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Rated: 13+ · Interview · Fantasy · #1674258
An Angel Speaks Out

            "Hmmm. Humans." Michele meditated.
      Hugh had been rude to his girl friend Tiffany. The horrid scene
      had happened on the tennis court at the Wentworth estates.
      "You asked him to be the first man." Tiffany gurgled, dimpling
      an angry face. She served an ace into Hughs chest. He stomped
      to his second position. "I asked him to be your father! I'll ring him
      up thursday to make excuses. I hope he won't think it rude.
      He's a very nice man." Hugh smirked and aced a volley.
      "I'll be in London thursday. I hate this. Is this the only way to
      keep the Grand Dukes inheritance?" Tiffany bounced two tennis
      balls on her racket. "I'm affraid so, cousin. We're the last of the
      Alderams. I hope our pups don't have webbed feet." Hugh laughed
      an returned his betrothed volley.
            Michele extended her angelic wings and gazed at the
      unborn spirit that waited for this conception. "Yes?" she asked
      the spark of life that flew about her wings. "No. You will be born
      next year. Yes. You will be a man. Nothing important, just a man."
      Michele answered the wisp of life. "Will Prescott come? I love him.
      He has the most hansome face." Tiffany smiled as the two
      sat sipping tea by the court. "Pitty, you can't marry him. I've had
      an eye on Julie. I'm sorry is Prescott working? He wont have time."
      Hugh smirked as he sipped his tea. Michele could sense the
      unborns sadness at this loveless union. She whispered to Tiffany.
      "I do love you Hugh." Tiffany said with a startled expression.
      Hugh kissed her, "I know."

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