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For the Pond Poetry Contest, a constanza.
Above billowy, grey clouds loom
While heavy rain drops plop and splash.
Against my heart memories lash.

Rumbling thunders snap, crack and boom.
My bitter past gushes forward
As my mind retraces backward.

Sparks of lightning portend a doom.
I recall how you had dumped me,
Playing games with my love with glee.

The black sky spreads a pall of gloom.
Desolate feelings in me rain
Giving me intense sorrow, pain.

Tears welled up fall finding no room.
You did deceive me, that is plain.
I understand, our love was in vain.

Form: Constanza
Prompt: "Heavy rain drops plop and splash"

The Constanza, created by Connie Marcum Wong, consists of five or more 3-line stanzas. Each
line has a set meter of eight syllables. The first lines of all the stanzas can be read successively as an
independent poem, with the rest of the poem weaved in to express a deeper meaning. The first lines
convey a theme written in monorhyme, while the second and third lines of each stanza rhyme together.

Rhyme scheme: a/b/b, a/c/c, a/d/d, a/e/e, a/f/f.........etc.

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