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by Keira
Rated: E · Sample · Fantasy · #1674453
The beggining of my story.Please tell me what you think and if I should keep going.

                                                                                                                                                                        She held the bundle so tight to her breast she nearly fainted from the lack of air being cut of from her throat.She was running.Hopefully faster than whatever was chasing her would lose pace and slack behind.The thick bundle almost gave way when she jumped over a fallen branch.She griped it tighter.
wwwwaaaahhhhh!The creature shrieked,having no mercy on the animals that rested so late in the night,they scattered and scurried into their holes.How she wished she could do the same.The thick forest suffocated her.The darkness had no mercy,but the moonlight that beamed through the trees held the light for her path.She gripped the diamond that lay around her broad,dark,shoulders.It was a diamond that would save her people.That would set them free,from the kings brother,Salvador.He had killed his brother and took over and set up a kingdom in the far south.It was a dark kingdom,creature from the earth,almost humans,but not,definitely not humans.Their skin was scaly and green almost blinding in with the earth.She did not hear the faint breath nor did she feal the earth tremble under her feet from the monster that ran behind her.Maybe when the creature screech it stumbled to the ground knocking it unconscious.Our so she had hoped.She took a chance and looked back with great anticipation.Nothing.The green beast with scaly skin must have disappear into the night.But she took no chances,she ran with the little strength she had left she ran and tripped on a stump sending her bundle rolling.”No!”She said in shock and fear.She ran to the bundle,catching her breath and still watching her surroundings,she unwrapped it with great anticipation.Glancing over her shoulder for the hundredth time she held her breath.From the cloth a tiny arm peered out into the moonlight and gripped her fingers.She was still alive.All of that stumbling and falling she would have thought the little thing would be unconscious.But It smiled back as if all of this was a game.Her breath was hollow.Squinting her eyes and trying to peer through the darkness she thanked the moonlight once again for peering through the black night.What she wanted to see was right before her,glittering in the moonlight, Crystal lake.So the village was close by,she sighed with the breath that she still had left.Then wiped the salty sweat from her brow.She looked back once again but,she saw nothing.She ran to the waters edge in knee deep grass.Though the forest had ended she felt unsafe out in the open so she took cover in a nearby cave at the base of Tabarsa to rest.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1674453