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Mia, Mark, and Rin decide what animals they and there friends are. Rin's point of view.
Author's Note:
All the characters in this "extra" are going to be in the book I am in the progress of writing. But I had a problem: I had so many ideas for different comical situations,
but I wanted the book I was writing to be serious. So, I will be making multiple "extras" that may or may not be included in the book. I wanted people to know the book was serious
but also let them see the characters main personalities. anyways, onward with the Extra.

The Animal Personality Game

It was a drowsy Sunday, the mid-morning sun illuminating the living room. As I sit down on the blue plushy couch, I see My siblings lounging as well. My older brother, Mark, is busy on his
computer while my older sister Mia was relaxing sideways on a large red recliner, wearing sandals with dark jeans and a purple shirt. I shift my gaze to Mark. He's wearing a white T-shirt, with gray jeans and sneakers.
Plain and simple.

I heard snickering. Turning to Mia, I see that she has started to go into uncontroled laughter. Mark glances at Mia also, but soon turns his attention back to his monitor.
I raise an eyebrow. "What's so funny?" Whatever had made her laugh might be interesting enough for me to supress my boredom.

She looks at me. "Hm? Oh, I was just thinking about what animals you guys would be based on your personality."
Mark spun in his chair to face us. "Oh, yeah? So what would you be?"
"Well, I would be a fox because I'm clever and fast."
"You know, you could be a black fox, based on your looks." Mia had black, long straight hair, and dark blue eyes with silver specks. Her looks were the opposite of mine. I had pale blond hair that reached my shoulders, but I
always kept them in ponytails.
I turned to my brother. "What would Mark be?"
Mia sat up. "That's a little tricky." Mia studied Mark's face. " You're mostly quiet and submissive, unless given a challenge, and can change emotions in the blink
of an eye. Plus, you're a really good leader, and you can get stuff done fast. But when you get angry, like, really angry, you're scary. I think you'd be a tiger."
I cocked my head. A tiger really did suit him.
"And would Rin be?", Mark asked.
I laughed. "I bet I'm like a wolf or snake or something like that, right?"
Mia smirked. "Actually, Rin worries easily, so I think she would be a bunny." She made bunny ears with her hands. "Plus, your ponytails look like rabbit ears.
What? I'm a bunny? Ok, rabbits are alright, but it's still embarrising to be a bunny, instead of something ferocious. Oh, well. I guess it depends on the person.
"Now that I think about it, Susan's really hyper, so she could be a squirell." Well, I did agree with him there. I have known Susan for a long time now, and she is very hyper.
"Oh! Adam is silent and sophisticated, so he'd be a hawk," I said.
"And Jared is happy and sometimes really emotional, so he could be like a golden retriever," Mia spoke up, "But what about Maddy?"
I answered quickly. "That's easy. She would be a raven, since she's very strong, yet silent and very dark."
"Yeah, that's a good one.", Mia agreed, "Wouldn't it be cool if we could turn into those animals? I mean, we could fly and run fast, plus have sharp teeth and claws!"

Mark cleared his throat. "Sis, as cool as you think that sounds, there will be drawbacks."

"I agree. Being a bunny doesn't give me as much advantages as I would prefer. Plus, foxes don't really get along well with any of the other animals we mentioned, do they?"
But Mia had already tuned us out and was daydreaming about the topic.
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