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We're in Texas... Y'all.
Bryan couldn't help but to smile. It was his day. He was in charge, he knew everything. And he was going home. He didn't give a damn if his friends didn't like it. They were going to be stuck in the outskirts of El Paso for an entire week, and two whole weekends. To him, it was bliss. But for the entire plane ride there, Kevin looked like he was on his way to the electric chair. Ha. That's what he gets. Bailey looked giddy, and couldn't stop talking about where they would go, what they would do, where they would eat, and other random stuff like that. It got pretty annoying, but Bryan didn't really care; he knew he was thinking of all those things too. Chad, on the other hand, looked happy, but very nervous at the same time, mostly because where they were going to stay, a ranch, had horses on it. And Chad just doesn't do horses. But by the end of the week, Bryan had guaranteed him that he would like horses. All this swirled through Bryan's head as he felt the small plane touch down, the tires squealing on the asphalt, warmed by the hot Texas sun.

Home. He was home.

After they had all gather their bags, they went through the terminal, found the rest of the luggage, and walked outside. Bryan knew exactly which car was theirs. A rusty old pick up truck, with the light blue paint chipping off in huge amounts. It belonged to his uncle Earl, who was leaned against the side of the car facing them, a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Next to his uncle, his oldest cousin, Ian, was leaning out of the passenger side window, a cowboy hat on his head, and a grin on his lips. "Bryan!" his uncle and cousin said in unison when the glass doors slid open, showing him, with his friends trailing slightly behind. Still with a smile, Bryan quickened his pace and gave his uncle a hug. It was great! He had missed this all so much. After he was let go, he gave Ian their classic greeting; a stupid hand shake that they had made up years ago. "Hey cowpoke." He said. Bryan knew how much his cousin hated when he was called that, but the scowl now on Ian's face was extremely fake, and it immediately broke into a wide, lop-sided grin.

Right before he had thrown his bags in the back, Bryan noticed what he personally thought to be the best dog ever. A large blood hound lay on his back, legs in the air, and tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth. "Spurs!" said Bryan, laughing. Rolling his eyes, he reached down and scratched the dogs belly, causing Spurs's back leg to start moving and wave around in the air. "Aww!" said a voice behind them. It was definitely Chad. He was the only one who would 'aww' at anything.

"Hey Bailey, ain't it good to be home?" said Bryan, turning around and seeing Bailey walking towards them, also smiling like it was impossible to stop. "Yep!" he exclaimed, also greeting his 'family'. Kevin still looked like he was being sent to Hell, and glared at everything his blazing green eyes came across. "Okay," Bryan started. "These are our guests." First he pointed to Chad, who smiled kinda nervously. "This is Chad. He's kinda weird... But really nice when you get to know him." He then smirked, and continued. "He's scared of horses, so I wouldn't make him have to work with them." Chad just stood there, his smile had slightly faded into a pout as he looked down at his Converse-clad feet. "Shut up." he said quietly before chuckling.

"The one who looks like a serial killer, is Kevin." The look in Kevin's eyes said it all. It was like they were made of ice and daggers. And death. "Okay, fine! The one who... Looks like he could be a serial killer, is Kevin. Better?"

Apparently this wasn't any better, because Kevin just threw his bags in the bed of the truck, narrowly avoiding the dog, hopped in over the side and sat down, arms crossed over his chest. "Pissy much?" Bryan said under his breath to Chad, who just nodded, and started to set his multiple bags around Kevin and the dog. When they had all settled into the back of the truck, which had a layer of hay on the bottom to soften it a bit, the truck's engine rumbled and sputtered to a start before pulling away from the airport, and making it's way to where they were going to spend the next week. Bryan leaned his head back against the glass panel separating him from the driver and passenger, and closed his sapphire colored eyes. The dusty wind blew all around his face, and went through his golden hair. With a contented sigh, he sunk slightly in the hay and let the sun warm his face and bare forearms. Nothing could bother him right now. Okay, ALMOST nothing could bother him right now. Kevin was sitting right beside him, fidgeting. It was really annoying, but he didn't want to yell right now, so he just closed his eyes, and the next thing he knew, was that they had just pulled up to the house and started unloading.
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