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Foot fetish stories involing James and his 3 step sisters and step mom, Story 3
Story 3 – Promises

Like most Saturday afternoons, Kelly and the girls would head out to the mall for a bit of shopping. Charlene usually spent most of her time at music stores to pick up any new or retro metal/rock CD's. Leanne and Kelly typically shopped for clothes and shoes. As for Evelyn, she stayed at home. She hated shopping malls and hated pretty much everything else. James only decided to tag along this time because he needed to buy a mask for a Halloween party he was going to next Saturday.

Kelly, James' step-mom was driving, Charlene rode shotgun while James and Leanne sat in the back seat.

“<Why didn’t you come to my room last night?>” Leanne asked, leaning into James ear.

“<I did my toenails just for you, you know.>” Leanne whispered.

James looked down to admire her beautiful feet. He had to agree, Leanne's toes looked especially sexy. The dark blue colour of the nail polish looked incredible and really made her toes stand out.

Leanne also had made sure to wear her pair of white toe ring sandals to express her feet even more. A thin white leather ring at the front of the sandals held her big toes perfectly leaving her other toes exposed. Another thin white leather strap across her ankle bones held her feet perfectly in place.

James couldn't help but feel his cock begin to groan under his jeans.

“<Sorry Lee I was just so tired, I mean… come on, and you know I would of.>” James explained.

Making sure the others wouldn't see, James leaned in close to Leanne and quickly kissed her on the lips which made her smile.

“<Oh okay then, but I hope my little foot boy makes it up to me tonight. It's not the same when you're not there to suck my toes.>”

Leanne teased James by placing her right hand between her legs, moving her hand over her crotch, pretending to masturbate. James smiled nervously.

“<I'll make it up to you… I promise.>”

James looked away. He didn't like lying to Leanne like that. The real reason he didn’t spend the night with Leanne was that he had spent the night with Charlene instead.

"You mean like... like this?" Charlene asked.

"Yeah... mmmmm... yeah, hold your feet together just like that." James replied

James was lying on his bed and Charlene sat next to him resting her naked feet on James' face. Luckily James' bed was big enough for the both of them. James moaned as he washed his face under Charlene's soft meaty soles. Charlene laughed watching James enjoy himself.

Charlene had never had her feet worshipped before, but she couldn't deny just how good it felt.

"I can't believe you like this kind of stuff James." Charlene teased.

It was just as James was about to make his nightly visit to Leanne's room but when he opened the door to sneak out, Charlene was standing outside his room wearing nothing but a pink over sized tee. Charlene had reached to knock on the door when it suddenly swung open giving her a bit of a fright as well.

"Oh... Hi James." Charlene said, catching her breath.

"Charlene!" James replied, surprised to see her.

Almost Immediately his eyes locked onto Charlene's bare feet. Charlene couldn't help but smile when she noticed her little step-brother ogling at her feet.

"Can I come in?" Charlene asked James softly. 

James playfully nibbled on Charlene's insteps which made her giggle every time, but when James dragged his tongue across the entire length of her sole, Charlene felt her body collapse into euphoria. It was new feeling for her. James gently licked more of her soles, tracing the curves of her insteps, arches and heels with his young tongue. Charlene spread her toes over his face to remind him that they needed a little love too. James immediately whipped his tongue in between her toes, reassuring Charlene that he hadn't forgot at all about her cute toes.

"Mmmmm.... Oh James!" Charlene moaned.

James opened his mouth and Charlene gently pushed her big toe into his mouth. Charlene closed her eyes, dropped her head back and moaned loudly as she felt James fervently suck her big toe clean.

"Ahnnnn...Oooh! Yes!"

One by one, James sucked her other toes as well and each time Charlene moaned wildly.

"Holy Fuck! That feels amazing!" Charlene praised.

Not missing a beat, James turned his attention back to her soles. Again, it was slow, big, wet licks from the base of her heels to the very tip of her toes. Charlene wriggled her toes all over James's face showing her approval.

Suddenly James felt Charlene rest a hand over his bulging crotch, her fingers openly tracing the outline of his throbbing cock, then her fingers followed their way down towards James' balls where she began to gently massage them.

"Oh Charlene..." James responded.

James watched as Charlene then reached under his briefs and free his throbbing hard cock. Charlene winked at him and then began jerking him off. James grit his teeth as felt Charlene rub her fingers over the sensitive glans of his cock with every stroke. Charlene laughed poking her tongue at him. James responded by sucking on her arches which made Charlene squeal.

"Not fair James, that tickles.... "

James smiled and continued sucking on the soft arches of her feet. This time it was Charlene's turn to grit her teeth, the feeling was intense and it sent shudders down her entire body. Like it was a challenge, Charlene grinned wickedly at James and began furiously stroking his cock even harder and faster.

"Oh... Charlene!" James grunted.

"James! Yes! James!" Charlene grunted back.

The more intense James licked her soles and sucked her toes, the more intense Charlene's handjob became. It wasn't long before James felt that familiar feeling stirring in his balls, he was going to cum.

"Uh... Char... Charlene! I can't hold... hold it much longer!" James grunted again.

"Do you want to cum between my feet baby?" Charlene teased.

James sat up and simply nodded his head yes. Charlene smiled as she adjusted herself on the bed sandwiching his twitching hard cock between her feet. Her soles were so wet and her toes glistened from all the work James had done, it made it so easy to stroke his cock with her feet.

