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The cost of hair transplant varies from place to place. This article clears the mist.
http://www.darlingbudsindia.com/hair-transplant-cost Hair loss, or male pattern baldness, is certainly not a new affliction for mankind. It has been affected the human race for centuries.
Modern day expertise and technology today helps thousands of hair loss sufferers to restore their natural hairlines.
The costs do discourage many individuals who may want to undergo this procedure, but are discouraged by hair transplant costs in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, France, UK, Belgium, Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.
Generally, hair transplant costs can range anywhere from $4000 in India to over $20,000 in the USA. The cost of your hair transplant depends mostly on how many grafts you need, and/or how many sessions you need to complete them in.
It is important to stress that hair transplant costs vary, that is why it is imperative that you consult a variety of doctors before choosing one. The price of a hair graft, for example, can range from $1.60 a graft in India to over $10.00 a graft in the USA.
In India the cost per graft varies according to the expertise of the doctor. For example a plastic surgeon usually charges Rs 5100 per graft and a dermatologist Rs 45 per graft. Others will do it for as low as Rs 20 per graft. However, you need to check the credentials of the doctor you choose to prevent disappointment later.
Other expenses to keep in mind when calculating a hair transplant cost is the price of any extra medication, blood tests, anesthesia, and facility fees. Please clarify from your doctor about the overheads if any much before signing up.
Please do not assume that the most expensive doctor is necessarily the best doctor.
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