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Quen the vampire, the immortal leach hunts and hunts vigorously. Please review
Tommy sat in his dark living room.He had just finished benching at the gym he had no plans for the rest of the day so he was thinking about going to the library looking at some history of the humans.He was just about to leave when his phone rung. His heart started thudding... He had been getting phone calls lately from the police, about a murder that he was said to had participating in. ... Could it possibly be them calling to tell me to turn myself in, he thought. “Hello" he asked, the phone on the other line went dead. not a good sign. well there was nothing he could really do so he left. as he rushed down the stairs he heard a large crash. he rushed to his front yard to find his car in a pile of crumbled metal. standing next to his car was a man. the man had long flowing red hair and he was dressed in an all black tux.He stood with no weapon but a particular scary grin. Blood dripped from his sharp teeth which stood out by the glint of sun that reflected of the pale body of the non- human invader. the first clue that told Tommy he wasn't human was his piercing red eyes. He glared at me from across the car lot. “Hi Tommy, my cousin" said Quen as he began walking toward the frightened human who was soon to past out. “Who... who are you" asked Tommy, " everyone seems to ask me that, whats up with you humans, I guess I'm about to have to tell you, I am Quen Tyler, I am an vampire, an older one of the vampires i guess I'll tell you my story....

100 years ago: I was thirteen years old, when my mother died. She had lung cancer and the doctor had told us about 3 months before that it wasn't nothing they could do, so we spent all the time she had together. when she died it was a horrible time for me. I was already going through a struggle before she died because my girlfriend had just left me, because I was an football jock, a quarterback so I spent most of my time on the field and not enough time on her. So she dumped me I had never been neglected by a girl before, it’s not like I was not a jerk or something, I loved her and when I had the time I spent it all with her but, the time I had wasn't enough for her I guess. I had just gotten over that and then my mom dies. well after she died I quit football and I did nothing but come to school and go home. that was until it happened. “What happened asked Tommy, who now sat beside me, enticed in my story. Well I began to play football again about two years later, it was our game against Kent City, I played for Old Navy sparrow hawks, and we were winning the game. When some guy on the sidelines and a guy on the field were getting into an altercation, the man on the sidelines pulled out a 99 magnum revolver and shot at Tommy glutton, the guy on the field. He missed and the bullet hit me right in my right arteries. Blood started gushing out of my body; I was convulsing a slowly burning out. I was barely still conscious when the paramedics finally came and booted me up to their Er machines. The drive to the hospital seemed like it was forever. When we arrived I was not conscious, I had lost too much blood, I didn't know this but the doctors knew there was no help for me.... So they moved me to the 'Not GONNA MAKE It ROOM”.

Later that night, I was just about to go to sleep when I heard the window squeaked open. Standing in the whim of the doorway stood a man of great size. He wore all black so I couldn't tell he had blood on his shirt. I swore he glided over to my bed. He walked like a goddess; his feet never scuffled, or tapped the floor. It was all silent’s and fear as he approached me. He could feel my fear, it made him stronger. He was giving me a dozen of what he was prescribing. He slowly, reached down out towards my shirt and pulled my collar down and lunged forward and bit me in my neck.............

After the man bit me he picked me up and ran off with me. The man was worse after he bit me, it seemed as I was slowly dying, but really it was the vampire poising running down my veins entering my vital organs. About 2 hours later the pain finally subsided, leaving me a walking Zombie. See right after you turn into this state, you’re not a vampire yet, you’re a ghoul for your boss (meaning the person who changed you). You become and a vampire after your creator decides you can leave his control. As long as he has a hold on you, you stay a ghoul. I was a ghoul about 3 years. He didn't train my, he didn't really like me, he didn't tell me what I was, or anything, all he told me was when to kill and who to kill. My life sucked, I lacked skill, and knowledge. I was just a pawn of that damned fool. He was like the father I never wanted. When I was finally let free. I didn't go on a human killing spree. Not yet, first I went to find my family. For some weird reason my vampire abilities didn't kick in like the rest of the species that's usually get bitten. I had more self control, I had more sense and I still had my common senses, yes they were better, but they were still there. So I had to use logic, I couldn't go around killing innocent people because I was hungry. I wasn't raised that way... It was funny how my family reacted to me. You know in the movies the family runs and hides and then the one who’s the vampire goes around playing, hide and go eat. It wasn't like that with my family. They treated me like I had a sickness; they wanted me to lay down, my mom in her "ooh baby" this and that mood. At least I still had my parents, love and trust. They gave me my old room, it was upstairs, it was huge, and I had my own bathroom, my own computer, TV set and a giant closet that you could get lost in. My father was a retired lawyer still getting rich and fat of the firms partner contract. I went to sleep that niter feeling good and side. I woke up in the middle of the night. My tonsils burning, I hoped up and looked in the mirror, my eyes were piercing green and my fangs were out ready to bite down into the flesh of my soon to catch victims. My body felt like a hot iron had rested on it for hours. I looked around looking for something to stop the pain. Then it happened. Outside two blocks away a young girl we punched and began to bleed. It was over now

I was a victim to the hunger that rested in my heart. I was no longer myself. I still saw what I did. I lunged out the window. Running toward the source of blood with blinding speed. As I got to the street. The thugs who had done this to the girl approached me with a particular look that told me there were not interested in any bull shit. I just looked at them with a deadly grin that told these thugs I was in no mood for tricks either. “I see your here for no games, and were not either...so just back off or were gonna have to kill you" and he pulled out a gun like it was there to talk. I just kept walking forward at a slow pace. He fired a shot at me that hit me, I couldn't even feel it, and it felt like a little tickle. “Foolish kids, now you will die" then I lunged forward. I turned these thugs playground into a shower of blood and guts. I turned this normal situation into the work of a demon. The next morning I woke up in my bed, clean as a whistle, my window was closed and there was no sign of blood anywhere. After that day it happened every night, millions of people began to disappear.

“So you see Tommy, life is no joke, “I am hungry and you seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. But you are no cousin of mine but you will be, I won’t kill you today but I will change you.... Not today but this month by" Tommy watched as the creature disappeared into the night. Yes I made it thought Tommy, I really made it.
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