I picked his fallen body up and headed towards my abounded hotel, followed by the cops I had to embrace my uncanny powers, so I begin to speed up using my unnatural powers leaving the police in the dust. When I made it to the hotel I ran up the stairs and opened and bolted to the shabby bedroom, where I took the body and sat it on the bed. I thought this over if I burned the hotel I would be an menace to the society, but it was too late for that anyhow I had already killed, and buried hundreds of helpless humans. My mind was made up I took out my silver later which was sort of rusted from the centuries that I’ve had ha did worn from the decades of using it. I set fire to the bed and jumped out the window. The thousand pieces of broken glass shards stuck to my skin as I fell through the musty air and landed right on my feet. I took off towards the north Atlantic ocean.
I sat in the Charles Addams New York museum watching the people, I have been born from centuries and I still haven't learned all the interesting things about the human species, I’d been trying to learning there ways, being an vampire I seemed to always attract women and it was easy to seduce them making it easier to kill them. This was only the second time he was close to being caught but I was never caught why because my uncanny abilities. I stayed at the museum for a few hours then I went to the gym. I always worked out so I could keep my build up for the ladies. They always loved a man with a nice body something I could always provide for the ladies. As I left the gym that's when I first caught sight of her, she was wearing a pink dress with a pink hair band she had flourishing brown hair with her neon green eyes. The reasoning I notice her was because her bewitching scent and the fact she was bleeding, I was trying to keep myself in check but my hunger was winning this one. I had to talk myself out of it. “Oh no" I thought it was happening I could feel my hunting instincts were taking over. I felt my eyes shift turning red making my thought hungry, I saw nothing but the girl I so strongly wanted to eat, I crouched low showing my teeth watching her slowly circling her in the dark alleys without collecting the attention of others. I gathered up enough speed so I could just swipe her up and keep running, I emerged from the dark opening running at full speed I grabbed at her missing by seconds I quickly scooted around and pulled her up of her feet and sped off, she screamed with the accent of fright fresh on her voice I tried to assure but no use I was basically kidnapping the girl she would never forgive me even though a had no acts of killing her I just wanted to basically love her. It made no sense to me I was earth's deadly hunter and a foolish female human was turning me into Romeo.
She sat on the couch facing the direction of the door that she so familiarly knew, after staring at it for the past hours. I tried to comfort her and even tried to let her know my intentions but she didn't do anything but stood there and stared at the door, "Damn" I thought these humans were so unpredictable and frightened easy, So I decided to just let her go so I grabbed her and sat her down in front of the house, called a cab and left. I watched the horizon from a nearby park bench. Her... her acts where not normal, a regular human should have panicked asked me what I wanted and screamed but instead she just sat there staring at a blank door "what the hell was wrong with that chick", but she was the only that seemed to gain my attention is a normal way instead of getting the full wrath of my hunter skills. She seemed at a normal state like she went through this everyday while I had a mask of confusing. This was a problem for me, I needed some answers, and I guess I needed to go see my father Victor. This wasn't going to be a good visit, his dad would try to change his ways his father was an victim of his vampire instincts, I trained my to use when I wanted which made me dangerous, he was weak to his powers he would fall under the sea of blood lust and when it’s time for him to run he'll stay and die like the rest of our kind but not me I wasn't going down like that. I arrived to his vanilla cottage around six
, I came in my black, and purple Aston martin. He was sitting on the porch, I could tell he hadn't yet hunted because the pasty musky color of his face. He was to my door before I could move you could feel the brush from his wind." Hello son nice to see you still care about your old man" said my father, " jokes but no jokes I came here on a short term, I came here because I need your help earlier today I found a lady,. she was outside the museum I could not control myself I kidnapped her but let her go later, I'm in love this women" replied " wow, this the first time I'm guessing because you just now came to me, Well there isn't really you could do but go against the will of vampirism . This is not a good thing, but there’s not really anything you can do but go against your urge, resist the power, but there is something I can do to help" replied my dad. Well I left my dad's house with some medicine and a lecture about the eternal system of a vampire. The same hunter from earlier waited in the dark for his next victim. As Joseph stepped outside he could see the dark silhouette of someone lurking in the dark, not a good sign he took out his 99. Magnum handgun and slowly walked forward. As he got in a seeing distance the thing hopped out at him but Joseph knowing that it was there he shot at it, blood shot at the creature but it didn't even stop, Quen kept at his fast pace as Joseph ran and shot behind him at the moving target that was approaching. “What the hell are you", asked Joseph as he continued to run, " Good question what the hell am I, huh, hahaha, I’m your worst fucking nightmare. Replied Quen. “Why... why are you... why me" asked Joseph. " Because I chose you, you’re the best smelling human in the 90 radius I choose to hunt in.
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