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Story about a girl's obsession
She decided to find out what he liked. She had seen him at school and instantly became interested. She knew he liked hanging out with his friends, and going to parties. Well, she was going to have to go to one, if she wanted to catch his attention. She wasn't exactly popular at this school, so she'd have to try extra hard. He was one of the head football players, so he had girls on him all the time. She took her time getting ready the night of the party. She shaved everything, and put on an extra sexy, red dress that she stole out of her older sister's closet. It barely covered the top of her thighs, but she knew that was perfect. As she walked into the party, she was amazed at how many looks she was getting. Everyone was digging her dress! She knew how guys worked. She'd act like she was having a great time, and didn't even notice him, even after he tried to talk to her. For some reason, she knew, the 'harder to get' she played, the more attention she'd get from him. She got herself a beer, which tasted aweful (She had never tried beer before, and she couldn't understand why people would drink this stuff willingly. But, she had to act cool, so she gulped it down.), and headed over to him. She caught his eye for a second, the glanced away. She thought he kept looking at her, but she couldn't be sure. After about 20 minutes, her approached her. He asked her if she was new at this school. She said yes, all the while trying to act innocent and coy. They kept small talk up, until he said that the music was really loud, and asked her to join her upstairs. She said that she wasn't sure, and he responded that it would be much quieter. She knew she shouldn't go. Something didn't feel right, but she just wanted him to hold her so badly. She didn't know what else she wanted him to do, but she could feel something inside. He led her upstairs, and sat next to her on one of the beds. He kept telling her how pretty he was, and she kept blushing. Then, he kissed her on the cheek. She couldn't believe it! It was happening! He actually was interested in her! Then, after about 10 minutes of them getting closer, two of his friends came into the room and shut the door behind them. She looked alarmed, and he said they just came in to talk. She started to feel very fuzzy and began to drift in and out of consciousness. Her vision got very blurry, and she layed back on the bed. Then, her 'hero' started to rub his hand on her leg. She tried to push it off, but he held it firm. She started to struggle, but his two friends held her arms down. She started to scream, as he attempted to take off her underwear. He got up and put a sock in her mouth, to keep her quiet. Then, he straddled her, and ripped off her underwear. She began to cry, as he commented on the fact that she shaved. He updid his belt, took down his pants, and grabbed his dick. He told her that she was gonna get more than she had planned on, but it was gonna be worth it. His friends laughed, as he straddled her again. He slammed his dick inside her, and she squealed. He then told his friends that she was wonderfully tight, and that they would love her. She thought that it would never end, as he kept getting harder and harder. She struggled enough to get on of her hands free, and slapped him. He hesitated for a moment, suprized, and punched her in the face. She flipped over, onto her stomach, as her eye started to bleed. She began to wail, and he grabbed her arms. Then one of his friends said he wanted a piece of her ass, as he spread her legs apart. He stroked himself, and got inbetween her legs. She begged them to stop, which only got her another smack in the face. His friend slammed his dick into her ass, which made her cry out again. His other friend took that opportunity to take out his penis, and shove it into her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head, and made her deepthroat him. She choaked, which only made them laugh some more. He continued to shove it in her mouth, until he said that he was going to come. His other friend lifted her ass, so that he could continue to fuck her, and they could all watch each other. His friend came onto her face, then slammed it into a pillow. He lifted her face back up, only to punch her in the mouth. Her lip started to bleed, as his other friend drove his dick as far as he could into her, shuddered, then let her go. Her 'hero' grabbd her hair, pulled her face to him, and whispered into her ear. Then, they left her crying, bleeding, and curled into a ball on the bed. Her face was covered with blood, come, and tears, but she clearly heard what he said. And what he said, has kept her from telling ANYONE about what happened...until now.
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