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Just a little bit of my real life just imagine these thoughhts as your evry single day
When you first meet someone evrything is cool and fun because evrything is new and you are getting to find that real pearson,but as time drifts along and stuff gets a little annoying and old,you dont want to do it any more for what ever reason you might have that pearson hurt you meantly,physicly,or just turned out to be compleatly diffrent from what you thought.But in ths day and age when people are less carefull as i was you might of gained some attachments along the way and now you might feel you obligated to stay around but when you at that point evry day you do is very hurtfull rather it is the shot throwing or insulting or being used as a toy to make someone feel better about themselfs or just to make themselfs relaxed by using you as a sex toy and even when you do that it isnt good egnouth it is ALWAYS SOMTHING you did wrong.But i have to be 100% real and honest over time i have lowered myself to do some VERY WRONG THINGS as cheating,lies,hideing things and all the way untill i got caught i lied but in my head i had good reason for some of it. but in my life it seems to always seem to be im doing what im told by evryone and what i have to say dose not mean anything and after holding it in and not being able to do anything about most of it shit hurts bad because evry one wwants to be in CONTROL that is a very powerful word some take it to a very dangerous level to where it turns a person misserble some feel you have to be in control because of various reasons #1 is weaknees in themselfs they feel they have to degrade and dictate suclude someone bring them down to nonthing and make it to where they have nobody so that they are the only one you can run to and when you do all they offer is a insults to hurt you and where do you go now do you want to cross that bridge of being alone or do you have that burning urge to get them to talk,treat,care about you like you want them to make them change is that what you want to have to make CONTROL them to do what you want how come people act like its so wrong that you change your mind about shit you should have to pay because you dont agree with they opions anymore you owe them what and how is that right why  cant you walk away anymore
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