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Let’s imagine a world I could never fathom,

The same one where all the people’s hands are grabbin,

Reachin’ out at me cuz all the dreams I had, happened,

Not the place that I actually came from in reality,

Where I was the only white kid rappin when,

I envisioned a lunch in my stomach,

And a mom at the house who wasn’t passed out at noon drunk,

What if,

I had a dad that wasn’t an addict like me,

And there was no gravity,

Or the apple really fell far from the tree,

And everything was as it seems n how it appeared to be,

And under the surface I was a normal kid, untouched by those demons,

I’m clean,

What a wonderful fuckin world it could be,

If the rest of the world could just see like children see,

And create these scenes like real life dreams,

I’d never leave and just stay a lost boy every day

Day In n day out forever that way,

What if I still made life that easy to just wade in haze,

Continue like I did for the whole last decade,

I know I wouldn’t be standing here the man that,

I am today,

And wouldn’t have half the shit to say,

But I would’ve watched my brothers n sister grow up,

I could’ve just came to baseball games, could’ve just shown up,

Instead I learned how to make money, fuck sluts, n get blown up,

Such a different experience if I wasn’t so fucked up,

But if,

I didn’t make those decisions when I did,

I wouldn’t be me and its chill cuz I’m still a lil kid,

Still tellin fibs, but I could still be suckin on pacifiers thizzin at the crib,

Makin bubbles out of spit n drooling down my bib,

But I’m not and if I did,

It is what it is cuz if it wasn’t that’d be it,

So listen up demon,

I’m done with this shit,

Fed up with these pills,

I’m through being sick,

I’ve sucked the fun outta it,

I’m fuckin sick and tired of drugs all together I admit,

I can’t stand how long I’ve lasted on this road,

And how many years like signs, have passed by, so fast,

Its fucked up I know,

Cuz time flies and never comes back,

That’s why I’m running for my life,

Like I’m still smoking crack,

There’s nothing left for me on the other side of these tracks,

The real me is back and the devil’s met his match.

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