It took only two strokes between her warm wet soles when James's cock exploded all over Charlene's feet.

"It... feels... too... good! AH!" James strained.


Charlene's eyes widened as she watched the first rope of cum shoot out like a rocket it was so high and splat over her feet. Charlene held his cock steady between her feet as James shot rope after rope of cum. Charlene moaned as she wriggled her toes catching the cum between her toes. James let out a big sigh of relief as he felt his orgasm coming down. Charlene took James' cock again in her hand and softly stroked out any last bit of cum into her meaty soles. Her feet were completely soaked in his cum.

"That was so much cum James." Charlene said, rubbing his now soft cock all over her drenched feet.

James just laughed and collapsed back onto his bed, breathing heavily.

"Oh god, your feet are the best" James said sounding almost delirious.

"You know, I only meant to come to talk to you about the other night, that it was just a one time thing but... I don't know... I pretended to be asleep when you started sucking my toes and licking my feet, I liked how it felt and since it was you, I didn't mind... not really anyway but... I'm supposed to be your big sister but I... I think I want this too." Charlene said softly, looking at her cum covered feet.

"You'll always be my big sister, but I've fantasised about your feet since I was first met you." James admitted.

Charlene smiled and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek.

"Okay then, little brother." Charlene said sarcastically.

"Promise me not to tell anyone about this or about us and I promise to be the naughtiest big sister i can be." Charlene said.

"I promise." James replied.

After coming back home from the mall James helped his step-mom and step-sisters carry in the shopping, James had what he wanted, a full faced skull mask for the party.

As James passed by Charlene, she gave him a quick pinch in the butt when no one was looking, James smiled at her but when he looked at Leanne by the car he began to feel guilty again.

Leanne noticed James had been staring at her for a while and she began to blush. Charlene and Kelly had gone inside the house with the last couple of bags which gave Leanne the chance to speak to James alone.

“You know you shouldn't look at me like that, when Mom and Charlene are around they might get the wrong idea.”

James looked into her eyes then quickly kissed her, before Leanne could react she felt her step-brothers tongue probing inside her mouth. She closed her eyes and passionately kissed him back before finally pushing him away.

“Wait James, Mom or someone might catch us.” Leanne pleaded.

“I said I'll make it up to you Lee. A promise is a promise.”

Leanne nervously looked around in case someone might catch them but James took her hand and led her behind the car, out of view from the street and out of view from the house.

"James we're going to get caught." Leanne protested.

James just smiled at her and opened the back door and told Leanne to lay down on the backseat and rest her feet outside the car door window. Leanne shook her head at him but couldn't help but smile. As Leanne rested her feet out of the car window James began to undo Leanne's sandals and immediately began massaging her naked feet.

Leanne closed her eyes and dropped her head back feeling James' amazing foot massage. She had been walking around for hours and James' expert fingers and hands were working wonders on her feet. Leanne felt her body getting warmer as well and found herself reaching between her legs, she opened her eyes to watch James close his mouth over her toes. His tongue massaging her toes inside his mouth

"Oh Yes James! That feels so good!" Leanne exclaimed.

James turned his attention to her soles. First James planted soft kisses into her insteps before licking between her toes. Second, James buried his mouth into Leanne's deep arches gently suckling on the soft flesh. Lastly, James dragged his tongue down to Leanne's smooth heels with soft wet licks.

"Yes!" and  "More!" Were the only words escaping Leanne's lips.

Suddenly Leanne felt James hold her feet together, side by side. Then she felt James push his hard cock between her feet. The curves of her arches created this vaginal-like opening between her feet, and James began thrusting his cock in and out between Leanne's wet sexy feet.

"Oh James. Your cock feels amazing."

Leanne matching her step-brothers rhythm with one hand she thrust her fingers in and out of her pussy, with the other hand she furiously rubbed her clit swollen. James began fucking her feet even faster and harder now.

"I can feel it coming Lee! I'm going to cum!" James grunted, 

“Cum on my feet baby!” Leanne said breathing heavily.

James took his cock and aimed it close to her feet. Leanne held her feet together, scrunching and wriggling her toes at James's cock. James stroked his cock faster pushing the glans of his cock into Leanne's soft soles.

“Cover my feet with your cum baby!” Leanne begged.

She spread her toes one more time and then he came.


James's cock splattered cum all over Leanne's feet, Leanne purred like a cat as she felt his warm cum slam into her soles. James kept stroking out more ropes of cum and Leanne moved her feet again this time letting her toes get covered as well.

“Wow that's a lot of cum James. Very nice.” Leanne complimented.

James staggered back when he was done and he opened the car door for Leanne. She giggled as she held her feet in the air watching the cum drip off her feet.

"James, find something to clean this mess off my feet." Leanne suggested.

A evil looking grin crept on James face.

“Wait Lee, I've got a better idea.”

Leanne looked a little confused but when she saw James pick up her sandals she knew exactly what he was going to do. With Leanne's feet still drenched in his cum James happily strapped her sandals back on, you could hear the cum squish under her feet inside the sandals.

Leanne shook her head at James again but not doing a good job of hiding her smile.

“Now you have to walk around like that for the rest of the day." James said proudly.

“You dirty little foot boy.” Leanne giggled.
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