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Jesus gets his review+

          Jesus sits down with his boss. He has been working long hours
      at Joseph's Carpentry. Jesus needs a raise. Joseph begins:
      "I think your motivated and you have a positive attitude.
      But, this is a good time to look at the things that need to be
      worked on. I'm sure you understand the importance of your job.
      You must put any outside problems aside and focus on the
      work to be done here. You've been asking for a schedual change
      to accomidate your preaching. Well, this is your bread and butter.
      You can preach on your day off. They'll be less hours in the off
      seasons. I don't want your apostles hanging around the shop.
      This is a place of bussiness and I expect you to behave in a
      professional manner. Please, do not heal anyone while your on
      my clock. We fix waggons and iron equipment here. This is not
      a Temple. I do not want Lazarus hanging around here or that
      crazy blind guy you gave sight to. DO NOT GIVE AWAY FOOD.
      That fishes and loaves thing is for after work. I hope you understand
      that I am under a lot of stress. The Romans keep raising my taxes.
      I think were do for another assessment. Judas hinted at it.
      I want everything to be in excellent working condition. That includes
      wearing an apron. I don't want you burning yourself at the anvil."
      Jesus smiles and knods: yes.
      Joseph continues:
      "OK. So your earning two denarious.. I will increase it by one.
      Ask, Judas when the next inspection is. I think you can have your
      own blacksmith shop if you apply yourself."
      Joseph and Jesus shake hands and Jesus go back to sweeping.

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